The History Channel Premiered Jan 01, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Seems the other reviewer is humorless, giving it a 1 is a joke.

    Its ridiculous concept, but if you've ever wondered what something looks like or works, its a good thing to see. The guys so serious its funny radio voice only makes it more funny to watch. Plus, seeing stuff get sliced and diced with various tools is always kewl.

    Destroying a few items in the name of informing viewers is nothing, does that guy think movie and tv sets are built for permanence, its all trashed in the end. That other reviewer giving it a 1 rating is ridiculous, so i bumped my score up one to compensate. Its only fair. Its a decent enough show that throws in some entertainment with its information. It does answer those back of the mind questions, like how a pool table always spits that white cue ball out a separate hole without any electronics or anything. Or how old coin slots work, this is just stuff you normally wouldn't get to see torn into, and its done with a bit of humor which makes it fun to watch.