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    Slider814 wrote:

    Any chances of having Logan show up in an episode or two?

    Yeah, I think that could work.

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    i'm in total agreement for the new sliders with one condition we would have to get Quinn or Jerry in the ep to serve as somesort of transition. he could be an old man that hands off the timer after 43 years or be serve in an arturo role for a college student.he wouldn't even need to slide just be there as a nod to the old seris and fans. actually he shouldn't slide just be there as a nod/transition.

    If they decide to reboot i would propose that we get a new team. maybe make it a teen thing with high school age students. possibly make the leader of said new team a girl espically if we do the teen thing. we alsowould need to have the stories for the parrel earths be similar to seasons one and twoto gain viewership then maybe if the writing holds introduce the cromags or another logan character or betterstill how about evilhuman sliders.and finally update the timer to design that fits in with the 2000's rather than 80's cellphone. i would use the eyptian timer design for the new seris but with a touch screen perhaps.

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    I would not want to see a spin-off of the original series. There are so many continuity issues that I would not want to have to deal with it. It's also 100% unlikely and I feel completely confident speaking in that sort of absolute. It's been too many years, the actors have moved on, and there is far, far too many legal hoops to jump through to actually clear a project like that. I say reboot, and not a reboot that uses the premise and the title "Sliders" to gain its self credibility. I would like a proper reboot which recasts the original four Sliders, jump starting the continuity from the beginning. The continuity mess of the original series would be erased, and the story could be done be right. A proper story arc regarding the duplicate Professor. More development/appearances for Bennish. A romance between Quinn/Wade, or a love triangle between Quinn/Wade/Emi. Limited Kromag appearances, keeping it exclusive for big events surrounding season openers/closers. More plots/appearances of Logan St. Claire, or other sliding Quinns, or teams of sliders. The list could go on and on.

    Other than a properly played out, recast reboot, the only other thing that I would like to see is a directcontinuation of the original series (perhaps in feature film format) featuring a reassembled original cast. Picking up at a point in which all four of them have been reunited for the first time in years, only to discover that none of them have ever made it home of course.

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