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Thursday 9:00 PM on FOX (Returning Fall 2015)


... Fox has announced that it's expanding the second season of its super-mega-awesome hit series Sleepy Hollow. Instead of sticking with another cable-style, 13-episode run—which was partly credited for the show's success this past season—the network is looking at ordering 15 to 18 episodes for round two. That's definitely cause for concern, since it could potentially mean we'll see a decrease in quality or *gasp* filler episodes when the show returns in the fall. I'm willing to wait and see what kind of story the writers have planned, but someone should probably have Yolanda on standby, just in case we need help. [EW]


... Everyone please get out your color-coded "Witches on TV" directory and turn to the page marked Witches of East End, because the series is returning for Season 2 on Sunday, July 6 at 9pm. Now that the portal is open, look for darkness and a new stranger (Magic City's Christian Cooke) to arrive in town. [Lifetime via press release]

... ABC is bringing back NY Med, its reality series about what hospitals are really like. Contrary to popular Grey's Anatomy-fueled belief, there is not that much sex! Most of the action will take place in the operating rooms of Manhattan’s New York-Presbyterian Hospital, but the show will venture to Newark’s University Hospital's trauma wards, too. I don't know about you, but if I am gushing blood from a gunshot wound, I really don't want to be on TV. The series premieres Tuesday, June 24 at 10pm. [ABC via press release]

... TNT is moving up the premiere of its new drama Legends, starring Sean Bean, from Wednesday, August 20 at 9pm to Wednesday, August 13 at 9pm. I hear it's because the writers wanted to kill Bean's undercover FBI agent sooner. [TNT via press release]

... We hinted at this last week, but now it's official: Terry Crews will be the next host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. He'll join the show beginning with Season 13 this fall. [ABC via press release]

... HBO has ordered two more seasons of its newsmagazine Vice, which is hosted by Shane Smith and currently in the middle of its sophomore season. The series prides itself on exploring today's most pressing issues. Season 3 will debut in 2015 with 14 episodes, while Season 4 is expected to debut sometime in 2016. [HBO via press release]


... We all cried when Daniel Sharman announced he was leaving Teen Wolf (don't lie, you did and I saw it), but you can now stop worrying about where to get your next cheekbones fix, because the hunky former werewolf has joined Season 2 of The Originals as Kaleb, a witch who's intent on creating chaos and getting lucky. Apparently he's "deeply wounded by a horrific family upbringing and covers his emotional bruises with a wicked sense of humor, as well as a wicked temper." Let's just hope that horrific family upbringing did not include being locked in a freezer for half his life. [E! Online]


... It looks like Parks and Rec's Andy Dwyer has magical powers because there's a Power Rangers movie in the works (Oh yeah, and a new animated Flintstones film, too).

... NBC has renewed Law & Order: SVU for Season 16.

... Fox has canceled four of its freshman series, including the hilarious Enlisted and the not-so-hilarious Dads.

... TNT has ordered two new dramas, a supernatural show from Kyra Sedgwick and a 1960s cop show from Ed Burns.

... TBS has ordered three new comedies, including Steve Carell's Rashida Jones-fronted cop spoof and a workplace comedy from the creators of Will & Grace.

... My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has been renewed for Season 5.

... NBC has the broadcasting rights to the Olympics locked up tighter than the lid on a pickle jar, and it paid a sh*t-ton of money for them. 

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