Sleepy Hollow

Season 1 Episode 5

John Doe

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2013 on FOX

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  • Great episode

    A mystery boy turns up dressed and speaking a language dating back to the settlers, he's also infected with a plague! Another great episode! Ichabod discovers plastic and a bath scrunchie.
  • A Crazy Premise, a Great Cast

    How they managed to take a little short story by Washington Irving and turn it into a whole series that is actually interesting is pretty awesome in itself. A lot of it is contrived and classic horror story tropes and the ubiquitous "Apocalypse is Nigh" story arc, but the characters are so darn compelling and charming that this show draws you in and puts your suspension of disbelief on hold for an hour. I'd rather see a series like this (ridiculous premise, well done) than something with pretty production values, but lacking any heart and soul . "Dracula). This is the stuff "X-Files" was made of!
  • What a show!!

    This show sucked me in from first episode and hasn't let go since. The main characters are wonderful and wonderfully played. I like Irving who reluctantly accepts the supernatural but wants to know only the bare minimum while still having their backs. i like the mythology and the tone. I like the slow build up. I like the tone and camera work and music and the acting is superb.
  • Not a famili show, but...

    I second Kinda Meh's opinion. I would be delighted to feel some danger lurking in. In fact, I have had this feeling of something manacing missing since episode one. Every week now, I ask myself if I want to see this almost family-show horror story. I am still undecided, but have less and less hope that something really scary will happen in the show. Sleepy Hollow is not the only show suffering from producers' lack of confidence in the audience. In effect they make horror stories into family shows without any excitement to find in them.
  • Spoiler alert!

    Two horsemen in one episode?

    We saw Steve again and the second horseman (Jerry maybe? I will call him Jerry until we find what is his nickname). How can it get any better?

    I liked how the episode began, a child running in the forest and ending up in Sleepy Hollow.

    I really loved this episode, I wasn't expecting an introduction to the 2nd horseman so soon. At least they do not keep us waiting until the end of the season to present the other front players to the Apocalypse. We have a nice development from one episode to another, the writers don't drag it out.

    A am curious though ... the people from 16th century Roanoke said "They have come". Were Crane and Abby expected?

    I am really curious who was the woman on the phone who vouched for Crane being a professor at Oxford University. In my opinion, Crane was expected in the 21th century. He didn't end up in Sleepy Hollow by chance. i think the explication to Crane's appearance in Sleepy Hollow is a lot more complicated than we expected. I don't think that Katrina can be sole responsible for Crane's survival.

    We have an army of Evil (the Hessians, Moloch, evil John Cho, Steve and Jerry) and the army of Good - only 2 people Crane and Abby? That is not fair, we need more fighters. Katrina doesn't count because we don't know much about her.

    Abby got to be the hero in this episode, saving everyone. It was nice to put her in the front.

    The cabin is indeed the perfect place for Crane. Not too old but not too modern either (but according to some "a national landmark" hihi).

    Excellent dialog in this episode. Count on Crane to be funny.

    Abby: " I take that means something to you?"

    Crane: "It's a language you too are familiar with ... English" - Excellent line!

    Will Crane discover the miracle of a razor blade? What about jeans, underwear and zippers? He really does need to change clothes. I know the smell of sweat was considered an aphrodisiac but in the 21th century we have cologne, perfumes and afters shaves. I cannot wait to see the transformation.

    And as a resume ... the episode was excellent.
  • Kinda Meh

    While I can admit this show has an awesome cast and awesome production value , and even a great overale season script, I just feel like the episodes themselves lack any kind of intensity or excitement, or even a real sense of danger.

    I feel like I predicted everything that happened, and the way in which all these episodic storylines tie into the overall Apocalypse storyline is kinda lame. Maybe the show needs to be a bit more edgier, some shock value or something, just something extra