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  • Bring it back

    I think it be great if they bringed it back again for more seasons as it was a great tv series show and I watch it once and now I got it on DVD box sets from 1 to 3 seasons
  • We want more!

    We love sliders! Please put them back on daily! Even at 1am, we don't care! We record them. But one a week is not enough! Please! Please! Please! We need more sliders! We watched it when it was new in 1995! And we've watched it whenever we found reruns again. Can you do an anniversary show? Or a movie, or better yet, another series? A reunion show would be awesome ! Thanks for creating one of the best series!
  • I'm not that Clever...

    Oh God, REBOOT! Please

    I think they took the real Arturo.
  • We want more

    They should make more episodes and resolve the episode on how they took the wrong Arturo. Make more lots more.
  • Jerry O'connell- Please bring sliders back.

    I would love for someone who has the know how to start a movement to bring sliders back. This is the best tv show I have watched. I have been looking for a place,and this seems to be it, that has alot of people to help.

    Sliders deserves the original cast back,and make it where Jerry"quin mallory" had a nightmare about losing all of them.

    Jerry O'connell can do on sliders!!

    ps leave the kromags off.

  • Bring Sliders Back

    Like many other reviews out there. Just finished watching all 87 Episodes the last 3 weeks.

    They need to finish the show and bring back the original cast with at least 2 more seasons.

    BRING SLIDERS BACK! It would be awesome. Jerry O'connell and the rest of the cast needs to do this . It would be just right on.
  • I love this show! One of the best shows to this day! Their were a few charter changes during the last few seasons but I but I got over it, still I'm happy the show stuck around and that the Scifi Channel picked it up! I sill love the first four!!!

    I love this show! One of the best shows to this day! Their were a few charter changes during the last few seasons but I but I got over it, still I'm happy the show stuck around and that the Scifi Channel picked it up! I sill love the first four!!! I own the first and second on DVD and plan on buying the rest! The first time I saw this show was when it aired and I feel in love with it, In my free time I would think of new plots and act out story lines when I was young! This show could of thought of so many fresh and new ideas for it to continue…
  • This show to this day is one of the best tv shows ever made.

    It makes me sad that they dont make them this good anymore. This is a must buy on dvd. Its a must have for any scifi fans. Seasons 1 and 2 are the best out of the whole show. Well worth a watch. The creators did something magical with this show which has not been re-created since. Season five is the weakest of the seasons. My main reason is because there was not a proper ending as far as i am concerned. Shame on the scifi channel for canceling such a gem of a show. Heres to Tracy Tormé for creating one of the all time greats.
  • Sliders was one of Fox's best TV series, period. The premise was scientifically literate, the dialogue engaging, and the characters sympathetic - four people thrown together for adventures through a myriad parallel worlds! Worthy of the pen of Heinlein!

    This television show was one of Fox's finest efforts. It was surprising to see that it lasted as many seasons as it did; sad to see it finally end. The acting, dialogue, plots and production values were all outstanding, the plot premise one of the best uses of the "parallel universes" theme. The concept that we live in just one of very many universes is an idea which many of the great science-fiction writers have used at one time or another (e.g., Robert A. Heinlein in several of his novels - perhaps most notably "The Number of the Beast," Ursula K. LeGuin in "The Lathe of Heaven," Larry Niven in "All the Myriad Ways", Ray Bradbury in "A Sound of Thunder").

    Sliders' premise that it is possible (if the protagonist's machine works properly) to travel among these parallel worlds is still conjectural - not ruled out by the laws of science as we know them yet, but nothing we know how to do yet, either. It's up to the scriptwriters to enlist our (the audience's) cooperation by getting them to willingly suspend their disbelief in things like Quinn's "slider," relax and enjoy the story as it unfolds. And in Sliders, they do their job admirably. Each episode of Sliders has a good, solid premise and scripts that allow the actors to pull their weight in telling the story. It was nice, too, to see that the scriptwriters had been trying to make each episode believable - it's more fun to watch a series written by people who respect the intelligence of their audience. Television has come a long way in presenting science fiction - absurd episode premises which insult the intelligence of even the grade schoolers in the audience are increasingly rare in modern prime-time SF, thanks to shows like Sliders and some of the later shows of the Star Trek franchise. In fact, it's fair to say that Sliders has set the bar higher than any of the Roddenberry shows have for technical plausibility and continuity. Sliders has paved the road for many high-quality SF series and made the modern SF audience more sophisticated and demanding. We're smarter people for having watched it.
  • Great in Season 1 and 2. Ok in the first half of season 3. bad in latter half of season 3. Not watchable after 2 main characters leave in Season 4

    What an awesome show. What can I say about sliders. Sliders is about 4 characters who found a way to slide to other universes. Sliders has a lot more emotion in it, than your average sci fi thriller. Many of the scenes in Season 1,2,3 are very touching. It all started with this guy Quinn, while trying to build an anti-gravity device, accidently opens a wormhole to another universe. He sends all kinds of objects in. Then one day he goes into the vortex himself. What does he find, an almost exact duplicate of his world, so fooled he doesn't even realized he has succeeded until a bunch of weird stuff start going on.

