Sleepy Hollow

Season 1 Episode 10

The Golem

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2013 on FOX
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While attempting to communicate with Katrina in Purgatory, Ichabod and Henry Parrish unwittingly unleash a new evil.

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  • Ichibod discovers Christmas socks!

    Ichibod goes on the search to find out what happened to his son and encounters a Golem who was made to protect him. Ichibod discovers Christmas socks!
  • Just A Question

    Somehow we are missing an episode. The Golem was episode 10. The next schedule episode is The Indispensable Man and that is episode 12 scheduled for 1/20/14. What happened to Episode 11? I know that The Indispensable Man and Bad Blood are being shown back to back, but this was supposed to be a 13 episode season and it seems we only have gotten 12 not 13 episodes. As for the Golem, Barossa asked why couldn't the Golem prevent the hex the Four Who Speak as One placed on Jeremy. When Ichabod was in the tent with the witches they explained that they had banished the Golem to Purgatory with Katrina and then they were able to get to Jeremy and place a hex on it to stop his heart. They didn't kill him. All they did was stop his heart which means that his heart can be started again if he is already not alive. I tend to think that at some point Ichabod is going to have to face Jeremy but it won't be on good terms and then Ichabod will have to make a choice about someone. Whether that be Katrina, Abbie, Henry Parrish, or someone else only time will tell. I expect that we will see shortly the choice that Ichabod will face.moreless
  • Bit of a quiz

    Has anybody figured out how long it was between Abraham's death by the hessians and his eventual reunion with Ichabod on the battle field. This is obviously the time in which Ichabod and Katrina courted and married and i am just trying to figure it out. Have to say, this series in improving by each episode, the stories are getting more involved and interesting but I still hope Ichabod stays in his original clothes (what does that say about my own personal hygiene level) I just can't see the beautiful man in a hoody and jeans.moreless
  • Golem

    If the Golem was created to protect Jeremy, then why could he not prevent the hex placed on Jeremy? Also, I hope the son is not going to be a character developed in this series; although, it appears he will be. Children, for the most part, screw-up good story lines. The scene where Ichabod kills the Golem was touching.
  • Death Begets Death.

    So Katrina's Coven wouldn't allow her to have the baby and so she had the child Jeremy and left him with Grace and her husband (Abbie's decedents). So Katrina's own Coven banished her and put her in purgatory and as we find out Jeremy had a very hard life and when he was a child, he noticed that he had powers of his own, more stronger than the Coven. So Jeremy summoned the Golem just like Katrina said (he will protect you, and protect he did). So Ichabod, Abbie and Henry pay a visit to the Witches, The Four Who Speak As One, but why couldn't they free Katrina, i guess they knew their fate was sealed and as for Jeremy, they knew his powers were stronger and asked him to joined their Coven twice. But i don't think he did because of what they did to his mother Katrina and so they put a hex on Jeremy and killed him and buried him. So of course only Ichabod could kill the Golem because of his bloodline and then at the end with Moloch saying Ichabod will deliver Abbie's soul to him. I Hope John Noble Is Joining This Wonderful Cast. Another Fantastic Episode.moreless
John Noble

John Noble

Henry Parrish

Guest Star

Jill Marie Jones

Jill Marie Jones

Cynthia Irving

Guest Star

Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg

Macey Irving

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D. J. Mifflin

D. J. Mifflin


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    • Abbie: Chopping down a Christmas tree?
      Ichabod: Altogether a nonsensical concept. Celebrating Yuletide with a titular display of lumber.
      Abbie: Wow. Bah, humbug to you, too, Ebenezer.
      Ichabod: That was all gibberish.
      Abbie: Scrooge. Dickensian character. A grump.

    • Henry Parrish: Our lives are a tapestry. Each moment is a thread upon which the next thread is woven. When you reach beyond this existence, as you're about to, you are tempting fate. I cannot say what consequences will befall you.

    • Ichabod: Well, if Jeremy married and had three children, the average at the time... then we compound that number over eight generations, I could have as many as... 6,000 offspring.
      Abbie: Six thousand little Ichabods.

    • Reverend Boland: You have to have faith in the Lord's plan.
      Irving: Oh... if God has a plan, who's it for? Me or him?

    • Ichabod: I'm still reconciling today's languages and its advancements. For instance, in my era, a "toilet" was a "vanity cabinet," "Intercourse" meant simply "social conversation," "awful" meant "awe-inspiring"...
      Abbie: So if I went out with a guy and we had awful intercourse, we'd be going on a second date?
      Ichabod: Disconcerting, but yes.
      Abbie: That's weird.

    • Abbie: You guys had Christmas, right? Santa Claus, snowmen... eggnog.
      Ichabod: In my era, the term was egg and grog. A draught made of rum that led inevitably to an aching head--ergo noggin, abbreviated to nog.

    • Henry Parrish: It seems we've been relegated to the part of gongoozler, you and I.
      Abbie: I'm not even gonna ask.
      Ichabod: Gongoozler means an "idle spectator."
      Abbie: That's just great. You go, it's cool. Henry and I will sit back here and gongoozle our asses off.
      Ichabod: Now who's the Scrooge?

    • Ichabod: What hellish form of torment is this?
      Henry Parrish: Funhouse mirrors.
      Ichabod: When did irony become a national pastime?

    • Henry Parrish: We never bury the dead, son. Not really. We take them with us. It's the price of living.

    • Abbie: I got you something. I was going to give it to you on Christmas Eve but you look like you need a little boost.
      Ichabod: Ohh. You embroidered my name on some hosiery. How... odd.

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