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First off - anything I do stands several notches underneath the reviews of Kaitlin. And down the next notch from what theguyLafayette occasionally does. But since Guy hasn't had a chance to do it and in light of the fact I am avoiding a new work search like the plague...I thought I would put a photo recap together for my favorite show of the new television season. Funny. Creepy. Rooted in revolutionary war history. Pulled from a legendary short story and placed in today. Revelations mixed with revolution. Time travel. *huff huff...sorry...out of breath*. Two amazing leads with chemistry in spades... Ok I'll stop. I'm just making an ass out of myself.

So here you go. In tribute to my favorite show of the fall and to you fans here at TV.COM, I offer you my photo review with as little words possible. May the pics and captions provide you some joy in the long wait for season Two!

So a bit of a recap. The family priest went to Macey for some chiropractic work:

And Ichabod made promises to the two women in his life. He will only be able to keep one of them.

Ichabod promises his beloved he will deliver her from Purgatory:

And Abibod continue long, soul absorbing looks as he assures her he would never sacrifice her soul:

SO the episode proper opens with a variety of text message attempts from Ichabod:

Next we have Abbie getting a visit from her Boo (literally, cause he is DEAD) She unfortunately doesn't give her demon controlled boyfriend the attention he DEMANDS leading to a discussion about "Boundaries":

The conversation goes nowhere, although the seeds are planted that the map hidden in Washington" Bible is important stuff. Abbie tries the bondage approach, Andy isn't feelin' it, breaks his thumb and escapes.

Off to the Icky Pad (tm) where conversation on SIRI just pales in comparison to NorthStar:

Abbie gets her message through, incidentally amusing Icky. He remarks on the cleverness of the colon/close parenthesis as a neat facsimile of a "man's face". Why does it have to be a MAN oh enlightened one? Women smile (once or twice a week).

Ichabod has not become a contemporary American until he bitches about his phone service. So then, in true Icky way he flip flops his flip phone and calls it...

You go DUDE! I bet Abbie has Google Glass for Christ's sake. Flip phone! Oh the humanity!

So the Scooby gang of 2 is off on map duty, reasoning that Masons follow ancient traditions of burying important things with their body. Grave-Huntin' Y'all!

In the B-Story, Captain Irving has to account for the dead bodies that surrounded his family's trip out in the woods. Because Macy was possessed, her DNA is all over the bobblehead that is the family priest. To avoid her being dragged in any further - he simply admits to the crimes and gives himself up to this guy:

He obviously had lousy death benefits - although dead in POI, he is back working in Sleepy Hollow.

We move to the site of George Washington' grave. As they search for ways to discover the tomb, we hear the story of the witchcraft that brought GW back 4 days after his death.

Back at the graveyard where Mr Moloch decides he would like to protest the attempt to uncover Washington's map with Deeze Guyz:

As scary as this bunch is, Abigail and company dispatch them in this kind of polite, reasonable way...

But good ole GW is certainly dead now and the search for his body continues with a nice shout out to Bengals fans:

A plaque to GW, honoring him as the Indispensable Man

Well -- life fact here for you all: We are all dispensable, eventually.

More importantly, underneath that wonderful smile is the aforementioned map being clutched to his boney chest. SCORE!

Unfortunately, Undead, boundary violator Andy shows - with a schnazzy new look after being cocooned by hell-moths

Well, Andy, once again, just proves to just be an undead bitch because in no time he is just begging Abbie to "release him". But we all know - it won't take.

So our heroes have the map. But thanks to dead Andy, they know that Moloch needs only that last thing to bring Armageddon to earth. SO Ichabod and Abigail decide to burn the map and along with it the opportunity to rescue Katrina. Turning to Abigail Mills, Ichabod confesses: "I choose to forge my fate with you". Well- at least for the next 20 minutes.

Henry Parrish enters the fray and puts the pieces together that Washington's beads had a type of binding spell on them and that if such a binding spell can be used on the location of the second horseman - it would make it impossible for him to rise! But for that - we need a powerful witch. We need...!

