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So, if Sleepy Hollow's promo for next week's "John Doe" episode (here) is anything to judge by, after several days (at least, more likely weeks) of wearing the clothes he arose from the grave in, Ichabod finally begins to question his sartorial choices in a new century with emancipated black women on the police force. To be fair, the buffer period made Ichabod's inherent anachronism, on which the show's premise depends, perfectly visible to new viewers of the show, but looking like he just escaped a heritage village or a production of 1776 is probably getting in the way of his half-official police work.

His grooming probably shouldn't change that much. The beard suits him, and his hair, however unrealistically tousled-styled in exactly the same way every day in every frame, would be both a convenient reminder of his early-American past and keep his thin neck from looking too long. His clothes, nevertheless, need some attention. So, I propose here an alternative "look" for Ichabod which echoes the one he's comfortable in without making him look like part of a tourist attraction.

1. POE wool blend jacket in brown by JOHNNYLOVE

It’s wind proof and water resistant, good for upstate New York’s frosty winters. It features several modern updates of details on his current jacket: a high collar, wrist straps, double button rows (even if Ichabod’s isn’t properly double-breasted), and mid-thigh length. And its trim cut, center vent and back belt would compliment Mison’s slim figure.

2. Haydin cotton cashmere pant by Theory

They’re all-weather, casual without being jeans, and slim without being too tight around the ankle. The color, a rich dark blue, add enough pop to the outfit without being overly conspicuous or too staid.

3. White poplin shirt with blue striped reverse cuffs by Mason’s Jeans

It’s classic, though far less billowy than his blue pull-over tunic, with enough modern flair in the reversible cuffand neat hem to be worn untucked and casually. It’s unlikely to be worn with a tie, but I’m not sure a tie would work for our good Mr. Crane anyway.

4. Ostrich leg belt by W. Kleinberg and Red Wing chukkas in briar oil slick leather

Because you have to keep your pants up, and he really needs to leave his suspenders behind. Because you need good footwear, and there are very few circumstance in which men can wear knee-high boots with a generous cuff. This slender belt with a simple buckle and interesting texture along with the durable, functional boots will match well with the POE jacket and accent the dark blue pants.

So, what do you think?


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