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  • Fun for the whole family, despite its hokey feel.

    This show was very creative in my opinion, though not very well executed. Seasons 1-3 were pretty good and I just wish the rest were as good. I like the concept of parallel worlds, I think that if this series was made in this day in age with good writers it would be a hit. The series on dvd are very inexpensive. I only wish there was more technical info (like Star Trek) to get into, but I enjoyed it regardless. If you've got the time and you're looking for a good series to watch check it out on dvd you probably won't be disappointed.
  • A great show, until they started rehashing every movie in the book.

    This show was amazing the first two season, especially the first. The premise was interesting, the writers actually came up with original ideas and the original team was still together.

    Sliders wasn't horrible after the first two seasons, just not as good as before, which was very dissapointing. If only they would have listened to John Rhy-Davies's ideas and not copied everything from the Island of Dr. Moreau to Tremors. If I wanted to watch one of those movies I would have. They at least could have made fun of themselves for doing so by putting in some character dialogue about seeing this movie, ala stargate. But they couldn't even do that, they were just content with pretending it was original.

    Oh well, the show is still good, could have been better, but still worth a watch through. The Pilot episode is still one of the best pilots made for a show.
  • A fabulous start, barely surving through the end.

    I have to say that i loved this show in the beggining. Not very accurate in scientific therms, but who really cares. That cast was great the stories great and very original.

    With the changes that began to happen in the cast, began the end of the show. Until the fourth season it was a great show but fourth and fifth season were just ok and sometimes very bad. Not only because of the new characthers but also because of the storyline.

    The professor was my favorite character. very funny, brilliant and had simply great fights with the others.

    In the end its still a show a recomend for those who love sci fi shows even if its only great for the 3 first seasons.

    ...and be prepared if you see all of the seasons to see the worst ending ever...
  • A show that got worse every season

    Sliders as it started out was a drama comedy with a lot of fresh and intelligent ideas, the character's were well drawn out and the fact that you had a group of travellers who were all very independent of one another was different, they constantly separated and went their own ways and did their own thing (in particular see 'The Weaker Sex' which is one of my favourites). The constant use of TV shows as orientation for each new parallel world was also a strong element that you wouldn't see anywhere else as far as I know. Unfortunately the comedy aspect which in Season 1 made a good show great was in season 2 reduced heavily. Other elements introduced in season 2 I didn't like was the constant mention of the Dominion hotel. They had a recurring hotel in the first season but it wasn't mentioned so forcefully. The show in Season 2 still had the ideas but like I said the comedy was lost and it became straight science-fiction drama, a shame in my opinion. Season 3 at first followed in-line with season 2 with some great ideas and good drama (especially 'The Guardian'). However another downfall of Sliders became far more prominent from the first episode of this season, and that is the use of guns to sort out problems (just watch the title sequence for each iteration of the show and you'll realise how much guns are prominent in the later Seasons). Until then the use of guns was something that hardly ever appeared and never as a problem solver. This plus Rembrandt Brown's ongoing change in character into more serious and macho, led to the final part of the season where Guns became the be all and end all of everything (that and movie rip-offs due to lack of ideas, I cringe at 'Dream Master's' a take on Nightmare on Elm Street and the first really bad seed). They obviously wanted a military aspect introduced and it didn't suit the show in my opinion. They didn't follow things up from earlier in the Season either as a obvious recurring bad guy would have been Quinn's female double Logan St Clair. Instead she doesn't show up ever again and we get Colonel Rickman (my guess is it was supposed to be Logan St Clair originally but because they were introducing Maggie they wanted to ground her character with someone she knew). They also decide to kill off Quinn's mentor (most eccentric and best character) Professor Arturo and replace him with the Angry Military Woman (Maggie Beckett). The thing is that we'd found out earlier in season 3 that he was dying anyway so the way they killed him off made no sense and sort of undermined his character arc. Season 4 was in my opinion the worst, along with the introduction of the Chandler Hotel (even more of an annoyance than the Dominion from season 2 because at least the Dominion was a different hotel each time) the re-introduction of the sliding bad guys The Kromaggs (from a season 2 episode which was good but personally I wanted to see a whole episode set in Frenchland) as Nazi's was badly thought out and they didn't know what to do with them despite being in 7 episodes or something it felt more like 15. Ideas became thin as well with almost a pointless plot thread where Quinn was from a parallel Earth pretty much wasted. Really it was only to introduce a brother character for Quinn and nothing much else. Talking about Colin I quite liked him actually, I think the actor's (Jerry O'Connell's brother) performance was judged unfairly as he was supposed to be flat in the way he talked. One thing that in this Season didn't work for me was Wade being captured by the Kromaggs and Maggie almost acting like a less interesting replacement. It made sense to get rid of Angry Maggie but she wasn't her own character basically. Thankfully, the final season improved upon this as she became more motherly.

