Season 1 Episode 4

Last Days

Aired Unknown Apr 05, 1995 on FOX
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The sliders are confronted by their mortality when they arrive on a world that will be destroyed by an asteroid several hours before they are due to slide. The group parts company, but rather than giving up hope, Arturo decides to work on a radical solution with Conrad Bennish.moreless

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  • Summary: While not the best of the first season, any first season episode is better than most of the third and any of the last two.


    Last Days Review:

    The series opens with a technique that comes and goes in the series - with some off beat humor among the sliders. But it quickly turns serious then they discover their world is coming to end in two days by the impending impact of a huge asteroid, but their next opportunity to slide doesn't come for three days.

    For a series that should depend on interaction between the characters, this one spends a fair amount of time separating them. Rembrandt spends the episode wondering around trying to find himself. (Of note is the scene where he is partying with the woman in red - she will later turn out to be the woman that uses him as a piece of meat in the episode "The Weaker Sex." She appears again serving the homeless in the church before Rembrandt departs to rejoin the sliders.)

    Arturo spends the episode with his hippie genius student Bennish (from the pilot) making an atom bomb. Quinn spends the first half of the episode self-absorbed in trying to make his gateway device work and the second half making out with Wade. In fact, they really carry this too far - putting Wade and Quinn in the ill-advised (for a continuing series of this type) situation of creating strong lust for one another.

    But once again there are some problems: for an episode with such a downer of a premise - the main characters are far too upbeat moments before the hopeful collision of the a-bomb and the asteroid. The producers set up a scenario for Bennish of this world to control the world with newfound power of nuclear armament - but then never use it again.

    Interesting to note was the widescreen TV used in the press conference where Bennish and Arturo meet once again. Widescreen had only begun to be manufactured 18 months before and there were no broadcasts until later in the year this episode first aired. It lent a nice futuristic touch to the scene.

    One of the weaker episodes of the first season - but considering the first two seasons are the best, with the third becomes a different show altogether - the "weakness" comment needs to be taken in context.moreless
  • The sliders arrive on a world which is about to be destroyed by an asteroid that will hit before their next slide window.

    The sliders arrive on what they initially call "Inflation World" when they see the prices of everything are so high. But as bad as that seems it is not as bad as the reality in that they are on a world that is about to be destroyed by an asteroid.

    Splitting up Wade and Quinn go to try and find their families, Rembrant searches for some form of community and Arturo goes to the scientific community to see if he can offer assistance.

    Hopes are raised for Quinn and Wade when they discover not their families, but Quinn's basement, complete with his equipment for the sliding machine...if only he can get it to work.

    Working hard he tries but fails to get the machine working so they can all escape before the asteroid hits.

    Arturo has his own plans to survive and teams up with Bennish (one of Quinn's fellow students on their Earth) in an effort to complete Einstein's atom bomb, which he had rigged to fail in this alternate reality.

    Rembrant meanwhile finds new friends and a form of peace as firstly parties and then helps others deal with the last days.

    This episode is a good one, though limited by the small screen media. If you want to see big screen effects of asteroids there are plenty of films out there which show them. This show is obviously limited as to what it can do with the budget.

    The thing I found most interesting about this episode was never actually resolved though. After saving the world from the asteroid they leave the world in, perhaps, an even more precarious position with Bennish having the atom bomb at his disposal.

    I do find it difficult to believe that the government and authorities would not have requisitioned all of the plans immediately they realised the bomb was a possibility. And how Arturo convinced them of the idea after Bennish had been laughed out of the room is something I would love to have seen.

    I am also at a complete loss to wonder why they simply don't discuss the idea of sliding out before the timer hits zero if the bomb should fail. They have already done it once after all, they know what happens, surely being back at square one and completely lost again is better than being dead! Even if there are other risks and they may end up dead anyway, I would say that a risk of dying versus definitely dying is something that would be worth taking. I cannot understand why the possibility was not even discussed.

