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I must confess, there are more than 100 reasons - and counting - why I believe Ichabod Crane is Best New Character of 2013, but with 5 days left, I decided to stick to only 5 of them.

5) He's a National Treasure
Once a British Army officer, twice an American Hero, this history professor risked his life to serve as a spy for George Washington in the Revolutionary War, and as a Witness in the ultimate War from the Book of Revelations.

4) Regal origins
Ironically, its his noble birth what prepared him as an experienced marksman, capable to track anything from a runaway prisoner to a headless horseman, and allowed him to become an accomplished swordsman, capable to behead a hessian with a sword or an axe.

3) He's a frustrated scholar
A professor at Oxford recruited for a war he did not seek nor want, trapped in a point in time he doesn't understand, the professor in Ichabod struggles to arise whether to teach Jenny Mills, to challenge Abbie to improve herself or to debate with Captain Irving some interesting factoids about American history.

2) He's monogamous to a fault
Ichabod still feels married to his wife 250 years later, 2 episodes into the season and he felt bound to Abbie for the rest of his unnatural life, two lifetimes and he's still bound by friendship - and blood magic - to the Headless Horseman whose life he ruined.

1) Love at First Sight
I've never believed in it - Love? Yes! At first sight??? What is that thing?! - and yet nothing else could describe the way time itself seemed to stop during that first sequence of the show as Ichabod and the Headless Horseman are introduced. By the time it was over, I just knew: I was hooked. And Ichabod was one half of the magic.


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