But she was not available, so Katrina seems the best option. Nuts! GW's map was destroyed...or was it??? Ah the perils of an eidetic memory.

NEXT! On to Bad Blood and the end of our story… for now.

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I have to admit, I was impressed that Ichabod got hooked on technology so quickly. Calling his flip-phone, a piece of technology he would have been all too eager to embrace a few short months prior, rubbish in order to get Abbie to get him an upgrade; priceless. He is taking a mighty fine liking to the modern world, even if he isn't quite ready to admit it yet.

It's little touches like these that make his relationship to Abbie all the more believable, dynamic and passionate. In some ways, I do suppose that him and Katrina are alike, in that both are somewhat locked into their pre-Purgatory idea of the world, and to each other. However, his nauseating confessions about his undying love to Katrina don't sound false but they are starting to sound forced. I mean, how many people does he need to tell about his deep, romantic love for his 'wife' Katrina? The thing about strong romantic gestures is that they have an air of theatre attached to them. What I mean is that part of their allure, and their danger, is that they contain elements of performance. However, the danger in performance is that no one can live on stage 24/7. Everyday can't be Valentine's Day...othewise the day/gesture has no meaning. What made Yolanda's encounter so unique was that he was taking a private moment to connect to another person through those feelings. He wasn't just replaying those feelings for himself, he was using them to make another person feel that as well, and to perhaps enkindle her own desire for such. With Siri, he was monologing just to monologue, a digitized voice sending him off on some emo rant that poorly contrasted with his encounter with Yolanda.

Not sure I like the Capt taking the fall the way he did, but I think I have more problem with the fact that, in real-life, that is probably how it would actually occur than I have a problem with what happened. For all the occult/supernatural elements going on in this show, the real/human elements are what give it its punch. The Capt. moving through the squadroom in the previous episode, looking for a spirit that jumps between bodies, not knowing what he was looking for, only understanding the danger on some elemental level; this show pulls that off better than any other show on tv. And the Capt, knowing the truth could NEVER be told to anyone (who either wasn't there or didn't believe) with a straight face, knew that him taking the blame (and protecting his child) was the only option. So I'm bummed that's how it happened but mostly because I see too much real-life in that situation to be happy about it. And eventhough I know its not going to stick (he's coming back, no doubt,) seeing the real-life puzzle they've made for themselves only makes me more cautious about how the writers will unbox themselves from the corner they've put themselves in. But more on that in the comment for the next episode.
Katia Winter is so alluring. Maybe I have a weakness for redheads... but she just has that look that would make her one helluva villain.
Nicely said. The way the writers had this seasons many elements just kind of 'click' into place so beautifully and perfectly paced... normally I would be worried about the Bad Robot crew not having thought this completely through (looking at you Alias and L O S T) and being boxed in with lazy writing. But this season has me filled with complete confidence everything they are setting up has a part in a grand plan. So have faith, Michael! From this and your other post - you are stressing on it all too much! I am a cynic - but I really believe in this project and that they have this all plotted out.

About Abbie and Icky. I really can't tell if some of those shouldering looks they share are romantic or familial. Brother/Sister affection. I think the former. And I believe we will get a reveal next season that what Katrina has told Icky is not the whole truth. I could see her going dark side - if she isn't already and just putting on a great act.
I don't have faith: I have experience and a keen sense of the rational. It is why I look both ways, sometimes more, before I cross the street. And I take my vision of the world from my favorite poet.

"Faith" is a fine invention
When Gentlemen can see—
But Microscopes are prudent
In an Emergency.

In some ways, the superb way in which the writers have set the stage for this show actually is what has me worried. Even ostriches look like lions for the first 20m of a chase. And I hate to keep bringing it up but Burn Notice is my template for how a show can really lose its sense of space, forget what it is. And it doesn't take alot of episodes, and bad continuity, for a show to go downhill on a rocket sled. It's one of the reasons why I never got interested in Lost. A show trying that hard to be mysterious, it was a disaster waiting to happen.

