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  • I Like it

    Not everyone liked this show and I'm not entirely sure why. Most of the hatred came from people who only liked the first season and felt that it was too awful the rest of the seasons. But I like this show for the most part. It was nice having a twist on the classic story that made me actually like the newer version. I'll admit that not everything about it worked. I hated how Ichabod's wife was turned evil. I didn't like the character of Malcolm. He was such a dumb villain to me and I couldn't tell why. Maybe I felt that the actor who played him was doing a bad job. Or maybe I felt that there wasn't enough depth to his character in the end. And while I'm largely okay with how things ended, the fact that Ichabod sold his soul really didn't seem like a good plot point, although I'm sure it would have worked out had their been a season 5. Still, there was enough good supernatural elements in there along with historical fiction woven in with nonfiction. Ichabod was a great character who often brought humor to the show. Pandora was a good villain, even if she largely just served as bringing forth a monster of the week. There's a lot in there and it keeps you interested until the end.
  • Oh NO, Ichabod can't be a Horseman!

    I have watched Sleepy Hallow on FOX21 since the show's premier. It is the only reason I tune into this network! I find the show compelling, fun, and it has excellent writing and story development. But I am a sucker for the "team camaraderie" and the fact that the characters work so well togethereven with the many changes to the cast. That is never easy, one assumes. The new Witness, "Molly" should be allowed an expansion of her character, and so should we know what happens with "Ms. Jenny", "CRANE"(OMGso gorgeous), and the newest characters: "Diana", "Master Jake", and "Alex" (there's a relationship growing there). I LOVE THIS SHOW! I have to wait until the next day to watch because cable in my area has too many price wars and there are only two companies. I digress. I LOVE SLEEPY HOLLOW! Please keep it running as long as the Actors wish to remain!
  • Well.. it's back on track

    I couldn't even finish season 3 because I was watching the show mostly for one character, which is crane of course. There was no emotion and abby kind of got on my nerves somehow. Season 4 got me interested again, I always thought the the younger sister, Jenny was a way more interesting character, and I find her acting more believable. She projects her emotions way better. I also like the new cast additions, I think that if they can get into their backstories a little while not too much, it'll be very interesting. When I watch a show I want to care for the characters, and I already do way more compared to any additions there was in the past seasons. Just the fact that the headless horseman is back, adds a lot. It was the main reason why this show was interesting, with the always great performances of Tom Mison of course. This season main villain is also way more interesting and charismatic than the boring ones from season 3. He reminds me of the type of villain a show like buffy and angel could have got. Which is freaking great. I hope it keeps up, because I always kept hope for this show.
  • No Show Without Abbie

    Ever since season 1 this show has gone way off track. They ignored everything good about Season 1 and then had the nerve to kill off Abbie in season 3. I won't be watching this crap show anymore.
  • Original and intellectually Smart

    Love it so much
  • Why Season 3 has been stop?

    Could anyone enlight me please, why this show has been stuck since november 2015 on S03E08?

    They didn't cancel it right? :O

  • Not everything is the same!!

    I don't care what anybody says Sleepy Hollow is a BRILLIANT show! Just because people have different opinions doesn't mean that the show is not good, it just makes it different. We have to point out the fact that we human tend to push aside or automatically dislike somethings that seem strange or weird. I think Sleepy Hollow has a UNIQUE plot, the story and all the things that it has going on is unlike anything else I've seen and to be honest.. that's a good thing.. I don't know about you but I tend to get bored of the same things all the time. Plus how is this show different from other fiction/twist into modern time like it is in Once Upon A Time, I find that show even more outrageous than Sleepy Hollow. Like I said before, don't care what anybody says I am in love with Sleepy Hollow and I think is a great show. Best of luck to the show!
  • Go Back to Season 1