    With Season 5 we lost our main character Quinn and his brother Colin. This was a major sea change as Rembrandt was now the only Original character left and was morphed into almost an old man. This kind of worked but dragged, when the idea of him being tired of Sliding comes up you can kinda see it. 2 new characters are introduced in this season with Diane a scientist (the science aspect had somewhat fell by the wayside in the last 2 seasons) and Mallory the cheerful Jock. Although they weren't great characters it sort of felt nice to have the elders and the youngsters dynamic at times. The main problem with this Season was that although it had some good ideas (definitely better than Season 4) it had no budget what so ever. This resulted in a flatness as such mainly because everywhere looked the same, everywhere looked like a grey corridor. It at times looked like it was filmed by an amateur as well. You can clearly see them trying to address a balance that had been lost in Season 4 but it only half working. The Kromaggs and the name dropping of the Chandler hotel were greatly reduced and I actually found the military episode (Strangers and Comrades) to be extremely enjoyable. This is particularly ironic considering my opinion that Guns are partly to blame for the series Ruin. So definitely worth it in particular for the first Season but also the second. It's worth watching Season 3 as well just to see how the show changes the way it does.
  • WoW this show amazes me still and it's not even on anymore!

    I would have pry given it a 10 if not for the mistake of the last season. Well actually after "Arturo" was killed off. The show had good quality writers a fantastic cast of characters. I can remember listening to Remy tell Q-Ball he doesn't understand what he is ever talking about, oh and also Arturo and Wade going at it is simply priceless. The show had potential for greatness, but alas was crushed due to pigheadedness. I am hoping one day they will have a Movie to wrap it all up but I fear I may never get my wish. If you have not watched this show I suggest watching season 1 through 3 and stopping there, that should be sufficient material to get you wanting more and more.
  • Dimensional/Time travel with a twist.

    As it has been noted before, this show started to decline at around season 3, making season 4 very unwatchable after the main characters left the show. The thing I used to like about this show were the great stories and the anxiety the characters would experience before finding out what kind of universe they have landed on this time. Sadly, the budget, I suppose, limited the kind of universes they would visit because most of the times were just our regular universe with some kind of different laws or ideals. One good thing is that the show was never boring, there was always action going on.
  • I think the Sliders show was way ahead of the cirve at the time.

    I think the Sliders show was way ahead of the curve at the time. Simply put the show probably died because the plots were basically of the same linear design. And most of the effects were lame. But i enjoyed the show though it was great most of the time you actually really got into the story up until the when they left. But throughout the entire series they all ended the same and started the same. And they never really mention the previous episode. And what was the deal with the cromags near the end? Also it kinda sucked they didn't finish the series the right way since it was canceled .
  • This show was very intresting.

    I really like this show when I first saw it back when I was a young child back in the mid 90's. I always thought that the ideas of alternate histories was a good idea, like for example if George Washington became King of America instead of President. Or if the Soviets ruled America. I really liked the first two seasons and maybe a bit of the first half of the 3rd but Sliders went downhill right after Professor Arturo was killed by Rick man and it became a dumbed down mess, Thank You David Peckinpah. I really wanted the Sliders Series to continue only if Tracy Torme didn't let Peckinpah get that Producing job. Oh well, Sliders was a good show in the beginning but it went downhill later on.
  • It had the seeds of greatness but the foundation was weak. A tornado came and the entire city crumbled like a cookie.

