Season 5 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Sep 10, 1999 on FOX

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  • Dust takes us back to some the flavor of the first 3 seasons. It certainly was a welcome feeling for me, a hard core Sliders fan.

    Here Remmy gets to reconcile with Wade after she contacts him through her own *personal* wormhole.

    I was glad to see the Peck and crew allow Remmy some closure as he was hurting a very long time with regards to leaving Wade behind and not communicating with her in the Kromagg camp.

    Although I was not particularly happy with how Remmy's role was not *beefed* in the 5th, I was indeed pleased with his role in this episode. The look back to *Dragonslide* was dramatic and set the feel for Remmy's emotion with regards to Wade.

    It was indeed unfortunate that Wade could not be saved as she was intact but certainly this had to do with Pecks situation. He certainly did not know how to hold on to a good cast.

    When Remmy stayed behind and missed the slide because of his love of Wade, it showed just how loyal he was to their relationship. I always thought they should at least had a make out scene. They obviously loved each other.

    As a side not, Kari Wuhrer did a fine job of acting and showed a side of her that was non-existent in the earlier episodes. She showed genuine emotion when she, Mallory and the good Doctor slid without Remmy.

    I truly don't know why Kari takes so much heat. She certainly did *grow up* in her range as the series went on.

    You will indeed enjoy the *Crying Man* in this episode.
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