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Long ago I once read an X-Men comic (Uncanny X-Men Annual #4) I wasn't much of a super hero comics kind of person, but I read a few and because of this particular story and much later the awesome cartoon series has made the X-Men my favorite among the super heroes however limited my knowledge of them are.
Now what is my point here.

In that story Margali of the Winding Way appears to kill Kurt/nightcrawler and he and the X-men gets transported to a recreation of Dante's inferno the one with the nine circles. The X-men are there to try to rescue Kurt from Margali. Margali thinks Kurt killed her son.

The X-Men have no idea how they got in Margali's private hell and neither does she. After lots of twists and reveals things work out and everybody is more or less happy except Stefan who is the son that got killed.

This story fired up my imagination and got me interested in Dante's Divine comedy, but being of a certain age and therefore having a limited attention span I didn't get far into it luckily by accident a while later my eye fell on Larry Niven/ Jerry Pournelle Sci Fi novel Inferno (it's set in Dante's inferno). at 273 pages I raced through it like being chased by sentient muscle cars. There were some very graphic and imaginetive descriptions of the punishments inflicted on the sinners.

Much later I actually managed to get through the inferno chapters of the Divine Comedy and even a few of the purgatory ones.

The cool thing about Dante's Inferno is that it's tailor made for particular sins. the unbaptized or virtuous people born before Christianity are stuck in the first circle/limbo which isn't a halve bad place to be, considering?

Violent sinners on the other hand are cast in the Seventh Circle and depending the sort of violence they committed are either cast in a river of boiling blood and fire, turned into thorny bushes, chased through those bushes by violent dogs or cast in a desert of flaming sand rained down upon by flaming ashes.

So Ichabod and Abby end up in purgatory and all these lost souls are crawling around with very specific punishments just like Inferno and I like to find out or at least guess, with you all, there sins.

1. This guy has his ears sewn shut, blood coming from his eyes and probably is blind and is hitting the same note on a piano.
I have no Idea what he has done wrong in his life.

2. No face this most be a vanity related sin right?

3. Blind pair crawling through the mud. I think I found an entry on Wikipedia that explains there particular sin. the gluttons, forced to lie in a vile slush produced by ceaseless foul, icy rain. So Gluttony then? This is not Hell so things are not that extreme.

4. This must be gossip or revealing secrets right?

Have I got it right or have you got other ideas let me know?
Got any ideas of any of the other lost souls I didn't show?

And if you are really brave you can write down how you would spend your days as a lost soul in purgatory.

P.S. Sleepy Hollow's Purgatory is not inspired by the one in the Divine Comedy. In the Divine Comedy Purgatory is a mountain. (makes sense)
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