    It had the seeds of greatness but the foundation was weak. A tornado came and the entire city crumbled like a cookie.

    That's my metaphor of this entire series. It started out great, it really did. I was impressed with Jerry O Connell and I thought Sabrina Lloyd as Wade started ok but a smite negative and dull but I thought maybe she will lighten one day. All the nagging can get to you after some time. Maybe she was the wrong choice to begin with because as the series went along, she became more righteous, naggy, whiny and more wifely like than ever! And there is definitely not much chemistry between Quinn and Wade to pass for anything. The professor was probably the most captivating character capturing the endearing gruffness of House and the intellect to match. He maybe at times a little tad insecure but hey he's human. Rembrandt was alright too being the humor of the series but after a while, I notice the characters were more 1 dimensional and perhaps if they got the dimensional development then maybe this show could have been interesting.

    Still I enjoyed Season 1. Season 2 had too much bickering and negativity. Made it all less fun. I was bored with Season 3 and kept forwarding. The ideas were dull, been there and followed the same format of sliders get in trouble, sliders save the world, sliders slide outta there. It was predictable. I am about to watch Season 4 and 5 and am not sure if the change of cast was well explained but let's see. I like Kari Wuhrer and I think she might be hotter than Wade, but Jerry O'Connell's brother joining the show is a little hard to swallow. He doesn't have the same acting chops as Jerry really. I'll save more for later after I'm done watching it all :)

    Until then *salute*!
  • Interplanetery travelling

    Sliders is about a team of travellers who travel from world to world. Jerry O'Connell played Quinn "Mallory" Mallory who finds a worm hole in his basement, and there it goes from there. It lasted for 5 seasons, but Jerry left after season 4, which could be the reason it slowly cascaded. They also got rid of Wade to a breeding camp but still. It was a fun show to watch over a Bud, but it slowly began to fade after season 3-4, which was a shame as it started out promising. It's a nice guilty pleasure to pass the time away now.
  • Jerry O'Connell plays a prodigy who discovers sliding technology to visit alternate timelines of the earth existing in parallel quantum realities.

    I was a fan of this series for the same reason that "Time Tunnel," "Voyagers" and "Quantum Leap" were all great series, but something happened between the second and third seasons that made the show a rip-off of "Stargate." "Sliders" had started off as a show that showed worlds where some historical event never happened or as a political satire on society, but it went downhill in a way that I lost interest. I could almost forgive for replacing Sabrina Lloyd with Kari Wuhrer, but then they eliminated the professor, gave Quinn a brother he didn't need and then eliminated both of them. I had stopped watching the series entirely by that point. It was not the same show by that point and I had lost interest. Let this show be an example of how excessive tampering can ruin a once great cult series!
  • k

    This show is OK. I think it's good. It just what I need when I get home from a bad day at work. It’s entertaining full of laughs and makes me want to never move again. It really captures the free spirit of media and keeps you wanting and guessing for more. It’s the kind of show that you don’t need to constantly watch in order to get the whole spectrum of what’s going on, I really like that, that way you can do multiple things at once. If you feel like it that is. This is defiantly one of my favorite shows.
  • Traveling from Earth to Earth, finding people you have met or know from home, relatives, friends, and the tension of the loved one. But all you find are not yours, for they are your doubles. For you as a Slider travel in a worm hole, nto like SG-1.

