Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Apr 26, 1995 on FOX
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The sliders arrive on a world where brains are admired over brawn, and Quinn and Arturo are treated as celebrities. Quinn discovers that his counterpart is a popular college athlete and must take part in a championship game, while Arturo's counterpart is married to Arturo's late wife. Arturo's joy at learning this is marred when he discovers that his counterpart is about to undergo divorce proceedings.moreless

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  • interesting sport idea

    I liked the idea of the sport they had on that world, combining physical and psychological stamina and intelligence. Also the sentimental "side story" around Arturo was nice.

    Although still the characters behaved weird (for being intelligent) and it wasn't executed well enough.
  • The sliders arrive on a world where Academic excellence is seen in the same light as sporting excellence and Quinn is a star of the top "sport" Mindgame.

    The sliders arrive in a world where academic achievement is applauded and the smartest people are treated with the same adulation that sports and movie star are treated with.

    Quinn and Arturo are mobbed immediately by their fans who are eager to welcome home the sliders.

    Believing that their best hope of returning home is to take on the identities of their doubles and locate the sliding machine Quinn and Arturo slip with ease into their doubles lives.

    But things are not as easy as they first appear. Arturo finds that he is being sued for divorce by the woman who was his late wife back in their own world. And Quinn discovers that he is the star of the UCAL team for Mindgame and now he is back he is expected to lead the team to playing a game he has never even heard of before.

    The first half of this episode was thoroughly enjoyable and I enjoyed seeing the reversal of values and how it was handled. However this episode took a disappointing turn for me when the gambling debts storyline was introduced.

    Instead of having Quinn's alternate vanish due to pressures of academic fame or for some other academic related reason the writers instead chose to turn the plot into a simple gangster one. I felt that this was a bit of a let down and it felt out of place in the episode.

    The whole morality issues could have been handled just as easily with the Arturo storyline alone.

    Another good idea generally and a fine episode on the whole, just disappointing in that one respect.moreless
  • Finally, a fresh episode with a completely fresh plot!

    This is where the show hits its stride in the first season - where the writers start thinking about the possibilities of alternate worlds. Wade and Rembrandt get a chance to bond; something that should have happened more often - as they had nice interplay and it is the interaction of the characters that made the show.

    There are two real standouts here, the first being Mindgames, the fictional melding of Jeopardy, basketball and Reversi. While there are lots of continuity errors in the play of the game, the scenes are such fun and have such a high energy that it just brings the show up anytime the game is being played.

    This episode also breaks from the standard basic premise of either to kill time for the next slide or to repair the timer. Instead, they believe their counterparts have a better sliding system than the one they're using, and they're searching to find it to get back home.

    In the meantime, it provides back story for Arturo where we learn of his deceased wife back on their earth. Rhys-Davies gets a rare chance to show his acting chops with the scenes of the divorce happening on this earth which makes for the second standout aspect to this episode.

    In spite of the cliched Mob aspect to the second half of the show - it is just a fun episode, with some great balance of serious scenes. One of the best of the series.moreless
  • The episodes has its goofs, but the character developmenet we see with Kristina is worth all that and more {and yeah, the concept of this episode's world is cool too}.

    I doubt many will agree with my review, but Arturo is my favourit character; i identify with him, and when facing a critical dilema, whether moral or practical, i sometimes think "What would M.P. Arturo do?"

    And i hardly ever cry at movies - it happened only a couple times in my life. But when Arturo records the tape for his double in this world - that made me break a tear. The episodes has its goofs, but the character developmenet we see with Kristina is worth all that and more {and yeah, the concept of this episode's world is cool too, not to speak of the library rap}. Moreover, it hits rather close to home.

    "Do not let that happen, my dear Alter Ego. After all, you are far too inteligent for that..."moreless
Cleavant Derricks

Cleavant Derricks

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Jerry O'Connell

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Sabrina Lloyd

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John Rhys-Davies

Professor Maximillian P. Arturo

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