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FOX (ended 2017)
Joey Falco, who also wrote "The Needs of the Many" for Heroes Reborn, must be a fan of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And... not much else, since he hasn't written any other TV shows but he's a story editor on Sleepy Hollow.

Why the League? Because "Sick Burn" serves mostly to establish that there was a previous Team Witness, made up of Paul Jennings (a real-life person), Davy Crockett, Samuel Wilson, and Sacagawea. They even have a panting at the Vault 355 chambers. And now the new Team Witness are their successors. Well, not really. Unless Sacagawea's daughter was a 11-year-old Witness, and Davy and Samuel hugged after saving each other's lives. And maybe they did. We'll see.

The episode starts with a vision of Malcolm ruling his new United States of Dreyfuss, or whatever it's called. An elderly Ichabod who apparently hasn't seen a barber in quite a while is brought before him, and we soon discover that this is Malcolm having a vision of the future after becoming immortal.

After that, we hear about an Internet sensation, Logan McDonald (Robbie Kay, also of Heroes Reborn as well as Pan on Once Upon a Time). Molly is a fan, and Logan collapses of supernatural seizures Meanwhile, Alex and Jake go on Tinder dates and decide to hit the same bar so they can "rescue" each other. Alex's date collapses of the same seizures as Logan, after he watches one of Logan's videos.

After the date burns up at the hospital, the team realizes that something supernatural is going on. They figure that it's tied to Malcolm, but they have to deal with the infection first. Alex saw the video and is infected. It turns out that the video virus is the descendant of a virus responsible for the burning of DC during the Revolutionary War, created by a djinn. The evil nasty fire spirits, not the blue-skinned bare-chested guy from Aladdin. Paul Jennings and our League of Extraordinary Vault 355ers took on the cure, and Samuel Wilson infected himself so that he could follow the djinn's voice and they could kill it with a lightning storm that they summoned with white magic.

Alex has already wandered off, so Jake watches the video so they can track down the djinn. Ichabod and Diana follow Jake to the server farm where the djinn has its lair. Alex saves Jake, and Ichabod uses some electrical cable to electrocute the djinn. Back at the vault, Alex and Jake hug, hinting at a romantic relationship there.

Oh, and Jenny convinces Diana to let Molly spend the day with her. Molly has a vision of the future where an elderly Ichabod is a prisoner.

And we find out that Logan was actually working with Malcolm to spread the virus. Why Logan had the virus seizures, I'm not clear. So was he working with Malcolm all along, or did Malcolm recruit him afterward? Malcolm mentions that he's assembling a team of his own to oppose Team Witness. And that's about it.

"Sick Burn" was a pretty average Sleepy Hollow episode. Here's a supernatural threat, here's Team Witness destroying it, here's some hints that it's tied in to the overall storyline. Writer Joey Falco hasn't done much else, so it's hardly surprising that he was given a non game changer to write. And Sleepy Hollow seems to have a game changer episode about every three episodes. One suspects that Mr. Falco wrote the main djinn story, and the writing staff did the Molly/Witness/vision stuff It just seems like a generic script with bits and pieces of the current subplots attached to it.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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Feb 27, 2017
I thought the ending meant that Logan was working with Malcolm. In the middle of the episode, they assume the account has been hacked - something that was never proven at all.

My assumption was by the ending that Logan uploaded the video himself.

Usually I refer to these plots as basically the Frightful Four rehash. It's not bad in and of itself, but they are going too on the nose about it.

Obviously Logan is opposite of Molly
Horsemen is opposite of Diana (I'm assuming that's why he is shown as s cop now)
Malcolm opposes Crane himself
I'm assuming based on last ep that the demon is opposite of Jenny

So the only ones left are the new guys - unless he splits them up and one will join team evil.
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