    Season 1-3, excellant work, but during Season 3 you could see the show starting to go down hill. The fighting by FOX with the creator was very unfortunite and it made the show turn to a great disapointment. I highly recomend Season 1 and 2 with Season 3 a good closer. Sabrina Lloyd adds a very nice touch to the cast, she is sexy but not raunchy has the show becomes beyond Season 3. Jerry O'Connell, Cleavant Derricks, and John Rhys-Davies work with Sabrina to make a delightful show. As Tracy Tormé, the creator and writer of the show fought with Fox you see its slow demise. As with most showes the Sci-Fi chanel take over it lost the edge. Much like SG-1 did, though for SG-1 it took a lot longer.
  • Alternative world and a parallel universe what else do you need... Yeahhhh.

    Interesting characters, and the need to return to their world, this was the plot about this amazing show. the only problem is that some of the characters eventually became a little bored, just like the worlds. But besides that have the potential to make at least another season, i really hated that the protagonist left the show that is one of the main reason why i stop watching the show I hope for a new show with a similar plot. Good Bye...
  • I LOVED Kari Wuhrer in this show!

    An amazing Sci-Fi show that should have had the success it deserved instead of being buried by lame writing and casting.

    Sliders focused on a group of 4 people who discovered a way to 'slide' between parallel worlds. Unfortionatley, they got lost in the inter-dimension, and were consigned to wandering between the many parallel universes in the hope of someday finding their way home.

    When Tracy Torme' and Robert K. Weiss created this show in 1995, they had truly made something special. Unfortionately FOX decided to completely ruin it.

    They began by airing the episodes out of sequence in the first 2 seasons, meaning that there could be no continuity between episodes, so whenever an extra character slid with the Sliders they were never seen again (with one poor exception). In the 3rd season David "Peckerhead" Peckinpah (a man with less talent than a dog turd) became an Executive Producer and many episodes became movie rip-offs instead of 'what if' concepts where parallel worlds had alternate histories to our own. The amazing John Rhys-Davies was then fired mid season 3 and replaced with Kari Wuhrer, a terrible actress who played a terrible character.

    FOX allowed the Sci-Fi channel to take over the show for its 4th and 5th seasons. They put David Peckinpah completely in charge of the show, and he buried it by having ape-men called Kromaggs take over the Sliders' home world and by rewriting the backstory of the lead character completely. The premise was changed from finding home to fighting ape-men. In the last season, only one of the original Sliders remained.

    When the show finished, it was without any resolution to many of its story arcs or the final episode's cliffhanger.

    I feel Tracy Torme's pain. No one could have imagined that they would create a show as brilliant as Sliders, only to see it totally destroyed before their eyes.

    Sliders had so much potential, but it was ruined by talentless hacks like 'Peckerhead'.

    The first two seasons and the first part of season 3 are really all that are worth watching unfortunately.
  • Sliders was one of Fox's best TV series, period. The premise was scientifically literate, the dialogue engaging, and the characters sympathetic - four people thrown together for adventures through a myriad parallel worlds! Worthy of the pen of Heinlein!

    This television show was one of Fox's finest efforts. It was surprising to see that it lasted as many seasons as it did; sad to see it finally end. The acting, dialogue, plots and production values were all outstanding, the plot premise one of the best uses of the "parallel universes" theme. The concept that we live in just one of very many universes is an idea which many of the great science-fiction writers have used at one time or another (e.g., Robert A. Heinlein in several of his novels - perhaps most notably "The Number of the Beast," Ursula K. LeGuin in "The Lathe of Heaven," Larry Niven in "All the Myriad Ways", Ray Bradbury in "A Sound of Thunder").

    Sliders' premise that it is possible (if the protagonist's machine works properly) to travel among these parallel worlds is still conjectural - not ruled out by the laws of science as we know them yet, but nothing we know how to do yet, either. It's up to the scriptwriters to enlist our (the audience's) cooperation by getting them to willingly suspend their disbelief in things like Quinn's "slider," relax and enjoy the story as it unfolds. And in Sliders, they do their job admirably. Each episode of Sliders has a good, solid premise and scripts that allow the actors to pull their weight in telling the story. It was nice, too, to see that the scriptwriters had been trying to make each episode believable - it's more fun to watch a series written by people who respect the intelligence of their audience. Television has come a long way in presenting science fiction - absurd episode premises which insult the intelligence of even the grade schoolers in the audience are increasingly rare in modern prime-time SF, thanks to shows like Sliders and some of the later shows of the Star Trek franchise. In fact, it's fair to say that Sliders has set the bar higher than any of the Roddenberry shows have for technical plausibility and continuity. Sliders has paved the road for many high-quality SF series and made the modern SF audience more sophisticated and demanding. We're smarter people for having watched it.
  • great show.. ending gone wrong!!

