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    I liked the pilot very much but there were a few things I noticed:

    1) Sleep Hollow does not have 110,000 people. Itbarely has10,000 people!

    2) Hessians did NOT wear red coats, only the British did. Hessian Jaegers wore bright green jackets with white pants and black leather boots.

    3) Washington never set foot in the New York Hudson River valley during the entire War for Independence except for a short period from June 5-July 20, 1779. That's 45 days out of 8 years (1775-1783). He spent 1777 when this episode occurred almost entirely in New Jersey. In fact he spent the entire Revolution except for 1775 and 1781 in either New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

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    The first one bothered me too. Especially the contrast between calling it a "village" and having a population over 100.000! That number would make it a middle-sized city.

    Some additional linguistic points from episode 2:

    1) Romani and modern greek are 2 very different languages. The two languages are so different that non-romani Greeks (99%) can not understand Romani. "Romani greek" is not a language, but a dialect of the romani language. The romani language is also spoken in many other countries.

    2) The language spoken by the demons and witches is actually very bad modern Greek (not romani). It has many grammar, syntax, vocabulary and pronunciation problems. This, unfortunately, is a pretty common situation in Hollywood, stemming from hiring 2nd, 3rd or even 4th generation Greek-Americans as consultants; which is rather surprising given the number of actual 1st generation Greeks in the USA - or even fluent second generationers (even Jennifer Aniston speaks better Greek than that!)

    3) The demons/witches speaking modern greek, and, more glaringly, Ichabod speaking modern english is rather anachronistic.

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    how can you say he never stepped foot, when he DID, if even for a few days
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