Season 1 Episode 10

Luck of the Draw

Aired Unknown May 17, 1995 on FOX
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The sliders arrive on a world where there's no pollution, crime, poverty or overpopulation, and get a rare chance to kick back and relax. Their luck seems to be running solid, because Wade wins the lottery shortly after their arrival. However, Quinn soon discovers the sinister purpose behind this lottery.moreless

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  • Zero Population Growth

    Basically Sliders does "Solent Green". As we see all of them have slid into a ideal paridise. It seems like almost like heaven, everything anyone could possibly want, minimum to zero pollution, staple economy where there is no risk of inflashion or even any class system of rich or poor, freedom to do whatever you desire without limits, also the abilty to get as much cash as you want, but most of all stable popluation control. But like with most dytopian socities there is a worm in this apple as we discover there is a dire price to be paid for this paridise, the lottery is actually a population control system where they mark random people for death and unforutnately Wade is one of the lucky winners.

    This episode is slightly chilling and gives you a rather cold and uncomfortable feeling inside, as we see that the world there in is Hell in the guise of Heaven. It really gets into issues of population control and our attitudes toward life and death. But most of all a lession in showing that nothing in life ever comes easy and why we must life life to the fullest, die right and never throw it away needlessly.

    Two of the best things about thsi episode are Wade and Remy. Remy we see at his most selfless and human as he tries to save the life of one of the Lotto winners. But it unfortuantely turns out to be a failed campagn as we see, the woman conform to her needless fate. Just hearing a lot of the thing the woman was saying as well as her mannerism is creepy and almost sad, she sort of reminds me of a cultist who whould just regard their lives as needless things and would throw it away to support a false ideal.

    Wade also stands out, we see that she has just about had it with Sliding and is litterally thinking about setting up permant residece. She feels doubt not just is there the dreaded possibility they may never get back home but also that she might not have a future back home, this new world could seems to be an opportunity to have everything she could possibly want. Quinn wants these things she is proposing like anyone else in life, but like him we know the truth that nothing comes easy. Sure the way that Quinn is proposing, which is working for these things is hard and takes a long time but it's the right way and always pay off because we know it's real. What Wade was going through was nothing more than a lie, a foundation built on lies can never stand.

    As well as a stunning cliffhanger where Quinn is shot.moreless
  • The sliders land on a world that seems like paradise and where Wade wins the lottery.

    With low prices, public cars, no overcrowding and a lottery machine that gives out cash to everyone who asks for it, the world the sliders arrive on for the series finale is a seeming paradise.

    Wade discusses staying on that good world, rather than risking getting stuck somewhere bad, but Quinn is not convinced that the place is as perfect as it appears.

    Then Wade wins the lottery and gets another reason to stay on this world, especially as she gets to know fellow lottery winner Ryan.

    Quinn however is not convinced and when he is handed a leaflet by a demonstrator outside of the lottery winners' ball he realises the truth.

    The lottery is population control, and the winners are given everything they want in return for giving up their lives to help the population remain low. And as a winner Wade will be one of the next to die.

    Romance is also in the air for Rembrant as he romances Julianne, another lottery winner, and one who he tries to convince to join him on the slide. He does not realise that interfering with the lottery is one of the worst crimes he could commit and that the punishment is a very painful death.

    It is for Quinn and Arturo to save the others and escape the world that has rapidly lost its glow of perfection.

    A very powerful season finale, casting an interesting light on the morals of population control and the Professor's unique view of this world and their own are certainly points for debate.

    With a typical series cliffhanger this finale certainly leaves the viewer wanting more.moreless
  • Great remake of a classic story.

    No one wrote any allusions or notes for this site and they wont let me yet since I am not a level 2 but this is a parallell of the classic short story thriller The Lottery by Shirley Jackson just with a sci fi twist. I had to read The Lottery in high school and college in on the late nineties there was a horrid tv movie made starring Keri Russel. Anyone know this short or have ever read it??? You don't know the lottery is bad untiil the end of the story would have been a great twilight zone episode! It's cool that at least one sci fi show recreates the classic story. The problem with the tv moive is they took a 10 page or so strpy and made an hour and a half movie adding way too much to much and turning it into a drama instead of the thriller Jackson intended it to be. Good job sliders for capturing Jackson's story the right way!moreless
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