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So it's timey-wimey stuff on this week's episode, "The Way of the Gun."

To recap, after a cute bit where Diana and Ichabod attend Molly's elementary school performance of Valley Forge, the team heads back to the Vault. Alex is tracking Malcolm through his assistant's cell phone (from last week). A mysterious woman named Lara breaks into the Vault, steals a book, leaves through the tunnels, outfights Jenny, and makes good her escape.

We find out that Malcolm needs the fourth Totem to make the Horseman War, and it's a flintlock pistol that Ichabod and Benjamin Banneker were transporting back in 1780. The stolen book has the flintlock's location at a former barn that has been restored and turned into a restaurant. Diana and Ichabod go there and find the box with the flintlock. Lara has already dug it up and Jobe shows up, so Lara uses a "chronos crystal" to temporarily take the demon out of time.

Meanwhile, Jenny, Jake, and Alex track down Malcolm's house from the cell phone feed. However, Malcolm knows all about it and captures Jake and Alex. He and Jobe question them, and Jobe uses a mental illusion to momentarily make Jake think that he's broken Alex's neck. Kudos to that scene, which is abrupt enough to be almost believable. But then director Russell Fine moves right along and reveals that it's an illusion a few seconds later, just about the time we recover from the shock and realize that they wouldn't kill off a main character so ignominiously.

Jake cracks and tells Malcolm what little he knows about where Ichabod is. Somehow this leads Malcolm and Jobe to the Eternal Flame, where Lara plans to destroy the gun. Meanwhile, Jenny frees Jake and Alex (where was she for 4-8 hours?) and they discover that Malcolm's retreat is near Camp David. The trio figures that Malcolm is going to send War to kill the President. That's the last we see of them, and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Meanwhile, Lara manages to lock Diana and Ichabod up and escape with the flintlock. She goes to the Eternal Flame (which looks like it's near where the Hidden One was up to shenanigans last season), but Diana and Ichabod escape and Diana has planted a tracer on the girl earlier. They show up, Malcolm and Jobe show up, Malcolm gets shot and shrugs it off because he's immortal. Lara burns them with a solar crystal long enough for her, Diana, and Ichabod get away. However, Malcolm and Jobe catch them a minute later so I'm not sure what the point of that was.

Through a rather awkwardly written scene, Diana eventually realizes that Lara is her daughter Molly from the future. Lara explains that Future-Ichabod sent her back to keep Malcolm from using the flintlock to turn Diana into the Avatar of War. He says that Diana fits the role perfectly, which... huh? Not based on anything that we've seen. Yes, she's a former Marine, but there are tens of thousands of those.

Lara tries to convince Malcolm how warm and wonderful her Malcolm is, but he shoots anyway. Ichabod takes the bullet and is transformed into the Avatar of War, which will certainly give him and Henry something to talk about at the next family reunion. Which looks to be the next couple of weeks, week, judging by the promos and press releases. I suppose the former(??) Horseman of War would have something to say about a new one.

Overall, "The Way of the Gun" is a pretty decent episode. it contains a pretty good Ichabodism at the beginning as he loudly cheers on Molly during the school performance when he's not griping about the choreography. There's some decent banter, and other than Lara using the crystal, they don't really give away anything that indicates Lara is Future Molly. There's a kind of "Of course she is" looking back, but nothing directly that gives away the game.

Jeremy Davies is growing into the part of Malcolm. He still seems a bit too... fey for my tastes as a Big Bad. And you wonder what he'd be doing without Jobe (Kamar de los Reyes) to put the demon touch on prisoners and presumably teleport Malcolm around. Jobe and Malcolm make a decent pair of villains, particularly in quiet moments like when Malcolm is putting on a new suit and suggests that they grab a steak together. I just wish they'd define what Jobe's role in the proceedings are and what powers he has. Eleven episodes in, and he's still an enigma/deus ex mechina.

We get more on the Jake/Alex relationship. Of course, she doesn't get a chance to tell Jake what her feelings are for him before Jenny rescues her. Because that would be too easy.

Jenny is at least saying that she'll wrap up her current business before going back to artifact hunting. Other than that and a brief "You'd better learn to do things without me" speech to Jake and Alex, she doesn't have much to do this episode.

And Ichabod becoming the Avatar of War is fairly surprising. You wonder where they're going with this since we won't really know how the whole avatar thing works. Since only Logan and the Horseman are actually on-board with Malcolm's plan, presumably Malcolm has a way to control Ichabod and Helen.

And hey, going by the press releases, Terrence Mann will be playing The Devil in the 3/31 episode. It's good to see him taking a break from Sense8 and coming on over to Sleepy Hollow for at least one episode.

So the whole Lara/Molly thing is... okay. Actress Seychelle Gabriel, who plays Lara, is onboard for at least another couple of weeks. So her presence as a time traveler, along with all the other time traveling shows this year (Timeless, Time After Time, DC's Legends of Tomorrow) seems a bit like over kill. But at least this week, it wasn't too bad.

There's enough new brought in that I'm at least looking forward to the next few episodes. We've got Future-Molly, Ichabod as Avatar of War, the Horseman showing up again, and Henry popping in.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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Apr 05, 2017
Anyone else get the obvious "Terminator" plot? Jon Conner=Ichabod sent me=Molly back in time to stop Dreyfus=Terminator!!
Mar 22, 2017
I thought it was a great episode. Lara/Future!Molly was a total badass IMO. And the ending...totally caught me by surprise.
Mar 19, 2017
I admit I didn't see Crane as War. Nice touch, but I don't get the whole line - why are the horsemen tied to specific artifacts again?
I don't recall Moloch using them, did he?

Either way, geesh, what is it with Time Travel all over the place these days? Sure, it's not like the show didn't already went down this terrible path before in the awful season 2 finale (Because obviously Katrina will go back in time to kill Crane rather than just save Henry?), but I was hoping never to have to see it again.

I mean come on, any particular reason why they don't go back in time to save Abby or whatever? Really a bad path to take.

And it seems we have a devil coming? But I thought the horsemen were Moloch's thing? I'm seriously confused here.
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