Sleepy Hollow

Season 1 Episode 3

For the Triumph of Evil

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2013 on FOX

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  • A little bit Freddy Kruger!

    I love this show, but too much of it was in dream land. (I never like the dream sequences in any show) but it can be forgiven because this episode was about the Sandman, Just as long as they don't do it again!
  • God, I love this show!!

    It is getting better and better...

    Like the chemistry between Ichabod and Abbie and her sister Jennifer is a promising and strong new character. I am looking forward to see the sisters clashing; there is a lot of potential for the show. But most of all I love Tom Misons performance as Ichabod Crane, especially his sexy british accent... His dry humor makes me love out loud: "I am no stranger to complications!" And he is so right, energy drinks should be forbidden!

    Even if there seems to be no real danger for them, I enjoy the settings, the dream sequences, the good effects and the overall great perfomance of all the actors: Seamus, the Native American car salesman just rocked!

    As a fan of Supernatural, Teen Wolf and Grimm, I embrace this new show and I am happy for it to be so funny and entertaining as well as gory and delightful.
  • awesum!!

    freaking awesome
  • Run of the Mills

    Personal and literal demons come back to haunt Abbie in this episode. Her character is all the better for this kind of exploration into what drove her and her sister Jennifer apart when they were younger. This is the deepest part of a decidedly average episode of Sleepy Hollow. The show is still struggling to find the correct format for an episode to run smoothly. So much focus here is on the Mills sisters and their backstory that there isn't much time devoted to anything else. Crane is obviously the most interesting character on the show right now and with this episode, it is showing that the writers want to keep the focus on either Crane or Mills. When one so dominates the story, the other will recede to the background. The other aspects of the series aren't developed enough at this time to pick up the slack if the main characters' plots can't carry the episode.

    Even so, the best part of this episode was how the relationship between the Mills sisters became so screwed up. The incident where the both of them saw the Four White Trees affected Abbie differently from sister Jennifer. In addition to the haunting vision, there was apparently a missing time element in play as well. It's a defining moment in both of their pasts. How they dealt with the incident causes the schism in their relationship up until now. Abbie chose to deny any of it ever happened, partly because she was a scared little girl and partly because she lacked any adult to guide her through the trauma. Her sister chose to tell everyone who would listen the truth (though it lacked details beyond "I saw a demon!") and the result of that proclamation was a commitment to a sanitarium.

    I doubt she'll forgive Abbie, which will hopefully make her long-standing guilt something that will continue throughout the season. Abbie and Crane's leftover inner demons will serve to further bind them together, making them a stronger team in the process. Maybe Captain Irving or the other officers will support them from time to time, but those two will always be the primary focus.
  • Almost There

    The show is pretty good and up to this point I find myself awaiting the next episode. The problem with the show is the failure to have any on the edge of your seat moments as well as a character that seems to present a challenge for Ichabod and Abby. Ichabod easily dismantled the so called biblical horsemen with ease cutting off his head and didn't break a sweat destroying the flesh seeking witch. Now comes the sandman who appears to be one and done and im starting to get the feeling that vicious killers are Ichabod and Abby and these poor boogiemen don't stand a chance. I don't think that's how it should work. The Horsemen in the pilot should of been shown as dismantling anyone on the battlefield in his way and maybe killed by Ichabod only after a distraction or something of that nature. So for now ill watch, but it's getting dull.
  • Abbie and Ichabod's first sleepover

    The Mills sisters are headed for some quality time together, until the Sandman strikes everyone who ever believed in Jenny. For the triumph of evil entails good men to do nothing, her shrink, her friends and her sister are systematically targeted for turning their back on her.

    As the foster kids they really are, each sister refuses to rely on another. Jenny escapes from the mental hospital hoping to lure the demon after her, and Abbie embarks on a trip of her own thanks to a shaman with a daytime job. Ichabod may not know which sister his fate is entwined with - he may not be a witness to begin with - but he chooses Abbie and sticks to her until they both wake up from the ordeal. When Lt. Mills finally steps into the room of the truest believer, Miss Mills is already gone.
  • Deja Voodoo That You Do Not-So-Well

    Been there, done that, seen it before as ripped from dozen shows of the past. And this is discounting the fact that almost nothing of the . actual story is to be found in this series... except as an excuse to tease in viewers who think they know what it will be about.

    The hero angst and guilt of tonight's episode led nowhere in the main plot thread. And I knew it wouldn't from the start, because if it did, the writers would be that much close to having to make a sudden re-write right-turn to keep things going for another season. Add in the in your face pretension of the mention of 7 years of tribulation as a forecast for how long show should run... and hear the groans.

    Done now. And I feel sorry for a rather good cast. I won't be the first time or the last that writers have failed such in trying to milk it from the beginning.