Season 4 Episode 15

Net Worth

Aired Unknown Jan 11, 1999 on FOX

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  • these shows are still so relevant

    California Reich, where a hate-mongering xenophobe almost becomes president.

    LIpschitz Live as a commentary on talk shows and media in general as "opiate of the masses" and still relevant commentary on corporate mergers.

    Net Worth was pretty prescient about technological divides, the internet and growing social inequality.
  • Dial Up Future Shock

    Two young lovers have only met online, and live in a world that is bitterly divided by class. The wealthy people living in luxurious, hi-tech high rises. They spend almost every major moment of their lives hooked into the Internet.

    Everyone else is living in a more Mad Max-inspired world with much more poverty, much more violence and much less Internet access. The Sliders try and get this young couple to meet in reality, while battling a violent gang of scavengers and being awed and annoyed with the technology on this earth.

    "Net Worth" is a fun Sliders episode with a few smart things to say love, class and the potential dangers of the always being hooked up to the Internet.

    Although, this episode aired in 1998. Most Internet service providers were still dial-up, and no one really knew what social media was yet.