Season 5 Episode 17

Eye of the Storm

Aired Unknown Jan 28, 2000 on FOX

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  • Mad Scientist Is Still Mad About Something

    "Eye of the Storm" has the Sliders confronting Dr. Geiger for the final time. The mad scientist has been using people as guinea pigs in an attempt to place himself in the body of Mallory. Naturally, the mad man tricks the Sliders into believing that he is trying to save the people trapped on this dying planet, and can even separate Q-ball from Mallory.

    I never really saw Dr. Geiger as a serious villain. He make too few appearances in this season, and I feel that the writers were unable to sort out just how mad the mad scientist was really suppose to be.

    The episode itself has the Sliders foolishly believing that the mad scientist may have turned over a new leaf, while trying to figure out a way to get a group of people off the dying world, and back to where they belong.

    Again, the budget was cut for the final season, and the writers were not given the time (or lacked the talent) to produce good scripts. The result was that the final season of Sliders ended up disappointed fans (although the show itself did well enough in the ratings) and felt like a filler season that never quite got off the ground.

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