Slice of Life

Noggin (ended 2004)


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Slice of Life

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Slice of Life is a comedy series from Nick Jr. (formally Noggin) about the daily antics of a young boy working in his father's pizza parlor. The season starts with Mike (Gary Stein) and his father (Jeff Stephenson) opening up the Slice of Life pizza restaurant for the teenager's first day on the job. Mike meets the parlor's best driver, Bobby (Andrew Schafer), and the two become friends. Throughout the series, dad expresses his desire for Mike to take over the business, an idea that his son hates. Mike thinks that everyone who works at Slice of Life is beneath him, and it always takes a quick-thinking Bobby to remind the teenager that his father is the owner. As the season progresses, Mike and Bobby become close friends, both learning the facts-of-life while making pizzas and folding boxes. The idea of one day becoming the owner of the restaurant becomes appealing to Mike after he meets Tara (Fiona Larson), the daughter of a new shop owner next to the restaurant.