    Sliders had all kinds of potential for so much story telling it's not enough funny!

    Moving between parallel earth, with different perspectives, wow!

    But, you know, the problem was that. in identifying what was interesting.. Was it just the characters? or frame of the show? So, season 5, should have spun season 6.. but this is where the network didn't believe in it's own product and made hasty decisions, regardless of how well the show did in all 4 previous seasons.

    And let's face it.. Farscape was number 1.. and Sliders number 2 at that time.. That wasn't, in my honest opinion, a good enough excuse to ditch the show.

    But they did.. and again, to the cost of the loyal fans.

    But, still, it was a kick ass show.. with or without O'Connell.
  • I used to watch this series when I was a little boy. I still haven't found anything like this again.

    I remember watching the pilot when I was about 12 years old. The thought of a world where a little thing (or in that case a big thing like the loss or the Korean war) could change the whole world's history was absolutely stunning. Fabulous I'd say. The very though of paralell worlds going on along with ours is just amazing.
    It's true that the series lost a little of it's bright when the Professor died and when Wade was gone. At first, I didn't like Maggie. Then, you learn to like her.
    The series lost it's focus too when decided to show the war against the Kromaggs instead of alternate worlds but even now, I can't seem to find a show as fascinating as Sliders.
  • Four acquaintances travel through parallel universes searching for their home.

    This was one of the best new ideas for a sci-fi show to hit the air waves. When the show began it was inventive and had great potential to capture the imagination of a new generation of sci-fi fans. However, with each passing season, the writing became more and more copies of older sci-fi films or simply a medium for someone's personal agenda. Finally, the cast began bailing from the show like rats from a sinking ship (and I certainly can not blame them for their decision). As a result, the show was nursed along for some unknown reason and finally it was brought out to the woodshed like Old Yeller. It was a good start, but failed to finish.
  • Original, Adventurous, Lively

    This was a really fun show. It had a fantastic beginning, with strong central characters and an original plot. Essentially in the "New" SciFi genre, it really was ahead of it's time. Combining time travel with adventure and intrigue. I enjoyed the show for both it's dark plots as well as it's frivolity. The writing was good, the episodes were energetic, and the characters were lively. I understand a show switching out characters from time to time, I mean a new character generally breathes new life into the show, however, I think it was a grave mistake to keep the show going after Jerry O'Connell left. I think they did a pretty good job in switching the characters out, Quinn Mallory, to Quinn "Mallory" Mallory (mix) but still, it just wasn't the same. All in all it's a good past time, it was a fun show, and it would make my top 20.
  • A pretty original show...shame about the scripts. Watch it for at least the first 2 seasons though.

    Sliders had an original concept that allowed the writers to do anything they want every week. Borrowing elements from Quantum Leap (leaping and sliding into a new story every week with little continuity to carry over other than for the main cast) and The Outer Limits (comments on society...a lot!), Sliders took it's influences but never wore them fully on their sleeve. Thus giving itself a personality of it's own.

    What help was the brilliant mis-matching of minds between the four original sliders. Brilliant but brash young scientist, his over-bearing but intrigued professor, his best friend/love interest and probably most original...a washed up soul singer. Yes, obviously Rembrant was there as a kind of eyes of the viewer, constantly questioning Mallory's techno-babble, but he was very much a 3D character in his own right.

    If this was any other US sci-fi, the main cast would have been like Stargate (they're always on the same wavelength, always). Here, Sliders took the idea of being lost and finding uses and friendships in people you wouldn't think about in a normal situation. Sliders was basically held together by these four people, even when the episodes were bad.

