Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Mar 29, 1995 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Some of Arturo's favorite foods includes Asparagus and Beef Wellington.

    • Trivia: Pavel's cab license plate number is 3D866U4 and the cab number is 43. In the pilot, his license plate number is 3M9L8C2 and the cab number is 37.

    • Goof: When Quinn is standing over Wade's sickbay, he is holding her hands. However, whenever the shot cuts away from Wade, his arms are hanging straight down.

    • Nitpick: Dr. Stanley is shot, but there is no blood seen on her way down the stairs.

  • Quotes

    • Wade: You saved my life! Thank you! (kisses the man who saved her)
      Infected Man: How could you do a thing like that? I was trying to help you! (runs off)

    • Rembrandt: (Arturo searches through the garbage for mold) Oh, man. Look I know you're hungry, but where's your dignity?
      Arturo: We have no time for dignity.
      Rembrandt: Look, I know the food on this world is bad but come on. Get this man something to eat!

    • Arturo: (After getting kissed by a beautiful lady) Oh, I like this world.

    • Rembrandt: Oh, great. We get twenty minutes in Wealthyland, we stuck two days here in Psychoville.

    • Rembrandt: (About to leave the Oil-Boom world) How much time we got?
      Arturo: About a minute.
      Rembrandt: Oh, that sucks. That just sucks!
      Quinn: Easy come ... (finishes his champagne) easy go.

    • Alternate Quinn: (looking at Quinn) It's me... but I'm... healthy.

    • Arturo: We must first create a growth culture. The antibacterial substance is released into the fluid that the mold grows in.
      Alternate Quinn: Antibacterial agents from molds. We never tried that. Molds are considered dirty, sources of potential infection, not cures.
      Arturo: Yes. Well, they can be quite miraculous. And it'll take a miracle for them to do it for me. How is Wade?
      Alternate Quinn: She doesn't have much time. I've never seen a "Q" progress so rapidly.
      : That is because we are from different Earths. Different immunities.

    • Arturo: Mr. Mallory, I have seen slaughterhouses that look more hygienic. That man over there, what qualification does he have as a medical practitioner? What can he do for her?
      Alternate Quinn
      : He can only help alleviate her suffering. He's taking a huge chance just being here. He could be jailed if the Board of Health found out. On this world, his kind of dedication is very rare.
      Arturo: "On this world." Well, frankly ... your acceptance of our situation surprises us. We're accustomed to a little more skepticism.
      Alternate Quinn: I don't have time to be skeptical. If you're lying you'll wear that around your neck when judgment comes. So until I learn otherwise I'll accept who you say you are.

    • Quinn: Wait a minute. I tore up my knee playing football. Did your Quinn do that?
      Eileen: You know you did.
      Quinn: Great. Bad knees follow me everywhere.

    • Arturo: This plague, why is it resistant to antibiotics?
      Alternate Quinn: Antibiotics?
      Arturo: Penicillin.
      Alternate Quinn: What's that?

    • Rembrandt: You really do love driving cabs, don't you?
      Pavel: Ah, yes. It's my destiny.
      Rembrandt: (laughs) You don't know the half.

    • Quinn: We really made an impact now. We brought the people on the last world a cure. No matter what happens from here on in, Sliding made a difference.

    • Quinn: You're okay.
      Arturo: Rather confirms one's opinions that biology is what you do if you haven't got the maths for real science.

    • Rembrandt: Lord, Lord. You can take a man's body and beat it, you can take his soul and fry it, but to do this to a hamburger, it's just downright unkind!

    • Rembrandt: (hiding on a world with cannibals) Who do you suppose they wanna eat first?
      Arturo: I suppose the young are more tender.
      Quinn: Age before beauty. It's a universal tenet.
      Rembrandt: (to Arturo) Don't look at me. I'm just a Chicken McNugget. You the Quarter Pounder!

    • Quinn: Wanna know what I've been doing that could have cured me? Fine. I'll tell you. I've been sliding through an interdimensional wormhole seeing how many different ways people like you can screw up civilization!!!

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