Season 2 Episode 13

As Time Goes By

Aired Unknown Jul 12, 1996 on FOX

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  • Excellent episode of a show that was right in the centre of its peak at this stage. Truly disappointing they made a season 5.

    This Episode is a true favourite of mine in any show. This show is certainly not a favourite of mine but this episode will last in my memories for a long time. The sliders slide onto a different world each time in this episode, and each time Quinn meets a old friend of his, Daelin. Daelin is a beautiful girl Quinn knew back in his real world, but she moved away during their high school years and he hadnt seen her since. Jumping at this opportunity to see her again he talks to her and realises that on this world, it was he who moved away and broke their relationship.

    This episode has a very good feel to it, similar to the film "the butterfly effect". Quinn has to try and help Daelin in the three worlds. The first one she was getting treated badly and her boyfriend was being hunted by immigration and Quinn helped them reunite.

    The second world they slid into he found Daelin crying, with a sub-par life with an abusive boyfriend and a son who she practically had to raise by herself. Quinn decided to teach her boyfriend a lesson and then tracked down the Quinn of that world and reunited him and Daelin.

    In the third world they go to, i wont spoil what its about. The basic outline though is that Daelin is a police officer and the sliders had to stop her from being shot dead. Quinn saves her yet and this time risked himself to do so.

    I really loved this episode due to that fact that Quinn was able to get more chances at what could have been. An amazing episode.