    And yes, quite a few were bad. Unable to really live up to limitless potential (not to mention the obligation of some kind of action) of parallel worlds, the writers would usually rely on the "utopia that is really dystopia" or even the just plain daft "zombies and vampires of the week". There was some poor writing which got Sliders stuck in a rut early on. They'd slide, go to a hotel, one of them would discover something bad, adventure, meet an ally, Quinn would say some speech before they slid (despite Arturo saying they literally had seconds left!) and repeat. Despite this being the sliders actual routine in a new world, we didn't need to see it being played out every week. Basically, if you ever need to learn anything about a parallel world...ask the hotel staff! They seemed to know EVERYTHING!

    Rubbish writing aside, when Silders hit upon a great idea it really worked (see the Lobbying For Men's Rights episode). It really could use the stories as a satirical slant on what was happening in our world at the time. There were some great "what if?" episodes that really excelled. Only some were bogged down buy the obligatory all-out action. It's fine to see them run for their lives (you have to have that sometimes!) in certain episodes, but while it was suggested that not all worlds were bad, it just painted a lazy picture that Earth Prime was the best and every where else was bad. Extremely bad.

    But even during these episodes, it was held together by the four sliders. You really cared for them and there was always that hope that they would make it home together. Sadly it wasn't the case. Season 3 amid all it's network troubles really lost focus, the shock death (the moment where it jumped the shark) was the beginning of the end. Stories were focused on more action and adventure (not alwyas bad, but very throwaway) and the new sliders that would eventually join would never gel well with originals. Did we really need an ex-marine in the group? Let's face it, Wade was miles better but made redundant when the action girl came into it (undoing years of character building). The suprise twist of a brother didn't help too. The show just started to add things because no-one mentioned them in the early episodes.

    While it nice to see they had an arch nemesis and the idea that there were other sliders out there, it just didn't feel the same as the quirky off-beat show about four normal people in a bizarre predicament; with the basic premise of wanting to go home.

    There's nothing memorable about the final half of the series. An alien race that enslaved humanity in all parallels was re-introduced, back in full empirical army mode. A real shame, since the idea that they were out there on the firnges of the unknown was a much better and horrific idea. It couldn't be as far removed as possible for the show. Rembrant become tougher and a natural leader, but with losing Mallory, the show lost it's scientific counterpoint (though thankfully the self-smug, obligatory, Quinn speech to some doe-eyed woman at the end of each slide. Bleurgh!). Sure, they had him in a new body but the lines given just weren't him. It's fair to say that this reviewer tuned during the end of Seasson 3, catching the odd later episode here and there. But from what was seen, the show (while much darker) had lost all touch with reality. There was no chemistry between any of the cast and with 3 of the originals gone, you had to wonder why the actor playing Rembrant ever stuck around.

    It's a shame really, but when you can only do so many "what if?" episodes, where do you go from there?

    All we wanted to see was them making it home and while the twist in Season 3 prevented that, it's a shame it never ended there with the survivors making it back. It was a case of carrying on for the sake of it (epsecially the evil slider aliens...WHAT? Who cares!), with a sense that "going home" really wasn't as exciting as "saving the worlds".

    So with what amounts to two quirky, flawed, but entertaining two seasons; a darker and more weird 3rd...and two seasons that no-one watched because they were appalling...Sliders will go down in history as a cult sci-fi that had bags of potential, but never lived up to what could have been.

    Watch it for the first two seasons at least though!
  • It was good until Jerry OConnell left the show.

    When he left the whole thing started to decay and ended with a thud. Interesting stories for the most part playing out "what if" scenarios while exploring the theory of alternate parallel universes.

