Season 4 Episode 2

Prophets And Loss

Aired Unknown Jun 08, 1998 on FOX
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Quinn, Rembrandt and Maggie land on a world where the United States is run by the Oracle, a blend of fundamental beliefs and right-wing conservatism. Followers trade their wealth and possessions in return for passage to a nirvana world, but the sliders discover the Oracle's portal is a deadly sham.moreless

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  • What If The 700 Club Ruled America?

    America is ruled by a "700 Club"-type cult, trying to stamp out an underground group of free thinkers.

    The cult has eliminated the Bill of Rights, most science and outlawed anything that the cult views as immoral . abortion, popular culture, unhealthy food and sex outside of a traditional marriage).

    The Sliders have to help the underground rationalists, in order to get back their timer, and the 700 Club-type cult ends up having to share power with the rationalists.

    I think that the episode's satire of the "religious right" could have been developed much better.

    It is never made clear how or when this cult became the dominant religious-political system in the land.

    Most of the human rights violations are referred to, but almost as an after thought, with the vague notion that (somehow) the cult is charge and is a right-wing theocracy, but also (for some reason) tolerates a weak opposition party.

    The ruling cult would probably be opposed to LGBT rights, but the episode didnt want to go their, and that is a shame.

    "Prophets and Loss" is a well meaning attempt to mock right-wing "family values" groups such as the 700 Club.

  • Just another variation that has been overdone.

    This is definately not one of my favorite episodes. As much as I love Sliders the concept of a world ruled by the oracle just seems to close to themes that have already been done to death. Yeah, occasional episodes withouth Kromaggs are integral to keep us interested. This one did not do that. Didn't they already do one where people were put to death as a form of population control? The only difference here is that the people did not know they were being put to death. They were being manipulated into signing all of their worldly possessions over to the oracle and then going through the portal to the next world. Only they didn't go to the next world they were vaporized. This concept would probably have been better had it not been so over done. Another episode where they spend the show trying to retrieve the timer!?! Imagine that!moreless
  • Quinn, Remmy and Maggie land on a world which is ruled by religious Oracles.

    This is the first episode since Kari Wuhrer joined the crew that is again a typical and good episode.

    This shows how people, blindly pushed into faith, forget to think for themselves.

    Allthough the Rat's (rationals) want revolution, they do agree they don't know all the answers and are not perfect. But at least they're willing to llive with one antoher. Without oppression. Several quotes are used, to show how important the scienctists can be.

    In this episode Quinn, Maggie and Remmy work together. No bickering as in the episode when Wade was still in the series.

    Still a shame though they worked out the professor. He would have been great in this episode.moreless

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    • Maggie: (to Quinn) You gonna eat the rest of your green stuff?
      Quinn: You may have the rest of my green stuff and the rest of my brown stuff if you want.

    • Quinn: Quantum physics predicted parallel universes. If you do what we do, you have to have an understanding of subatomic particles moving from one place within an atom to another, without going through the space in between.
      Rembrandt: I have no idea what the hell you talkin' about and I seem to Slide just fine.

    • Cadmus: (to Quinn) You say you're a scientist. That's a very dangerous thing to admit.
      Rembrandt: For whatever it's worth, I'm not a scientist.

    • Rembrandt: You know, Q-Ball, before I started hanging with you, I hardly ever went to jail. Now, everywhere I go.

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