Sleepy Hollow

Season 1 Episode 4

The Lesser Key of Solomon

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2013 on FOX
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Jenny Mills escapes from the institution and Ichabod and Abbie set out to find her before their enemy does. In the process, they learn more about the demon they are facing.

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  • I love Ichabod's cute radio advice ^_^

    What a fantastic episode, gone back to watch from the start in light of the final of season 3, there are many many questions, i just can't beieve i forgot the kindest most heart melting moment when Ichabod decided to give advice to someone on the radio just to simply help someone... aww... :3 truely one of my fave moments.
  • I feel a little let down by the quality of the special effects this week

    Another good episode but I feel a little let down by the quality of the special effects on the demons around the fire, it looked like a bunch of extras under a silk sheet with a few sparkles and CGI flames thrown in.
  • awesome and freakY!

    nice episode... especially the demon part in the church.... nice CGI
  • Buffy-esque ! Love It!

    I fail to see the "Crazy". This show seems to be intelligent enough to know its off the wall and out of the norm. I love the sense of humor it has! Reminds me of early Buffy and Angel as far as the supernatural aspects and even the humor. Its not far off from a Joss Whedon show. Im really enjoying it!!
Carsten Norgaard

Carsten Norgaard


Guest Star

Kevin Cassidy (I)

Kevin Cassidy (I)


Guest Star

Phillip DeVona

Phillip DeVona

Wendel Clark

Guest Star

Lyndie Greenwood

Lyndie Greenwood

Jenny Mills

Recurring Role

Nicholas Gonzalez

Nicholas Gonzalez

Luke Morales

Recurring Role

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    • Ichabod: Surviving death separated by time tests the bonds of love. The moment I saw her, I knew. The bravest love is born again with each new day. The kind of love that makes the mundane a marvel, that... bewilders with its magnificence. Until Fate's cruel hand intervened, and in a blink of an eye, Katrina was lost to me.
      Yolanda: I am so, so sorry.
      Ichabod: I offer this tale, no matter how cruelly he may have treated you, to suggest that you do not give up. Nor give in to anything less than certainty in matters of the heart.
      Yolanda: No one's ever said--said it like that. Thank you.
      Ichabod: It is I who should thank you, kind woman, for unlocking this vehicle from afar. And showing me how the entertainment system operates. Fair well, Yolanda.
      Yolanda: Thank you for calling Northstar Assistance.

    • Jenny: You remember when I told you one day this town would go straight to hell? I hate being right.

    • Wendel: Go to hell.
      Gunther: No need for that, Mr. Clark. In due time, hell will come to us.

    • Ichabod: How fortuitous. An officer of the law with a criminal past. Imagine the delinquency we could perpetuate if we really put our minds to it.

    • Jenny: Wait, wait a minute. Is he kidding?
      Abbie: Five-second recap. Revolutionary soldier. His wife put a spell on him, he wakes up two centuries later. Now he's here. How's that for believing?

    • Gunther: You continue to misunderstand. These hours are the final movements of a symphony written centuries ago, and all the while we've been hiding here in Sleepy Hollow. Living ordinary quiet lives as we pass your manicured lawns, smile amicable smiles. We're your neighbors. Perhaps even your friends. Yet underneath the skin, unhindered by conscience, compassion, remorse.
      Ichabod: How many of you are there?
      Gunther: Even I don't know. And that's the whole point. But I assure you, we are everywhere. Growing stronger, preparing for the inevitable. Knowing our cause is just.

    • Ichabod: So you're... a freedom fighter, then?
      Jenny: I kind of learned long ago that if you don't fight for the things you stand for, you don't really stand for them.

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