Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Mar 29, 1995 on FOX

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  • Imagine a world where antibiotics are nonexistent and the healthcare system is worse than on our world.

    After leaving a world where people in California gets rich from lots of oil, the Sliders land in a world where Quinn's double is Patient Zero for a terrible disease called the "Q." The healthcare things they show in this episode, the germ scanner in the restaurant, the thing for sale on TV, make this world a little appealing for people with OCD, which there are probably a lot of on this world. Quinn is mistaken for his double and taken by the California Health Commission. The doctors are surprised when he is not infected. After Wade gets sick and runs out of the hotel into an alley, her, Rembrandt and Arturo find double Quinn's hideaway and explain their situation to him. He explains how he was infected with the Q and released with assurance he was okay. The rich people in this world get good health treatment and the sick die. With the help of one of the doctors, Quinn escapes and goes to his double's hideout. Arturo works hard to create penicillin to cure the disease. Double Quinn explains that they never thought of looking for cures in molds because they are dirty. This is a great episode for people interested in medicine. Quinn tells Wade afterwards that sliding made a difference.