Season 3 Episode 23


Aired Unknown May 02, 1997 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • As Quinn says, this isn't the first time they have encountered dinosaurs. The first time was in the episode "In Dino Veritas".

    • Goof: When Rickman injects himself with the villager's brain tissue, Rickman's face morphs into the villager's face, along with the villager's hat. The hat isn't part of the villager's DNA, so it shouldn't have appeared in the morph.

  • Quotes

    • Wade: Excuse me, people are dead here! Doesn't that mean anything? Look, it happened, it's real. You're acting like it doesn't even matter! All that's important is [Maggie's] revenge.

    • Maggie: We just saw dinosaurs and you're rattling on as if nothing happened.
      Quinn: Been there, done that and we got the T-shirt. You should've been with us the first time we ran into dinos.
      Rembrandt: There's not a lot you don't see if you Slide long enough.

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