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I'd just like to make a few general observations about this week's episode before diving into the recap. First off, let's all hope that Kaitlin had herself a gigantic laugh when Abbie named Ichabod as her disturbed cousin Steve as that has been her assigned nickname for the Headless Horseman. The mystery of Captain Orlando's origin was solved this week and all of my/our theories about his supernatural heritage proved to be false. THANKFULLY, and let's let out a HIP-HIP-HOORAY for this one everybody - Crappie was nowhere to be seen this week as Gabbie/Fabbie was out in force this week. Also, this was a banner week in Ichabod learning about the modern world - Buy Plus, bottled water, voicemail, car compactor, Paul Revere revisionist history, Thomas Jefferson actual history, the internet, internet porn, and UV light.

As far as my choice of title for the episode, I figure the water quality mention was pretty obvious as we spent several scenes discussing water throughout the episode. We also for some reason (I guess to try and bring in and catch up new viewers?) spent a lot of time with mini-flashback and exposition recapping everything that has happened on the show so far. It felt completely unnecessary and cut down on some of the momentum especially when we recapped exactly what just happened last week during the episode rather than in the cut scenes in the previously on... sequence.

Let's get started.

This week we opened up with another welcome flashback scene:

I'm sure all 100% of us knew immediately that April 18, 1775 was the night of Paul Revere's ride (if only...I wish my memory was that perfect). Luckily for those of us not up to speed on our relevant American histories we were filled in on the rest of the necessary info. We witnessed the beginning of the ride as Paul Revere and his men rode through town and out into the woods to carry the warning that the Regulars were coming (the British soldiers). However, the ride proved to be more dangerous that expected as none other than the Headless Horseman appeared to mow down riders.

Cut back to present day times and Abbie and Ichabod were hanging out in Corbin's cabin as Abbie decided to take some pro-tips from Jenny about the coming end of the world:

Be that as it may, Ichabod was fully on board:

Now that Ichabod's link to Death had been severed Abbie and Ichabod had decided to figure out a place for him to hide now that he was vulnerable. Then one of the several fun conversation pieces of the episode began.

For the purposes of separating Abbie and Ichabod for a bit, the Freemasons had a no female policy for their little gatherings. So while Ichabod when to go get some information on how to destroy/defeat Death from the Freemasons Abbie went to go get Corbin's shotgun from the police station. Which allowed for the following accidental run-in:

I was immediately a fan of Abbie's ex Luke's nickname for Ichabod as back in the day when AIM was a thing, thebrit was part of my screenname. Aside from that Luke just really wanted to spend some time with Abbie so that they could at least be friends. Abbie reluctantly agreed to a coffee date the next day to catch up. Importantly there was a major creeper watching this entire exchange.

Brooks was back ya'll! He told Luke to stay away from Abbie and then with some weird new lensy power said a lot of crazy things about an upcoming war and things and how he was the only one who could protect Abbie. In other words, Luke was having a bad day. Similarly, Ichabod was also not having a great day once he showed up to the Freemason mansion:

Ichabod arrived just as Death finished off the last of the Freemasons and took off into the night with their heads.

Captain Orlando was once again looking to Abbie and Ichabod for answers - at least legitimately this time as Ichabod actually knew the Freemasons.

Captain Orlando pointed out once again that there was still no proof that there was any such thing as a headless horseman, but seemed to be wavering slightly on the matter.

Ichabod was extremely upset that his brothers at arms had been so cruelly killed. As he desperately looked through the Freemasons things for a clue to the method by which he would defeat the horseman he came to a conclusion. The horseman must have believed that the Freemasons were the ones responsible for guarding his head. This was followed by a long bit of recapping of episodes 1-7 for whatever reason. Abbie and Ichabod decided that Death's head must be destroyed in order to stop him.

Back in the precinct part 1 of destroying the Captain Orlando theories took place as we found out that he has an ex-wife and a daughter. Abbie and Ichabod wanted the head back from Captain Orlando:

However, Captain Orlando had sent the head off to one of his buddies at another lab to be analyzed. Who is that buddy and where does he work I hear you asking. Wait for it...

Captain Orlando's buddy had tried several different tests on the skull without any concrete results. Before they could continue this conversation, however, they were rudely interrupted.

Captain Orlando clearly did not believe in the Headless Horseman. Another axe to our theory that he is some sort of supernatural being in the know. Let us just point out this priceless moment though:

Captain Orlando went Keanu on us and uttered out one of the most hilarious sounds I've ever heard as he did so. More importantly Captain Orlando was pretty good in this fight and momentarily incapacitated the headless horseman using (I'm assuming) liquid nitrogen to freeze the horseman in place as he made his escape.

Back in Sleepy Hollow, Captain Orlando related the events of his evening to Ichabod and Abbie:

Now that they had procured the head it was time for our heroes to destroy it:

After unsuccessfully attempting to destroy the horseman's skull our heroes left the department to try again at a car compactor only to notice something truly disturbing:

Ichabod concluded that the horseman was messing with his friends heads since our heroes were messing with Death's head. However, Abbie's discovery that the heads were lined with silver jogged a flashback from Ichabod about a journal that Paul Revere carried that might contain the secrets necessary to defeat the headless horseman. Abbie was a little too comfortable handling the heads in my opinion because I mean:

Then Abbie and Ichabod took a field trip to the local museum to look for Revere's journal. After another short discussion with a security guard about bottled water, Ichabod got into it with a museum guide about Paul Revere.

Unfortunately, the journal was on loan to a museum in London, however copies were available online. This led Abbie to introduce Ichabod to the internet.

It turns out that the journal had been written in some sort of complex code that required a codeword in order to be deciphered. While Ichabod took some time to think about this problem, Abbie went to call Luke to cancel their coffee date. Meanwhile, Luke was still not having a very good day.

He did seem to figure out that it might be something to do with Abbie because:

While Abbie's love life became a little less complicated for the rest of the episode with regard to Luke, things were getting a little more complicated with Brooks:

Brooks claimed that all he wanted to do now was protect Abbie and also die. He told Abbie that Death could not be killed, that he could only be trapped or captured. This checked out with what Ichabod discovered after he found Revere's password.

It was the name of Ichabod's only male friend. Ichabod sent Brooks back with a message to the horseman demanding a meeting that very night. Then Abbie, Ichabod, and Captain Orlando put together a plan to capture Death using UV light at night (the only way to defeat the horseman was to summon the sun at night).

Our heroes put together a series of fake Death skulls for the meeting. Then one of the greatest series of scenes ever put together took place. As our heroes were putting their plan into action Captain Orlando and Abbie filled Ichabod in on Thomas Jefferson's history with Sally Hemmings while Ichabod attempted to defend Jefferson as a loyal husband. However, the last straw that broke the camel's back came as Jefferson "stole" a quote from Ichabod and claimed it as his own.

As our heroes put their plan into action the horseman was confounded at every turn by fake heads everywhere:

In the end the plan to trap Death using the UV light worked.

Which has been your favorite historical figure so far? Which one should also be brought back to present day?

Another episode with no Katrina, when will she be back?

Is this final room the Jefferson trap or is that elsewhere?

What will Abbie and Ichabod actually do with Death?

We all agree Captain Orlando is totally normal now right?

Will Luke never talk to Abbie again or is this being setup for a down the road one of them saves the other one?

Why did Brooks sell his soul?

Will Moloch attempt to free Death?

Will Jenny really move in with Abbie next week or was that just a throwaway line?

Was Prince Eric one of the deceased Freemasons?

Whats next for our heroes?

Are you on Team Tap Water or Team Bottled Water?
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