    After he gets back to his real earth, he finds that a bunch of weird stuff that goes on. First his proffessor is pissing mad at him, then he finds out he kissed his best bud Wade welles. But how could he? He doesn't remember a thing. Well he didn't, but his double did.

    Pretty orignal sci-fi for 1995. Back when people thought sci-fi was dead. Sliders had a new twist on sci-fi. Unfornatlely before season 3 ended a guy called david peckinpah ruined the show from the latter half of season 3 and all of season 4 and 5.
  • If you want to know my views on Sliders, plz click.

    I absoloutely love Sliders, it's in my top sci-fis {alongside Strange Days at Blake Holsey High}. I absolouteley hate Maggie. I think the show can't survive without Wade , Arturo and the original Quinn Mallory. I don't particully like having new sliders on the 'Slidibng Team'. I want the original season 1/2 timer back. Here's just a thoughtt though {actually more of a wish}. I wonder what would have happened if Arturo didn't die, Wade didn't go home,Maggie never appeared, Quinn wasn't replaced in Season five and his brother never came to the series? I just want the original Sliders back :( !!!
  • Slide Back On To TV.

    I loved this show I have season 1,2,3 on DVD and think this show had something not many shows had in the early 90s, the similarities between Sliders and Stargate are very similar both totally different shows but the Stargate itself is very similar to the vortex in Sliders. It got up season 5 and then was cancelled, why the reason is that the main cast members all dropped off one by one leaving us with Rembrandt the Jazz singer, he plays a great part in show but cant carry it, even in the later series you kind or warm to the new characters but its not the same without Professor Maximillian they then got shot of Wade Wells which she was a big part of the show and the romance building up between Quinn Mallory and Wade just ended. Bringing the Cast to Quinn Mallory played by Jerry O'Connell and Colin Mallory played by Charlie O'Connell also the person taking Wades place Maggie Beckett played by Kari Wuhrer and the famous Jazz singer the crying man himself Rembrandt played by Cleavant Derricks, this show by now you feel is dragging along and hoping the producers will fix this problem only to lose Quinn the lead character and putting Rembrandt in his place the show was asking to be canceled buts its a shame from its back episodes it had so much potential and I think its still there, they need to start again putting Quinn back on his home planet earth and keep it as earth aka the real world. And have the professor home and Wade maybe Maggie and Rembrandt. Maybe start with flash backs with how Wade has been saved, and the professor is alive and put them in a place were they will never use the Vortex again, right im going on a bit now but you know what I mean. The show was great I just think the creators should sit down have a chat the effects technology is so much better than the 90s you could bring this show back with a bang. Just think about it.
  • Needs to have an ending

    ... which will sadly never happen :(
    Such a shame. Yes the last 2 seasons were not in the league as the first 3, I kept watching. The original cast could come back. Some clever (or not so clever) writing could easily bring back the RIGHT Professor, Wade could come back someway & Quinn could be seperated from his alternate.
    Like the Pretender (another favourite of mine) this show is screaming for an ending. Fans to this day want to know how if they all got home, & if so how. What other worlds are out there? I'd be happy with the creator (who was sadly put aside for the last 3 seasons) to write a story finishing it off, but sadly after all this time I think it's realistic to say this will never happen.
  • The greatest Sci Fi Tv series of alltime.

    This show is the bench mark for all science fiction tv shows and since it has ended no show has come close to it.

    It is available to buy on DVD and Im sure it will be a best seller.

    Just about every one I know has seen this show and enjoyed it.
  • "Coutinous Execitment" Sliders a show about a Quinn who discovered a way of passing to different dimensions, Sliding. But something goes wrong and know he has to keep Sliding with his three friends until they find home.

    Sliders will always rate high with me. For one reason the whole concept of Sliding seems like an original thought not like time travel where everyone from Yogi Bear to Mr. Magoo can do that. Sliding is original and to me seems to be outside the normal think box.

    My personal favorite Character is Arturo. He has a certain likeable yet he seems to be level headed and usually is up on things.

    Another concept are the worlds that they travel to while most are creative sometimes just a simple role reverse or time moving backwards can make the whole show a none stop fun.

