Sleepy Hollow

Season 1 Episode 12

The Indispensable Man

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2014 on FOX

Episode Recap

Abbie goes back to her home and leaves a voice mail for Ichabod suggesting that they try to date the pages from Washington's Bible. When she sees Ichabod has sent her several messages, she tries to contact him only to hear someone coming up behind her. Abbie spins and Andy begs her to hear him out.

At Corbin's cabin, Ichabod examines the Washington Bible and tries work out when Washington wrote the last inscription... four days after he died. As he goes over the Bible, Ichabod receives a message from Abbie saying that she's on her way. He returns to the Bible and remembers Washington mentioning Lazarus, and checks the verses on the Book of John referring to Lazarus.

After Abbie handcuffs Andy to a pipe, she demands to know what is going on. Andy tells her that Moloch doesn't want Washington's Bible, but does want the map inside. He asks Abbie for the Bible in return for her life and a position in Moloch's army, but Abbie refuses. She starts to call Ichabod but Andy warns her not to, reminding her of the prophecy that Ichabod will give her soul to Moloch and abandon her like everyone else in her life. The former policeman insists that he loves Abbie, but then realizes that she won't agree to negotiate no matter what. Abbie turns and calls Irving, and Andy breaks his wrist to slip free of the handcuffs. By the time Abbie realizes that he's gone, it's too late.

At the archive, Ichabod is studying the Bible when Abbie arrives and tells him what Andy said. Ichabod assures his friend that he has no intention of betraying her, but Abbie admits that Moloch and Andy know everything about her past. Returning to the Bible, Ichabod points out that the section on Lazarus has ten extra verses that don't belong there, and treats the section with more lemon juice. Revealed is another message from Washington explaining that he had the witches use a set of cursed bead to resurrect him four days after his death. When he came back, he brought information back from the other side revealing a gateway between Purgatory and earth. Ichabod realizes that with the map they can finally free Katrina from Purgatory.

Abbie considers what they've learned and warns that they can't risk Moloch obtaining the map at the cost of Katrina's freedom. Ichabod agrees with his friend and review the list of people Washington indicated were involved with the resurrection. One of them was Reverend Knapp, who guarded the Horseman's head for two centuries at the church. Knapp owned the cursed beads and Ichabod suggests that since they contain sin, they get Henry Parrish to read them and discover what Knapp knew of the map and Washington's final resting place.

At the station, Irving's superior Tom comes by with detective Nunez to interview Irving about the deaths of Devon and Bolland at the safehouse. Once they're done, Tom sends Nunez out and asks Irving what is really going on. Irving hesitantly admits that they're dealing with pure evil.

In the tunnels beneath Sleepy Hollow, Andy begs Moloch for release. When the demon refuses, Andy asks it to let him be its weapon in the world. Moloch considers and then tells Andy to find the map. The demon sends a swarm of insects to swarm over Andy, wrapping him in a cocoon.

That night, Ichabod and Abbie go to the graveyard where Knapp is buried and meet with Henry. When they open Knapp's coffin, Henry can sense emanations from the beads and gets a flash of Washington being resurrected. However, when he touches the rosary beads to get a clearer picture, he screams in agony as they burn his hand. Abbie wants to stop, but Henry insists on continuing given that the Apocalypse is coming. He takes the beads and tries to hold on, images flooding his mind. Henry is finally forced to let go and backs away. As he clutches at his hand, Henry tells Ichabod and Abbie that he saw Knapp taking Washington's body away by boat.

Considering, Abbie talks to Ichabod privately and suggests that they shouldn't go after the map. She worries that Moloch has developed a new strategy in the last 200 years and that if they obtain the map then Moloch could use it for its own ends. Abbie sympathizes with Ichabod, saying that she'd also like to be reunited with everyone she's lost. However, she asks Ichabod what he's willing to sacrifice to save everyone and everything from Moloch.

