Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Unknown Jan 21, 2000 on FOX

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  • Sliders Does Another Time Travel Episode

    The Sliders land on a parallel earth where archeologists are digging up the remains of modern day LA. It would seem that on this earth, civilization rapidly advanced hundreds of years ahead of our own, including sliding technology. Rembrandt's double (hundreds of years ago) was also a Slider, who a group of indigenous people view as a deity,

    This episode seeks to get around the Sliders rule against time travel. Just like an earlier episode where the parallel earth was behind our civilization, by a few decades. It was never my favorite story line element, because the science behind it, doesn't not easily translate to network .

    However, it is interesting to see Rembrandt treated like a deity. It was also fun to see his music, clothing and car treated like sacred relics. With the rest of the original cast gone, Rembrandt was the "last man standing", and that often made him the de facto leader of the group. Not an easy gig, when the show took several dark and depressing turns.

    "Dust" is an interesting episode for its time travel angle, and allowing Rembrandt to see a parallel earth where he was not just a famous musician, but widely seen as a deity. It suffers from many of the same problems as the other final season episodes (budgetary constraints and an unpolished script).