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May 08, 2014
I can't wait, of course. But then I jumped to another link in that story about an actor from West Wing portraying Ben Franklin. It is getting kind of interesting. I mean, Ichy is starting to sound like many of the Founding Fathers could have been on his social speed dial. Is there a leftover link to his own privledged British upbringing that is making him so cozy with them?

The point I'm getting at is that if being a Witness gets you exclusive invites to where all the cool people hang out, how come Abbie is sorta wallowing in a semi-small town? With so much pomp and circumstance being given over to Ichy, Abbie is starting to feel like the side-kick to this superhero drama. Just line up the people who recognize a person as being a Witness and ichy's side is starting to get rather stuffed. I am hoping expanding the scope of the world will get Abby some more Wintess juice to flex, maybe some federal muckety mucks or even a few politicos.

I love the contrast of them being partners but it really needs to be closer to 50/50 if you don't want Ichy to overwhelm her and make it seem like Witnesses can do anything except promote social equality (white European with all the cool friends vs. the female minority who needs his help.) Getting awful close to Pocahontas and John Smith over here.
May 07, 2014
Yes! It'll be even more EPIC!
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