    I always wondered why they never exited the wormhole into an Earth that had just been devastated by a huge asteroid and was now a glowing lifeless ball of molten rock or an Earth that was an airless, waterless rock full of toxic gasses where life never took hold. Ok, so they would have died the instant the arrived, but hey, it would have been a much better way of ending the series besides the pretty bad episode The Seer. A better ending would have been an arrival in San Francisco with sirens wailing as 3 Russian ICBM warheads approached the city, an electromagnetic pulse from the first detonation wiping out the Sliding Control Device and a blast wave turning the Sliders into smoking skeletons like in Sarah Conners visions in Terminator 2 - a flying HK helicopter passes over the ruins of San Francisco then a skeleton Terminator comes into view, turns and stares into the camera - fade to black. That would have been awesome!

    After Jerry left I wasnt all that upset when it was cancelled. It would have been like William Shatner leaving Star Trek after Season 2.
  • Great in Season 1 and 2. Ok in the first half of season 3. bad in latter half of season 3. Not watchable after 2 main characters leave in Season 4

    What an awesome show. What can I say about sliders. Sliders is about 4 characters who found a way to slide to other universes. Sliders has a lot more emotion in it, than your average sci fi thriller. Many of the scenes in Season 1,2,3 are very touching. It all started with this guy Quinn, while trying to build an anti-gravity device, accidently opens a wormhole to another universe. He sends all kinds of objects in. Then one day he goes into the vortex himself. What does he find, an almost exact duplicate of his world, so fooled he doesn't even realized he has succeeded until a bunch of weird stuff start going on.

    After he gets back to his real earth, he finds that a bunch of weird stuff that goes on. First his proffessor is pissing mad at him, then he finds out he kissed his best bud Wade welles. But how could he? He doesn't remember a thing. Well he didn't, but his double did.

    Pretty orignal sci-fi for 1995. Back when people thought sci-fi was dead. Sliders had a new twist on sci-fi. Unfornatlely before season 3 ended a guy called david peckinpah ruined the show from the latter half of season 3 and all of season 4 and 5.
  • A show with great potential that should have continued for years but was let down by the last two seasons.

    For the first three seasons of Sliders, this show was an intelligent, original and fascinating example of perfect scifi TV. The acting was mostly above average, but the character dynamics of this odd group (a whiz kid, his wannabe girlfriend, his college professor and a washed-up singer who got into sliding by accident) and the writing were what really made the show. Unfortunately, the show began to go downhill when the original cast was shaken up with the departure of the formidable John Rhys-Davies as the Professor, and jumped the shark completely when it lost Sabrina Lloyd as Wade.

    Ultimately the show began to slide of course a little in Season 3. After Season 4 and 5 when two more key characters went M.I.A. Qunn and Wade were replaced by two forgettable wooden characters with more uninspired storyline the show slid downhill.

    I'm sure many salivating teen males would disagree with me on the pointlessness of Kari Wuhrer, but it's clear to me that she added nothing but cleavage to the show.

    So, if you want to watch a sci-fi that's not all together too serious and fun then go for Seasons 1-3 of Sliders, their definitely infinite possibilities for adventure.
  • What could go wrong!?!

    Short and sweet folks. Great concept, i mean fantastic because of the possibilities but the acting should have been better. Shoulda woulda coulda, great show. The only thing left to talk about is why this web page wont let me leave a short review. I said all I want to say and this is what I have to go through to voice my opinion. F*%k a one hundred word minimum. Its childish and stupid. Shame on you free web sites for making me waste my time when I could be watching more damn television. Christ five more words and then.
  • Sliders deserves a comeback!

    I\'m sure many other fans have mentioned similar, but this show deserves a comeback! In my opinion, the very idea has endless possibilities, I mean countless universes, multiple ways to exist, I think the series jumped the shark too quickly in its prime and it could make a strong recovery!

    The series was excellent, it had empathetic characters on a seemingly simple, but all around perfect effect, getting back to their own dimesion, there is is no plot that could have been greater. If it were say... about a group of scientists examining the different dimensions it wouldn\'t have had half of the interest it did.