    I did like to see Wade and Quinn finally getting closer, even if it did seem out of character for Quinn to have completely forgotten about his previous reservations about a relationship. But it was the end of the world so I will cut the writers a little slack for that point and say that people may act out of character in such a situation.

    A good episode and a good idea but with a few major flaws that are difficult to overlook.moreless
Cleavant Derricks

Cleavant Derricks

Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown

Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell

Quinn Mallory

Sabrina Lloyd

Sabrina Lloyd

Wade Wells

John Rhys-Davies

John Rhys-Davies

Professor Maximillian P. Arturo

Brian Arnold

Brian Arnold

Science Correspondent

Guest Star

Jacqueline Dandeneau

Jacqueline Dandeneau


Guest Star

Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson


Guest Star

Jason Gaffney

Jason Gaffney

Conrad Bennish Jr.

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: In the basement, Wade states that it is 2 AM and that Quinn has been working for eight hours straight. This would leave 16 hours until the impact. However, in the next scene in Bennish's lab, an announcement states there are 22 hours left.

    • Goof: In the electronics store, the San Francisco News broadcast refers to the coalition of scientists as the Union of Concerned Scientists. However, Arturo later mentions that he has a meeting with the Union of Distinguished Scientists.

    • Nitpick: Quinn throws the fire extinguisher on the floor, but it makes no noise.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Bennish: Unreal. We'll, uh, we'll share the patent, right?
      Arturo: Mr. Bennish, if we are successful, I'm sure there will be enough credit to go around. And if we are not, there will not be another major life form on this planet for about 100 million years.
      Bennish: I trust ya, dude.
      Arturo: You do, Mr. Bennish? Awesome! (high fives Bennish)

    • Bennish: I mean, who's going to say no to us anyway, man? We've got the atom bomb.

    • Wade: (referencing Bennish) The key to the world's survival?
      Arturo: Genius comes in all sorts of shapes and however galling that may be.

    • Bennish: Anyone want a liquorice?
      Wade: Sure.
      Bennish: (Bennish licks the liquorice) Treasure it.
      Wade: Never mind.

    • Arturo: Will you shut up that bloody noise?! The fate of the world is in my hands, and I feel like I've got guitars exploding in my head!
      Bennish: Oh, sorry. Why don't I put on something a little more mellow.
      Arturo: (Bennish plays similar rock music) Ahhh!

    • Arturo: Mr. Bennish, appalling as this thought may be, you and I are going to be spending a lot of time together.
      Bennish: No way, Chief. I've got a girlfriend.
      Arturo: Don't be an idiot!

    • Wade: I don't want to spend my last hours worrying about something that I have no control over.
      Quinn: (Quinn opens the wine bottle) You're amazing, I never realized it.
      Wade: There's a lot of things about me you never realized.
      Quinn: Oh yeah?
      Wade: Yeah.
      Quinn: What else?
      Wade: (they nearly kiss, but Wade hesitates) Do you... have any matches?
      Quinn: I'll go check.

    • Bennish: We're going to save the world... "Fat Boy"!
      Arturo: (to the others) "Fat Boy", in case you didn't know, is the name of the bomb, in case you had any other ideas.

    • Bennish: I've even got the prototype.
      Arturo: You've got the prototype of the - Here? In San Francisco?
      Bennish: Ready, willing, and able. Fat Boy.
      Arturo: I beg your pardon?
      Bennish: Fat Boy. The name of the bomb is "Fat Boy".
      Arturo: The name of the bomb was "Fat Man", you blistering idiot!

    • Arturo: Mr. Bennish, if we survive I promise you this, I will dedicate my life... to isolating the gene that makes you so obnoxious, and I will destroy it.

    • Arturo: Others take note: the first casualty of sliding... is dignity.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Rembrandt: Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch...

      "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)" is a 1965 hit song recorded by The Four Tops under the Motown label. It was later re-recorded by the American singer, La Toya Jackson in 1995.

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