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Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Jun 28, 1996 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The sliders land in the middle of a strange invasion and Quinn uses the timer to bring down one of the ships. Before barely escaping, the group learn these new villains are also sliders, and can move through the gateways at will.

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  • The Sliders find out that they aren't the only ones sliding. So are an evil race of evolved (and telepathic) primates. And so are this show's ratings.

    This episode really was a turning point of the show. Because the internet was not what it is today, when it originally airred I was not aware of just how controversial this episode was. But now, 9 years later, watching the show again on DVD, it is really apparent. From reading about it on various sites, the cast was not keen on the idea of an "enemy" and on the DVD feature, neither were the creators.

    If you look at the episode separate of what effect it had on the rest of the series, it was relatively well done. And the premise is not a bad one: another civilization has discovered sliding and is going from world to world, conquering that Earth and enslaving (or in some cases, eating) its people.

    There were just so many parts that made you wince in pain because it could have been pulled off so much better -- I can really see where everyone, from writers, directors, producers and actors didn't have their hearts in it (which is ironic because the episode was nominated for an Emmy... for audio). The show was going great without a enemy. But FOX wanted it, and (apparently) like so many other decisions, the producers caved.

    And so we get the Kromaggs.

    And how hokey do they look?

    I think the only thing worse was Arturo trying to describe the theory of the super-primate that must have evolved and killed off the humans on its own world. It made you go, "what?!?" and then it was true.

    If you think about the Kromaggs without thinking of them as the Kromaggs, suddenly this plot line becomes a little more interesting. If the evil conquering sliders were actually human, it would have made it so much more believable. Plus, the Sliders would never know who was a "Kromagg." (The revisited Battlestar Gallactica of 2004- features Cylons that look like humans. It gives this show so much more intrigue, as anyone could be an evil, human-killing machine). The show would have saved money on production costs, too, I can only assume. The eating of eyeballs could also have been removed (this had to have been added as a joke? Although it did lead to the cameo by Comrade Bennish which was a nice treat, even if I'm convinced that it was not his voice as the random prisoner earlier).

    The telepathic nature of the Kromaggs is sort of silly, and cliche, but I did like how they interrogated the Sliders (expect for Wade... spinning her in a chair with changing disco lights?). At the end of the episode, we see the Kromaggs speaking English now, though? What's up with that? I also liked the fact that the Kromaggs numbered the Earths they visited. Very Borg-like. Also makes you have to believe that they have been to/conquered at least 113 Earths (how many slaves/dishes of eyeball ala mode can one race need?).

    I actually thought that the first scene on the New Paris Earth was one of the strongest of the season. The four of them sitting around the table trying to decide what to do, as well as the interaction with the waiter is what this show is all about. Then it is all ruined (and predictably so) as Arturo pulls out the tracking device (seriously, why did he a) activate it on the ship in the first place and b) after knowing it was a tracking device, bring it with him! They said that Davies was so pissed about the plotline that he didn't have his heart in the episode, I guess Arturo didn't have his head). Yay, Kromaggs arrive and their phoney ape/squid hands take the device and the timer.

    All in all, this episode had some moments. And it turned the show on its head. I didn't get to watch the show much after this when it was first airred -- in part because it really went downhill (especially once the principals started jumping ship), and in part because it switched to cable -- but I am actually looking forward to re-living the downhill 'slide' as it continues to come out on DVD. I am a little worried that they will not even bother with seasons 4 and 5 though. We'll see!moreless
Cleavant Derricks

Cleavant Derricks

Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown

Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell

Quinn Mallory

Sabrina Lloyd

Sabrina Lloyd

Wade Wells

John Rhys-Davies

John Rhys-Davies

Professor Maximillian P. Arturo

Una Damon

Una Damon


Guest Star

Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis

Mr. Clarke

Guest Star

Lee Weaver

Lee Weaver

Hilton Brown

Guest Star

Jason Gaffney

Jason Gaffney

Prisoner (Connrad Bennish Jr.)

Recurring Role

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    • Rembrandt: Oh, great. We were listening to some fruitcake tell us what's what?
      Arturo: "Fruitcake"? Now, that's hardly politically correct, is it, Mr. Brown?

    • Wade: Next time I try and do a good deed - kick me.
      Rembrandt: You can count on it!

    • Rembrandt: Rembrandt Brown Sliding Pads - A must for the serious slider.

    • Rembrandt: Geez, if these things are sliders, we need to find home before they do. Our Earth needs to be warned.
      Wade: Every Earth needs to be warned. Starting with this one.
      Arturo: Hold on a minute, Paul Revere. I do happen to agree with you, by the way, but here's the problem: How do we do it? We can't just go up to every gendarme and say "Excuse me. Very shortly, an army of killer apes will be descending in your vichyssoise."

    • Quinn: I'm impressed, Professor. No matter what how much that guy taunts you, you just turn the other cheek.
      Arturo: Patience, Mr. Mallory. Just wait till he sees his tip.

    • Wade: They're scientists. Common sense just gets in their way.

    • Wade: They remind me of some kind of hideous ape.
      Arturo: What's so disturbing about their faces is not so much the ape in it, but the man.

    • Wade: Cheer up, Professor. It was only a watch.
      Arturo: Only a watch?! That timepiece was probably worth more than the gross national product of Paraguay. Nasty French planet filled with shifty, back-stabbing, croissant-sniffing nitwits.
      Rembrandt: Come on, Professor. You're killing us.
      Wade: Yeah. Maybe you should've saved some of those insults for the waiter.
      Arturo: What? That frog eating mendicant? I wouldn't waste good material on him.

    • Arturo: All right, I changed my mind. After Kromagg prison world, New France is bearable.

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