    Sleepy Hollow had a great opportunity the first season to take a classic story and make it their own, all of the potential was there for an entertaining show. Except the show went way off course in season 2 and season 3 has looked to maintain a steady pace as a "Monsters of the Week" procedural, seemingly Scooby Doo inspired. Which is not what worked for season 1 and continues to puzzle most fans as to why that direction was taken. Broadcast television is bogged down by different kinds of procedurals and I fear that Sleepy Hollow has dug its own grave at this point. The only hope- go back to what made the tale famous. A classic Halloween story that involved the main villain, the horseman, and align the show better with the early direction taken in Season 1. The show that was frightening & fun, with a bad ass headless horseman terrorizing Sleepy Hollow. Something reminiscent of the Headless Horseman riding with a shotgun through the streets ( Which I feel is one example, of what drew people in to give it a chance in the first place early on). Now he's locked up in Pandoras box, traded in for the occasional dancing ballerina men, skipping through town supposedly demon servants or whatever or that weird red beast in S3E1 that seemed to get a little **too excited** when he saw fear; creepy in the wrong way and just lame honestly. Which is sad because this show could've been good and had legitimate scares at one point. Unfortunately, I believe this show will not find its way out of the hole it created for itself.
  • Replace that ever-BREAST-exposing and mean-looking Beharie lady!

    She's such a spoiler of what-could-be-a-great show! Hasn't she learn anything - using sex to promote herself does not make quality actresses/shows! Besides she's mean/angry-looking most of the time. Look at the leading actresses in the X-Files, the Mentalist, King, CSI Vegas etc - strong but feminine too, full of top-quality acting and lovable faces!
  • Amping up

    I started watching sleepy hollow at the start of last week. I found it to be quite yaaaawn at the start but my sister really liked it and raved about it so I just kept watching anyway and so glad I did. I think once you have the understanding of the characters it's a great show. I think that it's amped up well and I'd love to see it get a few more seasons
  • Season 1 is excellent

    Season 1 was excellent and I rated it 9, but season 2 is nothing but a mere 5 and has become boring
  • Invest in a linguist!

    A more extensive, hyperbolic view of the headless hosreman's legend, obviously works. It's a really decent show with fast-paced plot and dynamic characters (although, Ichabod Crane should take most of the credit). And the fact that they have transferred the action to modern era Sleepy Hollow has been cute, so far.

    However, at the end of season 2, I am ready to believe that the founding fathers were so preoccupied with fighting Evil that the Independence was just a mere coincidence! We are talking about the Apocalypse! There are so many time periods they can draw clues and references from.

    But what is truly annoying is the constant misuse, to the point of abuse, of the Greek language Moloch and some of his minions use. Seriously, it is supposed to be scary, but it ends up being ridiculous. It's like they've found some of the words they want in a dictionary and utter them in a loud and pompous -and wrong- way. Come on, if you insist in using Greek, hire someone who actually knows the language to translate the lines and teach the actors how to pronounce them! It looks very cheap and sloppy the way it is...
  • Still Lovin It...

    I was a bit worried about whether the writers could really pull off a second season, but have been pleasantly surprised at what they've come up with so far!

    I have to disagree with a couple of comments left on here about "Luh-tenant" Abbie Mills ( Nicole Beharie ) whom I think is doing a fantastic job, and about the show in general. Abbe Mills and Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane), IMHO, work well together and make the entire "weird" show come together and as believable as possible for this type of show. If you don't like "weird", then I suggest you don't watch shows which are, by definition, weird! Personally, I love the weirdness and the way the writers make it temporarily believable.

    Yeah, I really hope this show stays around for many more seasons and that "sistas" face doesn't change! I love her expressions. They make her personality come to life and are rather endearing. As I said above, this is all simply my humble opinion,.


    "Sleepy Hollow"... What's up with that sistas face? She's always, twisting, pulsing, mugging, bubbled eyed, smirking, blowing, shirking, rolling, pulling, stretching, moving, jumping her face and over emphasizing her speech. How she got that role and still has it is a mystery to me. It's so distracting I can't watch that show and I've tried. Just can't watch it looking at her face jumping around! lol!
  • Getting too weird

    I just stopped in to say I'm done with Sleepy Hollow. I was a fan of the show until recently it's finally gotten too weird for family viewing. Not going to watch it anymore
  • world of good and evil

    I love this show - it always leaves me in a spin and i love the way the bible comes into it and the four horsemen and the way one of them is their son. Tom's acting as this man from centuries ago is great and i love this wisdom - great to see black women in lead parts as it does not happen enough. with all the tension and excitement - it is also has great humour
  • Fun show with a nice mix of excitement and amusement

    This show is fairly mindless, but it's quite a lot of fun. The action is fast paced and exciting. There's a lot of light humor, much of it based on Crane's shock at how much history we get wrong (Paul Revere did not, for example, yell "the British were coming" because Americans at that time considered themselves British). The cast is excellent.

