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Sleepy Hollow is back ya'll! Boy have I missed this show, it's utterly ludicrous and ridiculous in all the right ways. Let's get started this week with a bit of a discussion about Abbie. I know that there are a lot of Abbie fans out there and quite a few Ichabbie shippers, but I have been struggling since Day 1 to like her character. I felt like the writers had started to right the ship a little bit in making her character feel like somebody I want to root for in the last two episodes, but this week was a case of one step forward, two steps backward for me.

It all started at the beginning of the episode where Abbie and Ichabod were spending some quality time together. Naturally, Abbie was haranguing the umpire, because we were back to:

What does Crappie mean, I hear you asking. Well when Abbie forgets that I am supposed to be on her side and like her character and acts like this:

I have decided to treat her like someone with a split personality disorder. In this case the Abbie that I absolutely despise has earned the nickname Crappie (Abbie + crappy = ). I mean just look at Ichabod throwing her the massive side-eye. Anyway, I really needed to get that rant out - thanks for bearing with me. Abbie filled in Ichabod on the rules of baseball and why she loved it - oh and also how it represented democracy, liberty, freedom, equality, etc. basically everything Ichabod stands for:

I also know that many of you love to keep track of what Ichabod learns each week. Unfortunately Crappie was at the helm as Ichabod's teacher this week and aside from baseball (which okay, not a terrible lesson), there was this:

Ichabod was beginning to feel at home in the present day, which made Abbie feel all warm inside. Ichabod even felt like he knew how to get home. However, he decided to make a stop first.

When something unexpected happened:

Ichabod was tranked! By some shady characters. While Abbie was driving home from her fun day out with Ichabod she had an out of body experience. She awoke in a dream house that seemed more like a nightmare than anything else:

Anyway in this dream place Abbie was chased by the Headless Horseman until she locked herself in a room and he disappeared. However, Abbie was not alone:

Katrina told Abbie that this was the house that she and Ichabod had shared. Abbie was not impressed:

Anyway, apparently this was the only place Katrina could talk to the witness, because:

Also she had some important news:

It was all going to be okay because Katrina knew everything that Abbie would need to do including how to find a Sin-Eater. She was even going tell Abbie step by step how to do it:

When Abbie returned to her body, she was run off the road which meant:

Back in the real world Abbie needed to talk to Captain Orlando about getting some resources to track down Ichabod:

The overall breakdown was this - Abbie needed to track down a Sin Eater to destroy the link between Ichabod and Death that had been created when their blood mixed on the field of battle. The Sin Eater would also know how to find Ichabod. Then Good Abbie (let's think of a good nickname for her folks) returned and made a smart call and asked Captain Orlando if she could borrow Jenny from the insane asylum for the day.

Then we started in with the ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC guest star montage with the man who had captured Ichabod:

Prince Eric was playing a descendant of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and leader of a group of Freemasons this week. Ichabod easily deduced all of this because apparently:

Prince Eric has a journal left by Katrina that the Freemasons were going to use to deduce whether or not Ichabod was truly Ichabod or a demon in disguise leading to a series of flashbacks as we learned some more about Ichabod's past and his relationship with Arthur Bernard. Arthur Bernard was a freed slave who was suspected of being behind some revolutionary propaganda which raised the ire of the English.

Then we were treated to surprise guest star #2 as the HBIC or in this case the Head British In Charge:

Ichabod was put in charge of interrogating/torturing Arthur, but he was rudely interrupted by a local nurse who demanded to treat Arthur's wounds:

It was Katrina! Katrina started in on Ichabod about being a terrible person, but then caught him giving the evil HBIC some side eye and came to a conclusion that was echoed by Arthur:

Abbie and Jenny were hanging out in the Ichabode talking about Sin-Eaters who consumed another person's sins thereby sanctifying them. Jenny had tracked one for a while who had been sanctifying death row inmates, but he had dropped off the grid two years earlier.