As Henry holds his hand in pain, three of Moloch's legions attack from the woods. Abbie destroys one with her gun and another one slashes at Henry before Ichabod can stop it. The third one charges and Abbie destroys it, and Ichabod insists that they have to find the map before Moloch sends more of his creatures to stop them. They return to the archive and figure that Knapp buried the map with Washington. While Washington has three grave sites, Ichabod figures that they're all decoys and that the real grave is somewhere near Sleepy Hollow where Knapp could watch over it for two centuries. They realize that Knapp took it to an island somewhere nearby and begin mapping the potential targets.

In the tunnels, Andy emerges from the cocoon, transformed into an insect-like demon. He smashes through a wall and promises Moloch that its enemies will fall.

The next morning, Ichabod, Abbie, and Henry work out that Bannerman's Island, a former penal colony, is the likely burial spot. They take a boat there and Ichabod begins searching for any Masonic signs. As Ichabod goes on ahead, Abbie asks Henry if he knows of a prophecy where one Witness betrays the other. He admits that he has and that it is foretold that neither Witness will survive. However, he assures Abbie that no one has confirmed if the prophecy is accurate. Abbie isn't convinced, pointing out that Moloch believes the prophecy, and Henry tells her not to do the very thing that could bring the prophecy to pass. Meanwhile, Ichabod finds a rock with Masonic markings on it. He calls his friends ahead and twists the rock, and a trapdoor slides open in the dirt.

At the station, Irving is furious when he discovers that Tom is taking DNA swabs from Macey and Cynthia. When the captain confronts him, Tom explains that they found traces of DNA on Bolland's neck. He asks Irving and Cynthia if there's anything new that they'd like to tell him. They're both aware that Macey killed Bolland when she was possessed, but that Tom will never believe them. Tom warns them that he'll have to arrest Macey if her DNA matches the killer's, and Irving tells his friend that if he comes for Macey without a warrant then they'll have a program.

The trio enter the crypt and find a stone pyramid in the center. There's a switch on it and Abbie starts to touch it, but Ichabod warns her that it's a booby trap and that Knapp wouldn't have buried Washington in such an obvious spot. Searching, Ichabod finds a shield inscribed with the name of Cincinnatus, a Roman general who was Washington's hero. They find a notch in the shield matching Ichabod's Masonic ring and when he inserted it, a door slides open revealing a chamber containing Washington's coffin. The lid slides aside, revealing the corpse, and Ichabod removes the map from its hands.

As Ichabod studies the map, the transformed Andy smashes his way through the upper door and leaps down the stairs. Abbie realizes who it is and shoots at him, but Andy dodges the shot and disarms her. He then smashes Ichabod down and prepares to kill Abbie. She pleads with him, begging Andy to remember the man he once was, but he says that Moloch needs the map so he can win. Her pleas have no effect, but Henry touches Andy's arm, reawakening his memories of when he was a man. Andy knocks Henry aside but then collapses to the ground, trying to break Moloch's influence. He begs Abbie to release him and she grabs a stake and stabs him through the head.

The crypt starts to collapse and the trio realize that the upper door is blocked. Ichabod searches the chamber that contained Washington's coffin and finds another Masonic symbol on a rock. It proves to be the key to opening a secondary exit. As they start to go up, Andy's body comes back to life despite his mortal wound and he charges across the room. However, he is caught beneath the falling rubble and is buried, and Ichabod and the others get out just in time.

As they catch their breath, Abbie tells Ichabod what Andy said about the map. However, she leaves the decision up to Ichabod. Ichabod hesitates and then sets the map on fire, and then tells Abbie that they will choose their own destiny, prophecy or no prophecy, and that he chooses to forge his fate with her. Abbie promises that they'll save Katrina and the trio leave.

At the station, Irving remembers all of the good times with his family as he goes to the interrogation room. He then tells Tom that he's confessing to the two murders and is led away.

At the cabin, Ichabod remembers Katrina trapped in Purgatory... and then redraws Washington's map from memory.