Sleepy Hollow

Season 1 Episode 12

The Indispensable Man

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2014 on FOX



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    • Ichabod: Good day. This is Captain Ichabod Crane, Esquire. If you'd be so kind as to please leave your name, rank and an address where I may reach you, and I will return this correspondence in a timely manner. Now what do I press? Pound. Pound?

    • Ichabod: "On my way. Colon closed parenthesis." Oh. It's a man face. I suppose that's... charming.

    • Abbie: For starters, when I call, I need you to pick up.
      Ichabod: I believe I'd have an easier time navigating my device if it were not such an... how shall I say this? antiquated piece of rubbish.
      Abbie: What's wrong with your phone?
      Ichabod: Well, it's obsolete. And I'm not blaming you, Leftenant. It's these telecommunication companies, overwhelming the populace with their ostentatious advertisements. They're coercing the consumer into purchasing countless "system updates." It's an abuse of capitalism and certainly not the vision behind our laissez-faire market.
      Abbie: Hmm. and yet... you want a new one?
      Ichabod: You've got one.

    • Henry: Remarkable stitching.
      Ichabod: An old flame of mine was a seamstress. She'd be impressed.
      Abbie: Who was your date, Betsy Ross?
      Ichabod: How did you know that?
      Abbie: Are you serious?!?

    • Henry: I can cross "fighting a demon" from my bucket list.

    • Ichabod: Infuriating. I can't get my Maps app to triangulate. Oh, but I can still receive updates for your so-called "social network." And how is it you have five hundred friends? I had only seven close companions--four of those died. Those were good odds.
      Abbie: We use the term "friend" more loosely these days.
      Ichabod: Aristotle would be most unimpressed.
      Abbie: Yeah, well, he's dead, too.

    • Abbie: That rock in the clearing. Would that be your Masonic marker?
      Ichabod: Does an alderman have an unwarranted self-regard?
      Abbie: I don't even know how to answer that.

    • Abbie: Nice teeth.
      Ichabod: Gold, ivory, and lead. They were the envy of every man in Virginia. Not sure how Martha felt about them.

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