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In part one, we are left with a very simple plan: according to Henry Parrish, the beads left in the clutches of our dear dead first President contain a binding spell that could prevent the 2nd horseman of the apocalypse from ever being able to rise. The problem is Abbie and Ichabod destroyed the map that would lead to Purgatory and the only chance to find a witch powerful enough to cast such a binding spell - Katrina. Let the games begin!

Ichabod has a dilemma. It weighs heavily upon him.

In the end, his heart allows him no options. He will win this battle with the 2nd horseman before it begins. And in the process, rescue his beloved wife.

Using his eidetic memory, Ichabod creates a copy of Washington's map, which causes a bit of a rift between Abbie and Icky. A half truth is a whole lie? Crap. Do I EVER have some amends to make in my life.

Using the copy of GW's map, Abbie and Icky find the doorway between worlds. The hatch to purgatory. In an amazing shot, our team is shot through the doorway into purgatory...

Immediately our heroes are separated into a dream-like state. Some type of purgatory initiation to further fry any last bit of sense you possess. Abbie winds up in Corbin's cabin, where the gang is all there WITH PIE!

Abbie realizes something is up with Corbin and Andy and they don't really do anything to hide that fact...

Final straw.

Abbie is so outta there. Meanwhile Ichabod is confronted with his own purgatory nightmare: British pompousness with dad as the star:

And when Icky calls shenanigans on the whole set up...

Meanwhile Jenny does a little digging outside of an unnamed church. After she uncovers the sign, she is sent into panic...

And her truck is promptly fired upon by Steve, rendering her out of commission. I was surprised Steve chose not to finish her off....Hmmmm??

Back down the street from literal Hell...
In escaping their delusions, Abigail and Ichabod come together on the weird battlefield called purgatory:

This is a strange housing development.

Katrina is found in her "safe place" - the church she has created in her mind where she finds comfort. She throws a wet blanket on the plan, informing the dynamic duo that the only way for all of purgatory NOT to be opened to the real world is to replace a soul that leaves with another one to keep the balance,

All three want to stay and allow the other 2 to get out safely, but Abbie INSISTS she wants to face Molach like she couldn't do all those years ago. Katrina is needed for the binding spell and she will not allow Ichabod to stay. Her decision. Just promises all around they are coming back asap to free her. That is good enough for Abbie...except:

Moloch now has Abigail's soul delivered according to prophesy. And we see what urgent news Jenny uncovered before Steve took her down:

Abbie flees to a space made for her by the memories (in the form of her and Jenny as little girls) pulled from her during that awful day in the woods. What they witnessed that day was Moloch already raising the 2nd horseman. A young man with unusual powers, buried alive.

Fade to the present...

Holy great mother of the holy Jeebus!! It is Jeremy! And their kid is royally pissed. When he was buried alive by Katrina's coven (nice job, coven), he survived on eating the roots which held him in the grave. Dead beat dad (well, literally dead, spelled and buried) and a mom who's sisterhood tried to destroy him...

Thanks to the way fate has passed, Henry is ready for the world to know him...

Jeremy/Henry/WAR hands Katrina over to Abraham/Steve/Headless Horseman and releases Ichabod to his fate:

Abbie attempts to stay hidden in a doll house of her own mind's creation - and out of the clutches of Moloch - who is eager to have her as his own little toy...with no help coming!

And we come to the close of an AMAZING first season of Sleepy Hollow! Visit the community often for news and with your speculation as to what is in store for the next season. It's a long 8 months Sleepy Heads (just made that up - you like?) Stay in touch!!!


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