Season 4 Episode 6

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Aired Unknown Jul 06, 1998 on FOX

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  • Quinn locates his brother.

    The Sliders locate Quinn's brother on a parallel earth that seems to be governed by an Amish-like faith. Colin Mallory shares his brother's scientific interests, but grew up on a parallel earth where people dressed and lived simple, old fashion, God-fearing lives. Together the brothers hope to find their biological parents (and their true home world) .

    Well, the Sliders soon leave Amish world (for lack of a better term) and land on a parallel world much more similar to our own, with a few exceptions.

    First, these Americans generally don't pay in cash, but with special DNA, electronic ID cards, which everyone has to have installed in their body.

    Second, the elite are able to be cryogenically frozen until a cure for what killed them is discovered. A part of this option is to have their financial assets frozen, collecting interest, until the person is unfrozen and brought back to life. What does this mean for the Sliders?

    Basically, a shady lady tricks Colin into stealing a frozen man (people with out ID chips installed can get passed the security), with the hope of illegally accessing his wealth (by submitting a sample of his thawed out DNA to whoever holds the frozen people's assets).

    Colin is not quite as naive as people think that he is, and eventually the Sliders manage to catch the con artists and safety slide.

    The addition of Colin Mallory to the cast, adds some humor to the series, as Colin grew up on a parochial world without modern technology, sexy fashion, hip slang or men who dress up as women. The "fish out of water" humor is used throughout the season.

    I suspect that someone felt that Sliders was getting too dark and depressing, because dialogue and plot elements in this season often take a stab at comedy, even breaking the fourth wall.
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