    They officially Jumped the Shark in Season 5 when Quinn became Mallory, a totally different character with a different personality where in the Sliders universe it didn\'t seem possible and the doubles always represented the same physical characteristics of the original. Anyway all that aside, the series was an excellent one and I give it multi-thumbs up
  • Great show when John Rhys-Davies was still playing proffessor Maximiliano, got a bit downhill in season 3 and the way Jerry O\\\'Connell (Quinn Mallory) was written out of the series. But the last episode was the one that really sucked.

    Great show when John Rhys-Davies was still playing proffessor Maximiliano, got a bit downhill in season 3 and the way Jerry O\\\'Connell (Quinn Mallory) was written out of the series. But the last episode was the one that really sucked.

    The series that really recieves the tag Going Downhill Fast. In the first seasons every episode you get another supprise is switched to a boring enn and al lot of crew changes. Of the origional cast only Cleavant Derricks (Rembrand \\\'Remmy\\\' Brown) is in all episodes. The final episode was such a anti climax that it really blew down my rating from 8.0 to 7.0.
  • If you want to know my views on Sliders, plz click.

    I absoloutely love Sliders, it's in my top sci-fis {alongside Strange Days at Blake Holsey High}. I absolouteley hate Maggie. I think the show can't survive without Wade , Arturo and the original Quinn Mallory. I don't particully like having new sliders on the 'Slidibng Team'. I want the original season 1/2 timer back. Here's just a thoughtt though {actually more of a wish}. I wonder what would have happened if Arturo didn't die, Wade didn't go home,Maggie never appeared, Quinn wasn't replaced in Season five and his brother never came to the series? I just want the original Sliders back :( !!!
  • The original cast episodes are the best.

    This show was the best when it came out. It remained excellent for a few years. But then the cast began to leave. Then it started to go downhill. It was still enjoyable, but not as good. Then they got into teh kromag things. that is when the shwo began to suck. At first, those things were okay, but that became the constant story. I personally found it ot ahrd to watch at that point so I stopped. I thought the show was cancleed not moved to scifi. Then when i learned it was still on, yuck. Where did the new people come from. It was so bad, I still don't know how the show changed. The show was best with the originall four sliders.. Even with just the three going it was good. But then the new people brought in bad scripts.
  • A scifi series in which a college genius creates a device that can transport him and his friends to parallel worlds. But can they make it back home?

    I found much of Sliders and the overall concept to be sheer brilliance. In all honesty though, this series was headed for bad times as soon as Fox got its paws on it. Tracy Torme did a great job creating what would have been a huge hit if the network would have just let him have his way with it. The first problem was that the Fox Network didn\'t want Torme to develop a huge storyline. They merely wanted stand alone episodes that they could use whenever they wanted. Torme was able to keep the show in line for the first two seasons but after his father became seriously ill, the show started to diminish in the third season. Torme was no longer able to keep the show the way he wanted it and with the addition of bad staffing the show plummeted from what its cult hit glory. The original cast of Jerry O\'connell as Quinn Mallory, John Rhys-Davies as Arturo, Cleavant Derricks as Rembrandt Brown and Sabrina Lloyd as Wade Wells was phenomenal, but after Rhys-Davies made it known that he felt storylines were\'t living up to their potential the producers felt that he needed to go. After that they brought in Kari Wuhrer as Maggie Beckett and the shows popularity had met its downfall. Fox cancelled the series after the third season but the Scifi Channel revived it for a fourth season. I found season 4 to be what I expected from the Scifi Channel. I loved that The Kromaggs were a huge story arc and I really wasn\'t that sad about Lloyd\'s departure because of how it was handled. The addition of Charlie O\'Connell as Colin Mallory was alright, but could have been better. The network should have definitely allowed Jerry O\'Connell to become a producer starting with season 5, but alas they did not. After they kicked out the O\'Connells and brought in some horrible storylines for the fifth season, The series was finally killed. Most people say stick to the first 3 seasons and that\'s the \"true\" series, but just face it all 5 seasons are the series if you like it or not. Personally, i\'d stick with the first 4 seasons and maybe 2 specific episodes from season 5. Those being the Wade episode and the finale.
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