    I high recommend this show to anyone who like and prefers sci fi movies. It has an great cast and cool special features.
  • come on really why did they take this of air!!

    in my entire life, only two movies/tv series made me cry, one was the movie "instinct", the other was the sliders episode where they killed arturo....

    i would just love it if they would stay in the patterns set by the first season,,, the what if's.... i could watch it for 80 more seasons if they would have sticked to the patterns (and not change the cast). (does anyone else agree with me on that?)

    one more thing that in my opinion damaged the show, was the introduction of multi episode rivals (kromags,,, and the guy who killed arturo, i forgot his name)

    this was the first time i ever realised how damaging can changing the cast be...

    oh, and btw, although i could even manage the fact that they "killed" earth prime, i stopped watching completely after they killed quinn.
  • This is really a great cult classic show. The first three seasons were the best out the entire run of the series.

    This is really a great cult classic show. The first three seasons were the best out the entire run of the series.

    All of the stories are complex and exciting. It continually surprised me time and again. From the very first episode I ever saw, I became addicted. I love this show; it really is the best. I have loved it ever since I was little. I still watch it when I can catch it on the Sci-fi channel, however, after so many seasons it began showing its age. The original cast of Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt, and Professor Arturo was the best cast of the entire series. No matter how good actors the new cast members were, nothing could ever replace the original four.

    It is a pleasure to watch and to even re-watch this unbelievable show on DVDs too. The script was amazing; I could not believe some of the things that happened on the show. Overall, it is sad to see such an interesting concept become destroyed and reworked for no good reason as the series aged.
  • The first two seasons of Sliders was exceptional. Three and four pretty good, but what was five all about?

    I was instantly hooked on Sliders from the very first time that I saw it. That was season 1. I went out of my way to try and watch all of the ones that I missed. I was successful. I have seen every episode of seasons 1 thru 3, and absolutely love it. I guess that I'm a little different that your average Sliders fan. Yeah, I loved Wade and Arturo. But when Maggie entered it brought a whole new need quality to the show. Wade was great, but like all the others she was all goody goody. I was sad when she was lost, but Maggie added something that was missing. The show really needed a more evil element. Her opinions always differed from the others, and that was essential to keep the show going. Good vs good was getting old after one season. I applaude the addition of Maggie. But what was season 5 all about? I saw like two episodes, and could bare it no more. It was not Sliders anymore. Quinn Malory without Jerry OConnel? Whatever! I have no desire to watch any of that season. It was a terrible end to a terific show.
  • Traveling from Earth to Earth, finding people you have met or know from home, relatives, friends, and the tension of the loved one. But all you find are not yours, for they are your doubles. For you as a Slider travel in a worm hole, nto like SG-1.

    Season 1-3, excellant work, but during Season 3 you could see the show starting to go down hill. The fighting by FOX with the creator was very unfortunite and it made the show turn to a great disapointment. I highly recomend Season 1 and 2 with Season 3 a good closer. Sabrina Lloyd adds a very nice touch to the cast, she is sexy but not raunchy has the show becomes beyond Season 3. Jerry O'Connell, Cleavant Derricks, and John Rhys-Davies work with Sabrina to make a delightful show. As Tracy Tormé, the creator and writer of the show fought with Fox you see its slow demise. As with most showes the Sci-Fi chanel take over it lost the edge. Much like SG-1 did, though for SG-1 it took a lot longer.
  • Bring back SLIDERS !

    I was a fan since day one when it first aired on FOX. This show is a classic and deserves a final ending for the fans and maybe a new beginning. Find emails for all the stars and lets get to work.

  • multi-dimensional travel.

    Slider is definitely a classic science fiction show. Combining (and succeeding i might add) elements of science fiction and action/adventure, Sliders makes for a great viewing. The episodes are very informative. I started watching this show when it was first shown here in Australia and as a natural science fiction fan found this show right in my ball court. Jerry O'Connell, the main star, is a very talented actor. Excellent co-stars makes this show extremely fantastic. The shows can be viewed man times with out the action becoming predictable. Many classic theories are played in the multi-verse which is great for alternate history fans like myself.
  • I used to watch this series when I was a little boy. I still haven't found anything like this again.

