Season 2 Episode 13

As Time Goes By

Aired Unknown Jul 12, 1996 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • NITPICK: When the guys go to court in Time's Arrow World the judge is called as "Judge Ramon Estevez", yet the name plate says "Hon. J. Estevez".

    • Nitpick: When the group leaves Mexico World, they land in an area with mud on the ground, but none of them are muddy.

    • Goof: When Dennis is talking about getting a greencard, an officer de-holsters his gun, and the blue light from the vortex shining can be seen. However, Quinn hasn't activated the timer yet.

  • Quotes

    • (after safely landing at a normal - temporarily - new world)
      Rembrandt: There's a phone over there, Q-ball, in case you wanna call her...
      (The others watch Quinn expectantly, but he just rolls his eyes upward and sighs, giving up on being with his old friend.)

    • Rembrandt: Well, we could look at it this way - I mean... I mean, maybe it's all for the best. (earth begins shaking) Then again - maybe not.

    • Arturo: Have you looked at the heavens?
      Wade: Oh my god... there's a hole in the sky.

    • Rembrandt: Hey, what's going on?
      Arturo: You've changed the future; you ripped a hole in the fabric of time. God knows what the consequences would be.
      Wade: What could it mean?
      Arturo: In laymen's terms, I fear Tomorrow may no longer exist.

    • Rembrandt: I mean, besides - the way your karma was headed, if you two ever did get together, you'd probably have a child that would destroy the world!
      Arturo: There's no need to invoke a destructive child - Mister Mallory has done it all by himself.

    • Arturo: Mr. Mallory, are you familiar with the story of "The Appointment At Samarra?"
      Quinn: No, guess not.
      Arturo: A certain rich merchant was walking in the marketplace in Baghdad. As he looked across the street, he suddenly saw the figure of Death beckoning to him. The terrified man rushed home, mounted his fastest horse and rode a hundred miles to Samarra. That night, there was a knock on the door of his bedroom. He opened it... and there stood Death. "Why did you beckon me at the marketplace in Baghdad today?" asked the man. "I was not beckoning you," said Death. "I was merely surprised to see you in Baghdad, since I knew that tonight we had an appointment in Samarra."

    • Rembrandt: Why couldn't you have invented sliding in Miami or something? I mean, that way you'd all be warm. I wouldn't even be here.

    • Man: Why you disrespecting me, bro? We're all in this together.
      Arturo: I am not your sibling, sir, for which I thank God and good breeding.

  • Notes

    • This episode was not intended to be the season finale; however, FOX aired the episodes out of order.

  • Allusions

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