Season 5 Episode 10

Easy Slider

Aired Unknown Aug 20, 1999 on FOX

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  • horrible Mad Max wanna-be, Season 5 manages to get even worse

    I knew Season 5 was going to be bad, but since I'd loved Seasons 1-4, I was curious what they'd do. Would they wrap up the Kro-mag storyline? Separate out Quinn & find Colin? Hey maybe they'd remember Wade.

    It was one thing to lose the main actors, but they've apparently lost writers. The dialogue has been painfully stupid the last couple of episodes. And after some great shows in the last season (California Reich's commentary on anti-immigrant racism and the sadly prescient Trump-like figure who was turing 'migrants' into servants), now we're down to some kind of libertairan right-winger episodes, there's the Bill Clinton scandal bore-fest, then there's the episode where caffeine is banned (blamed on a real democrat), now we're on to petrol being banned... at this point I just want to get to the end to say I watched them, but I've lost any hope that I could enjoy any of this last season as it seems to be spiraling downwards

  • Did the writer enjoy 'Get Smart'?

    This is my fourth foray into season 5 and... well, the other three stories I sat through were far, far better than this scribbled-out wasted potential.

    "Get Smart" once had an episode called "The Mild Ones" that featured jousting on motorbikes as well. Maybe it was inspiration for this Sliders 'story'... the story worked better as a parody, especially as the emphasis on restricted motor equipment is given parody dialogue yet acted out in a way to be taken seriously... as a result, it's one of the most laughable "stories" that Sliders has ever put out...

    Given motorcycles are rather more gas-efficient than v8 trucks and giant tankers, this episode may have been interesting if they banned SUVs instead. Especially if the issue is dwindling resources, the forced focus on "revolutionaries" is simply ridiculous.

    And the 40MPH sign - we all know lower speeds improve on gas usage... pity more of this aspect wasn't discussed, in favor of some dumb motorbike antics and Mallory wanting to spread cooties with the girl o' the week.

    It's cool when a show discusses real life issues in a parallel context, but this episode eschews all that in favor of Mallory's humpfest. And is it our Quinn's memories being active or is it Mallory's, since we all recall the season opener when both Quinns are merged... in a later scene, it's clearly Mallory speaking about staying back because there's nothing there of our Quinn getting in the way... (there was a story arc that seemed to get ignored... :( )

    What a crock.

    Especially as I liked how the new Quinn was set up, ditto for Diana as well. I like the new grouping, their desire to stick together and look out for each other, etc... but as my random season 5 marathon continues, I hope there aren't any episodes that are deemed worse than this tripe.
  • Worst.Slide.Ever.


    This was easily the worst episode of Sliders ever made.

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the challenge of continuing a series where 2 of 4 main actors are gone; the producers have done a great job of incorporating the new actors.

    Their characters are very likeable and this new season 5 group is still a great group of Sliders.

    But nomatter how good the characters have been developped, a bad script is a bad script.

    Easy Slider was slow moving and the guest characters had no redeeming value. The main biker girl went from margnially fun (well, for Mallory anyway), to boring, to gross, to just plain revolting.

    Mallory wanting to miss the slide for her?

    Yah, that's gross too.

    It was so bad, that I can't even remember what those gross bikers were even fighting for.

    ...and I even watched it yesterday.

    Season 1's "Summer of Love" was 1 of the boringest and terRIBlest episodes of Sliders ever made.

    This episode has the shameful distinction of being even worse.