And don't get me wrong. It's not as if I don't like Katrina or think she's ugly or anything like that. It's just that the way the show has set-up the relationship between Abbie and Ichy, it would feel like a betrayal if the show went down the good-buddies route.

And I have no personal preference between either actress, so I am taking my cues directly from the show itself. It's like Scandal. I have never personally cared for either of the two main leads in that show, but the chemistry the show generates between those two, the lines they say to each other, gives their relationship a depth and feeling that neither character shares with anyone else. And you can see that same depth in this show. For the writers to simply pass it down as good-buddy/friendship/brotherhood of war intensity, it undermines the mystique of the 'plan' that is at the heart of this show. What exactly makes them special enough to be Witnesses (with a capital W) if they are, in essence, just good friends? Special friendship bond...who wants that for a superpower?
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Well Michael... I am a scientist. So EVIDENCE is my religion so to speak. This is it's own self contained experiment - nothing to do with any other TV experiment. That is null data. From the evidence - I see a VERY well thought out plan of attack. I see each character and twist and turn plotted out with precision so that a random line in ep 3 - ends up a very crucial FACT in ep 8.

EVIDENCE tells me that 13 ep scripted programming can maintain the batshit crazy pace Sleepy does to perfection. Evidence also tells me that grand 13 episode arcs could be done for 3-5, 13 ep seasons VERY well before ideas run out and the qualities that make it wonderful, start to fade because the writers just can't top what they did before anymore.

SO! THAT is why I say relax. I am 100% certain they have this planned out for three years. They can find original material and unique ways to thrill us for 2 more seasons minimum. So I am dropping my substantial guard ....and just enjoying the shit out of season 2 without worrying what it will look like in season 7.

Does that make sense to you? As for FAITH... I have faith in Orci and Kurtzman because personally - I like their work. I am in a good place with all of this. Just jumping on the sled and riding the steep hill, my friend!
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Don't misunderstand me. It isn't as if I think the show is doomed to failure or anything like that. And to some extent, people should treat tv shows somewhat individually, within the context of their own environment.

That being said, even a scientist should know everything informs everything else. Lack of Evidence does not make something less likely any more than an abundance of evidence makes it absolutely likely. And if SH does end as strongly as it has begun, without what I might consider a major disappointment, I will be more than happy to sing its praises. Even if it goes sideways, I will still treasure the quality of writing it has given to me thus far, and I doubt anyone reading my comments would mistake them as being written by someone who strongly dislikes the show.

However, I would be remiss in my enjoyment and participation of this show if I were to 'rah rah' it when it simply doesn't, in those moments, warrant it. Again, I am not saying the show has actually done that yet. Furthermore, my long forays into Ichabbie territory are strictly along the basis of conjecture: if they mean this, then what does this mean, or what does this mean? That close-up of them holding hands, for instance, takes on a different context if they are meant to be friends than if they are meant to be star-crossed lovers of some sort.

In addition, I certainly don't expect everyone who watches and/or enjoys SH to enjoy it to the same depth or intensity as I do. However, a fan who watches football just because they like it and a fan who is noticing how quickly a certain player lines up in a given formation that suggests he is tipping his hand, and who then begins to yell at the screen in a passionate but futile attempt to influence the outcome, are still both fans.

So, with SH, I am one of those yell-at-the-tv type of fans, at least when it comes to shipping Ichabbie. Just how I am wired. So if I knock over your popcorn jumping up to yell at the tv, try and understand it for what it is.
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Hehe, the Icky Pad. Great :)

But that raises one issue/question: Abby has a smartphone and Icky has a flip-phone? How is it that those clumbsy thumbsy mistakes caused by autocorrect happen on a flip-phone?

My God Xub! A keen eye for plot holes! Otherwise - TOTALLY believable episode! ;) I know you kid. That was really good.
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