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Now that War and Death are on the loose, Sleepy Hollow's world will be expanding past the town's boundaries in the second season. Viewers have Irving (Orlando Jones) to thank for that, as his arrest and internment upstate will draw evil outside of the town, executive producer Roberto Orci tells TVGuide.com.

"It is the beginning of expanding the reach of the storytelling. Also, not just for the mythology and evil coming to town, but Ichabod [Tom Mison] seeing the rest of the world is just a fascinating thing to do," he says. "He's only seen [so little] of our modern society through the lens of a town that resembles his own town to a great degree, except more Starbucks. Opening it up is absolutely something we hope to do."

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Feb 12, 2014
So much for keeping a lid on the Apocalypse. Can't wait to see Ichabod's reaction to getting on a plane.
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