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It's been a long, cold, and lonely six months since Sleepy Hollow fans learned the shocking true identity of John Noble's Henry Parrish in the Season 1 finale. Since the moment the mask slipped and we were introduced to Jeremy a.k.a. the Horseman of War, we've been bugging Yolanda constantly for details on how Ichabod would get out of his new coffin and Abbie would be freed from her creepy dollhouse prison in Purgatory. And gauging from the first footage from Season 2, which premieres Monday, September 22, we won't have to wait too long to find out.

“You didn't travel through two centuries to die in a pine box,” Abbie tells Ike in the promo, which quells our fears that we'd be forced to spend a lot of time with Ichabod making sarcastic quips from underground in the premiere, which is titled "Hellfire." Press play and then hit the comments with your theories as to how our fist-bumping dynamic duo make their great escapes!

On a scale from 1 to Yolanda, how excited are you for Sleepy Hollow Season 2? 

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