    It is also interesting how nicely integrated the show is. There are actually slightly more black than white main characters, but there's no sense that they're aiming for a particular audience; it's just who was right for the role.
  • Addictive TV

    Love this show and how it blends actual historical people with fantasy. If I was a History teacher I would use this show to motivate kids to learn our history!

    Wish more people would watch because it was the only new show from last year,that got me hooked.

    Hoping that ratings go up. Good news is that all the library copies of DVD from season 1 have a wait list

    I am also very bias about this show becuase I just love it but I'm hoping that people won't forget about it and continue to watch. The newest episode is so good.
  • Losing my Head!

    So straight up I admit I am bias because I love this show, but I am really confused as to why the latest episode rated so poorly? Did people just forget it was on or was 9 months too long to wait and people have lost interest? Anyone have any ideas?
  • Sleepy Hollow keeps you Fully Awake!

    Great comeback!

    I can't find something else to write, that won't look like as if I copied previous posts!

    Giving it a 09, as I'm saving the 10 for the exceptional episodes to come!
  • the best show after charmed!

    Great cast, good believable acting, I love this genre, not only horror, thriller, fantasy but also humour.

    Charmed has been for years the first on my list, but after the second episode of season 1 I was Mayor Hooked!!
  • Pins and needles

    This is my favorite show ever! I can hardly stand waiting for the next episode. Finally, an awesome show the whole family can watch. Thanks Fox! I tried giving it a "10" rating but it keeps going back down to a 9.5
  • Very Charming...

    is a well written and executed TV show. I love
  • WOW - Fox didn't cancel a good show!!!!

    Fox is great at picking shows but TERRIBLE and scheduling and keeping the good ones.


    I have jus finished watching the first wow what a finish. I may be be wrong here but i cannot believe this show has not made a bigger impact here in the uk. I only heard of it on here have any uk channels picked it or not let me know???

    I have read that they gonna provide more character backgrounds, jenny etc

    i wanna know more about the sheriff, how where and why did he become an exorcist.
  • Great show.

    While I can see why one might have had doubts over this show, after seeing many episodes I think the show is great. I think it's one of the best new shows out there. One thing I especially like is that unlike other shows (where some episodes don't really contribute to the overall story, and are somewhat random) every Sleepy Hollow episode adds something to the storyarc or characters. Character development is pretty evident, such as seeing Ichabod become more and more stressful, worried and anxious, as the final battle between good and evil and possibly the apocalypse approaches.

    I honestly don't see why people criticize this show for being generic and cliched. I liked Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane (who's incredibly like-able as Ichabod Crane) and Nicole Beharie as Abbie Mills and seeing the two of them be partners. The entire cast is excellent. I like the plots of each episode and the modern retelling of the old legend. The show will scare you with the occasional creepy scene, but it also has funny dialogue in the script as well. I will eagerly wait for season two. This show looks very promising. (In case you were wondering, FOX renewed Sleepy Hollow for a second season. I think it'll have three seasons or The only complaint I have with this show (and pretty much every show) is that the episodes end a bit too conveniently; they're able to wrap up just before the hour is up. But that is a very minor complaint.

    If you liked this review, read my other ones on a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and videogames and agree with this review. I also do reviews on Metacritic for movies, TV shows, and videogames.
  • Surprisingly Excellent

    I was not expecting much when I saw the first episode, I thought to myself where would they come up with argument enough to make it a viable series. I was totally wrong and underestimated the incredible creative capacity of this show's writers. I am glad I was wrong !!!
  • i love SleepyHollow

    hi im a fan of sleepyhallow. I live in europe and still cannot wait for the next Season...
  • It always had me

    This show is a rarity in that it has not copped out with coming to conclusion "we succeed" finale. The whole season flowed together with each and every episode. Though I wish the Season could have been like others and have 20+ episodes this is one of the few shows on the telly that didn't need the extras.

    It receive s a perfect ten from me for 5 reasons

    1. Old story but makes itself it own.

    2. Honest characters that you could in vision in daily life.

    3. Episodes that flow and don't drift from the plot.

    4. Main character's relationships show growth and in my opinion strengthen the series.

    5. You don't know what happens next.

    I think the series can and will be a smash hit if the writers keep on with the good work. When a show is written well it it show not only with its characters but the fan base as well.

    I leave you with this and do be true. When fall 2014 comes around what show will you be waiting for so you can breath again?
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