    I remember watching the pilot when I was about 12 years old. The thought of a world where a little thing (or in that case a big thing like the loss or the Korean war) could change the whole world's history was absolutely stunning. Fabulous I'd say. The very though of paralell worlds going on along with ours is just amazing.
    It's true that the series lost a little of it's bright when the Professor died and when Wade was gone. At first, I didn't like Maggie. Then, you learn to like her.
    The series lost it's focus too when decided to show the war against the Kromaggs instead of alternate worlds but even now, I can't seem to find a show as fascinating as Sliders.
  • Original, Adventurous, Lively

    This was a really fun show. It had a fantastic beginning, with strong central characters and an original plot. Essentially in the "New" SciFi genre, it really was ahead of it's time. Combining time travel with adventure and intrigue. I enjoyed the show for both it's dark plots as well as it's frivolity. The writing was good, the episodes were energetic, and the characters were lively. I understand a show switching out characters from time to time, I mean a new character generally breathes new life into the show, however, I think it was a grave mistake to keep the show going after Jerry O'Connell left. I think they did a pretty good job in switching the characters out, Quinn Mallory, to Quinn "Mallory" Mallory (mix) but still, it just wasn't the same. All in all it's a good past time, it was a fun show, and it would make my top 20.
  • A show with great potential that should have continued for years but was let down by the last two seasons.

    For the first three seasons of Sliders, this show was an intelligent, original and fascinating example of perfect scifi TV. The acting was mostly above average, but the character dynamics of this odd group (a whiz kid, his wannabe girlfriend, his college professor and a washed-up singer who got into sliding by accident) and the writing were what really made the show. Unfortunately, the show began to go downhill when the original cast was shaken up with the departure of the formidable John Rhys-Davies as the Professor, and jumped the shark completely when it lost Sabrina Lloyd as Wade.

    Ultimately the show began to slide of course a little in Season 3. After Season 4 and 5 when two more key characters went M.I.A. Qunn and Wade were replaced by two forgettable wooden characters with more uninspired storyline the show slid downhill.

    I'm sure many salivating teen males would disagree with me on the pointlessness of Kari Wuhrer, but it's clear to me that she added nothing but cleavage to the show.

    So, if you want to watch a sci-fi that's not all together too serious and fun then go for Seasons 1-3 of Sliders, their definitely infinite possibilities for adventure.
  • great show.. ending gone wrong!!

    Sliders had all kinds of potential for so much story telling it's not enough funny!

    Moving between parallel earth, with different perspectives, wow!

    But, you know, the problem was that. in identifying what was interesting.. Was it just the characters? or frame of the show? So, season 5, should have spun season 6.. but this is where the network didn't believe in it's own product and made hasty decisions, regardless of how well the show did in all 4 previous seasons.

    And let's face it.. Farscape was number 1.. and Sliders number 2 at that time.. That wasn't, in my honest opinion, a good enough excuse to ditch the show.

    But they did.. and again, to the cost of the loyal fans.

    But, still, it was a kick ass show.. with or without O'Connell.
  • The original cast episodes are the best.

    This show was the best when it came out. It remained excellent for a few years. But then the cast began to leave. Then it started to go downhill. It was still enjoyable, but not as good. Then they got into teh kromag things. that is when the shwo began to suck. At first, those things were okay, but that became the constant story. I personally found it ot ahrd to watch at that point so I stopped. I thought the show was cancleed not moved to scifi. Then when i learned it was still on, yuck. Where did the new people come from. It was so bad, I still don't know how the show changed. The show was best with the originall four sliders.. Even with just the three going it was good. But then the new people brought in bad scripts.
  • Sliders deserves a comeback!

    I\'m sure many other fans have mentioned similar, but this show deserves a comeback! In my opinion, the very idea has endless possibilities, I mean countless universes, multiple ways to exist, I think the series jumped the shark too quickly in its prime and it could make a strong recovery!

    The series was excellent, it had empathetic characters on a seemingly simple, but all around perfect effect, getting back to their own dimesion, there is is no plot that could have been greater. If it were say... about a group of scientists examining the different dimensions it wouldn\'t have had half of the interest it did.

    They officially Jumped the Shark in Season 5 when Quinn became Mallory, a totally different character with a different personality where in the Sliders universe it didn\'t seem possible and the doubles always represented the same physical characteristics of the original. Anyway all that aside, the series was an excellent one and I give it multi-thumbs up
  • decent Sci-fi

    think it was really underated.. especially the later ones.. but overall a good show ... I immss it and catch it on Sci_fi whenever I ca. Jerry O'Connell and John Rys Davies were in particular talented actors... would like to see a good two part MiniSeries on Sci-Fi like they did with Farscape
  • excellent series

    there's a petition to revive the show
  • More Sliders!?

    I love this show! I read on IMDB that there are going to be three more episodes of sliders to be released or available in may 2013 first to take place may 4 episode named "time 98" then subsequently may 11 episode named "warzone: pt. 1" and may 23 episode named "warzone:pt. 2". Could this be true?
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