Season 4 Episode 13

Lipschitz Live!

Aired Unknown Nov 30, 1998 on FOX
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The vortex splits the sliders up and they only have two hours before the slide. Quinn tries to contact the others by appearing on the world's most popular show, Lipschitz Live. Meanwhile, Colin is mistaken for his double and betrothed to a woman as part of a business deal.moreless

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  • The land of media mergers and infotainment

    "Lipschitz Live" is a surprising smart take on media mergers and the rise of 24/7infotainment content. That this is a fourth season episode is all the more impressive. This is an episode that shows off the best of the series, a best which fans had watched slowly die.

    Basically, one large company owns most of the . stations in the country, and the bulk of the available content involves infotainment programming. The title of the episode refers to the most popular show in the nation, which features the sort of people that would be frequent guests on Jerry Springer, or front page news in the National Enquirer.

    Quinn has the timer, and decides to become a guest on Lipschitz Live! in order to tell the rest of the Slider gang where to go. While on the show, he is confronted by a crackpot time traveler, and a studio audience more interested in the women he slept with, rather than the science of Sliding.

    I don't think that the Kromaggs story line or Colonel Rickman story line were all bad, but they tended to aim for the lowest common denominator, and Sliders started out as being a bit smarter then other 1990s television series.

    ll bad, but

    , and the episode has a very cool ending where the Sliders slide live on national television.

  • The Sliders discover a world where there is only one television show and find themselves on primetime!

    Even though most of us watched in agony our favorite sci-fi show of the '90 crash and burn at the end of the 3rd season, I must say Lipchitz Live! made me remember what Sliders was all about.

    It was the sort of the "last hurrah" in my opinion why we thought the first three seasons were special.

    This episode has some fimiliarity with "Dead Man Sliding" as a knee-slapper. I laughed all the way through.

    Even Maggie, the-wanna-be-a-man woman from hell had lightened up some by her jarhead military standard. When caught on a window washer platform with Remmy at the beggining, she tells him, "You are suppose to be the man!" as they both hung from the scaffold. Another excellent entry into an alternate Earth it would seem.

    After witnessing the debaucle of stealing concepts and ideas from very visible shows at the end of the third season, Peckinpaw and cronies regained some respect from this writer by returning to the adventure of sliding. The slide out was classic. A sort of in-your-face to Quinn's doubters who heckled him on the show. Ya gotta love it!

    No Cromaggs, no freaking colonel Rickman swiping brain tissue to bore us. (God that guy was annoying and boring as crap) Hell why didn't they bring back Quinn's double if they were going to start a theme. At least she was doable.

    Anyhoo, you have go to see this episode for the sheer fun of it. I do not want to spoil it for you by revealing it all here.moreless
Charlie Brill

Charlie Brill

Barry Lipschitz

Guest Star

Israel Juarbe

Israel Juarbe

Gomez Calhoun

Guest Star

John Kassir

John Kassir

Arnold Potts

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Trivia: Arnold Potts' eyewear, which he claims protects his eyes during transdimensional travel, are a reusal of a prop from "Virtual Slide".

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Rembrandt Brown: This is Colin Mallory's identical twin! Kidnapped at birth! Raised by dolphins!
      Colin Mallory: (makes dolphin noises)

    • Chandler Hotel clerk: Ssh. Can't you see this is important? (gestures to tv) The girl's got a psychic dog.

    • Chandler Hotel clerk: (after seeing Quinn on tv) Hey! I know that guy! I was rude to him!

    • Officiant: What we have witnessed here today is the beginning of the end. The conflict is over. No longer will our efforts be hindered by destructive competition or ruinous price wars. We can now all push forward as one single corporation. Remember our motto, "Farmers grow stuff, but we feed the masses." The merger is complete. I now pronounce you one husband, one wife, one family, one corporation.

    • (Yelling at Quinn on national television show)
      Potts: The guy's a phony! You can't astral project in a sweater-vest!

    • (Quinn tries to convince the show producer to put him on air)
      Producer: I told you, I've got all the guests I need. Besides, your story, it doesn't have any sex appeal.
      Quinn: Sex appeal?
      Producer: Since cable died, there's no market for shows about scientific whiz kids who live in their parent's basement and have no life!
      Quinn: I've battled androids, I've met Elvis! I even met the female version of myself!
      Producer: Did you have sex with her?

    • Maggie: Colin, come on. We're your friends.
      Alt-Colin: Just how good of a friend of mine are you, toots? (Maggie slaps him)

    • Colin: You know, brother, it occurs to me that if we threw a large mattress through the wormhole ahead of us, it might not hurt so much when we land. Of course, we might miss the mattress.

    • (after landing on a platform forty stories up in the sky)
      Maggie: Somehow, this has to be Quinn's fault!

    • Hal: Yeah, see, that's the trouble with you kids today, you know that? You read too damn much. You don't watch enough television.

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