Back in the flashback world Arthur wasn't doing too hot, but he had already decided that he was going all in on Ichabod being his friend, so he filled him in on the actual situation:

Naturally Ichabod shrugged it off like it was just nonsense. However, the next day he witnessed an execution of three traitors against the English and glanced over at the HBIC and saw this:

The HBIC was a demon! Now Ichabod was truly conflicted. He met Katrina down by a lake where they both shared the feeling that they had known each other forever (super heart melty moment as opposed to corny). I quite enjoyed it. Then Ichabod dropped the bomb that he thought that he had seen a demon, which Katrina took in stride because she was in the know and was pretty sure that Ichabod was special (because he was a GRIMM of course):

Back in the present day, Abbie was explaining to Jenny why she was so worked up about Ichabod being lost:

More revisionist history from Crappie about her past with Jenny, but I was okay with Good Abbie needing an anchor in the form of Ichabod to steady herself. Abbie and Jenny then pulled it together and tracked down the Sin Eater who was played by our THIRD STAR - John Noble.

The Sin Eater had stopped working because he felt like he was at the tipping point where if he had continued he would have lost himself amongst the memories/sins of all the people that he had helped. Abbie and Jenny were none too pleased about this and eventually guilted him into at least helping them locate Ichabod if not save him.

Back in flashback land, Ichabod was feeling extremely conflicted about his next course of action. Especially when HBIC gave him a gun and told him to execute Arthur.

It was more or less the last straw for Ichabod as he decided to let Arthur go instead:

Unfortunately for Arthur and Ichabod, the HBIC had followed them and killed Arthur. After Ichabod attempted to kill the HBIC, it revealed it's true nature.

Ichabod managed to escape, somewhat worse for wear. In the end he managed to find Katrina.

Back in the present day the Freemasons accepted Ichabod's story and acknowledged him as one of their elders.

The Freemasons presented the matter at hand like this. Death was due to rise at sunset, however, if Ichabod died then so would Death because of their blood link (which was their original plan in the 1700s before Katrina hid his body). Essentially if Ichabod died this might all be over. It seemed reasonable enough to me.

However, while Ichabod was pretty calm and admitted that in the overall big picture his life in exchange for everyone else's was a pretty good deal and that he was at peace with that, Abbie was not. At least initially, but then a miracle happened:

Labbie - Like/Love Abbie - okay that is terrible. Please help me out. Ichabod agreed with my assessment.

Abbie and Ichabod essentially had a heart warming goodbye where they both recognized what they meant to each other over the last few weeks. Then things got super confusing. The Sin Eater returned and help save Ichabod's life:

Essentially in order to destroy the link between Ichabod and Death, Ichabod had to be rid of his sins. As we had learned in the flashbacks this week, Ichabod's primary sin was based around his guilt over Arthur's death. In order to move on from this he had to talk to Arthur:

Essentially Arthur was okay with how things went down, viewing himself as Ichabod's salvation. The Sin Eater was able to sanctify Ichabod and sever his connection to Death. Which is where I got super confused. If Ichabod had died, Death would have also died and essentially all the End of Days stuff would have ended. Instead, Ichabod lives and now every person that dies from this day forth during the End of Days essentially would have lived if Ichabod had died. So now pretty much everything bad thing that happens is basically Ichabod's fault. They did not do a good job explaining how this was not all going to be Ichabod's fault. All it would have taken was a simple - oh if you had died it wouldn't have done anything (which would have come from the Sin Eater - and thus been the reason why the Sin Eater showed up to save him). But, nope instead we are left with a story where our Hero being alive should bear the weight of every death that occurs henceforth.

In the end Death made his triumphant return and began to hunt down Ichabod.

Remember in Week 2 when we had that super lame procedural story about the witch they killed in 30 seconds? This is better right?

What should we call the good/likeable version of Abbie?

Do you agree with my assessment that everyone who dies from here on out only dies because Ichabod lived? (according to the current set of rules laid out in the show)

Do you understand the rules by which Katrina can talk to Abbie and Ichabod?

Why does Captain Orlando let a crazy lady run his police department?

For you shippers out there, are you on board with Katrinabod or are you still hoping for a future with Ichabbie?

When will Ichabod make a present day male friend?

Where was Abbie's ex and his Hessian friend this week?

Will Prince Eric, the Freemason, the HBIC, or the Sin Eater make a repeat appearance?

What did you think of this week's episode?

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