Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Mar 29, 1995 on FOX

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  • The sliders arrive on a world where penicillin was never invented and Quinn is patient zero for a plague.

    After leaving a world where oil is making millionaires of many of the people, including Quinn, the sliders arrive on a world ravaged by a plague.

    Saved by a stranger when she steps in front of a car Wade kisses him in thanks and is shocked by his reaction to her affection. Asking her how she could do that when he was only trying to help, he runs off before she can ask what the problem is.

    All too soon she knows that the problem is that the man was suffering from The Q, a disease with no cure and one which she is now suffering from, and one which they later discover is terminal.

    Quinn and Arturo go to a pharmacy to get her some medicine but find that not only does penicillin not exist but that Quinn has been recognised as patient zero and someone has called the authorities. Unable to stop them Quinn is taken prisoner, leaving the Professor, who is also starting to feel the effects of The Q to return to the others.

    Wade quickly goes into a downward spiral as the fever rises and she begins to hallucinate. Fleeing the hotel the others give chase until they are taken in by other suffers of the disease who live in hiding with that world's Quinn who is searching for a cure.

    They discover from this Quinn that he is not a failing medical student who maliciously infected the population, but rather a victim himself.

    Working with him Arturo sets about showing him how to make penicillin in the hope that it will be a cure for the disease.

    The doctors who have taken Quinn prisoner however are puzzled to find that he has no trace of the disease in his body. With the help of Doctor Stanley he escapes from the lab just in time for Rembrant to come to his rescue and return to the others.

    This is an excellent episode in some ways and I loved the way the sliders handled the decision about whether to risk taking the plague to a new world if they could not find a cure. The idea of a world without the modern medical cures was handled very well.

    But I just can't understand the motivation for someone to deliberately set loose a plague on the world as happened in this case. A world without modern medicine would be problematic enough and unique enough for a storyline, but the lack of motivation/explanation really puzzled me.

    I also felt that this episode dragged a little at first and took a while to pick up the pace.

    However the ending was particularly good when Quinn talked about how their sliding has made a difference to the world they had been to.
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