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  • Sliders is a personal favorite due to its topic, scientific approach and impact on my life, but objectively it is a decent show.

    The second half of the third season and the fourth one lost the real Sliders. To be honnest, I never had the chance to watch the fifth season because the channels I get decided not to buy it after the mediocre audience scores of the fourth one. I was told by several fans that this matches the spirit of the show again, but how is that only possible without the main characters ?
    What made Sliders Sliders was not just the vortex and travelling through it from a Universe to the other dealing with people needing help and trying the determine whether or not the sliders should do so. What made Sliders Sliders was a combination of factors : the cast, the topic, the scripts, the social satire and the humor.

    The cast was originally these four people taken into an incredible journey through parallel universes, all of them bringing an original point of view.
    The topic was that of new theories which were just starting to be known at the time. Think that the fourth season was in 1998-1999. In an episode, you hear about the M theory, created by Eric Witten in 1998.
    The scripts were well written for most of them, suggesting other ways of life, other points of views that the sliders analyzed as they tried to survive and help whoever they could. This brought interesting debates about how our Occidental society seems to be a model, but how a slight variation could have changed everything. How can we say that we are right ?

    A decent show, indeed. But the first seasons really were underestimaded. They aired in 1995. I was eight years old. They made me want to be an astrophysicist.
  • If ever there were a show that was an example of how network politics can ruin amazing programming, this is that show.

    Sliders has always been a special show for me. I'd always been fascinated by the idea of alternate dimensions. Red Dwarf, Star Trek, even a few oddball kid's shows had all briefly explored the idea of alternate dimensions, and I wanted MORE. When the advertisements started on Fox, I knew I had to watch this show.

    Although I missed the first episode due to a transmision tower outage, the first season still stands out in my mind as really good television. It was amazing: science fiction BESIDES Star Trek on a major network in primetime. You had comic relief, drama, and enough pseudo-science to keep you entertained and believing it.

    It wasn't until partway through the third season that I felt things started to go downhill, specifically with the departure of John Rhys-Davies. It wasn't the fact that he left that made the show worse, nor was it Kari Wuhrer's performance in subsequent episodes. (Though she was a little shakey in her first few episodes) I could tell that Sliders was beginning to move away from the wacky, care-free "let's see what crazy dimension we slide into this time" mechanic they'd used before that point. "Oh well," I thought, "at least it's because they're pursuing Robert Daltrey. He plays a great villain," which kept me happy until I found out that he only played the part of Colonel Rickman in two episodes. Still, the Rickman subplot didn't ALWAYS overshadow the plot of the episode. Sometimes it was still wacky and care-free, except for when the Sliders remembered they were after not-Roger Daltry.

    Season four, I must say, is really where the quality went way way WAY downhill. The re-introduction of the Kro-Maggs was something I had expected would last one or two episodes, not an entire season. From what I understand, this change of focus was due to SciFi's desire for something to compete with X-files' fixation on conspiracies at the time, which was kind of like cutting off your own nose to spite someone else's face. Instead of, "what crazy dimension are they sliding into this time," it was, "what horrible ungodly thing have the Kro-Maggs caused this time." What the hell was SciFi thinking? "Oooo look, millions of people have died because the Kro-Maggs are Genocidal multiverse-Nazis, people will really want to come back to this steaming pile now"? Hardly. And just to add insult to injury, they added the mental image of Wade being held captive at a Kro-Magg breeding camp. Thanks guys, that really helps me sleep at night. At this point I barely watched the show for the most part. Sure, Colin Mallory was an interesting character, but that wasn't enough to make me sit through the rest of the nonsense. The entire season was frustrating and depressing, and I mean DEPRESSING. (Mass genocide tends to do that to things) I think two episodes of the season didn't make me long for the show to go into reruns.

    And then enter season five, or as I reffer to it, the flailing death-spasms of a once-great show. Said death started when Jerry O'Connel walked after not being made Executive Producer of the show. Why he wanted it so bad has never been made clear; I like to think it was because he wanted to make sure the show steered clear of Kro-Maggs and anything else vaguely conspiracy-like. Regardless, the loss of Jerry and Charlie O'Connel was what signaled the death of the show, especially when the writers blatantly insulted the intelligence of the audience by asking us to believe that someone who looked NOTHING like Jerry O'Connel could actually be Quinn merged with another version of himself. And the new character for the season, Diana... well I barely remember her. Way to make 'em memorable, guys.

    Now I will give the writing staff credit: they did seem to be getting their act together partway through the season. But the quality of the show wasn't anywhere near as good as it used to be. Peter Jurasik was a good villain, so good that sometimes I didn't particularly mind that he was always somehow behind everything that went wrong. But even with the few good episodes in the season and the love-to-hate-him villain it wasn't enough. The show was going down and going down hard. And instead of going out on some kind of high note we get sad music with a pan back, followed by the oddly final line, "what do we do now?"

    If you only watch the first two-and-three-quarters seasons of the show it's a solid 9.5, but once you get into the latter seasons it just becomes unenjoyable. I'd like to see it come back, but only if whoever brings it back doesn't get caught up in this "we have to have an overbearing conspiracy every season" nonsense.
  • The first two seasons were ace, then it all hit the fan

    I really liked the first two seasons of this show, the concept was simple but it had the scope for a good 4 or 5 seasons from the outset - as long as the writing staff didnt get lazy. A bit of a different take on the outstanding Quantum Leap, this show had credibility, a good core cast and some decent stories. As Season 3 began it went horribly, horribly wrong. The Kromags were introduced in the season 2 cliffhanger, I had no problem with them except the idea of the became a big focus of the show rather than seperate episodes about different dimensions. This was an obvious attempt to improve ratings, the same happened in Enterprise with the Xindi story although in that case I think it worked much better. The next pitfall was when Professor Arturo left and the dynamic of the cast was lost - his replacement just didnt have the necessary flair for the role. Following that we lost Wade, another integral cast member, then to top it off in Season 5's opening episode Quinn and his brother were merged into a whole new character (and actor) called Malorie!!! HAHAHAHA RIDICULOUS! I stopped watching the show as soon as that happened, and im not at all suprised that it was cancelled that year.
  • This is really a great cult classic show. The first three seasons were the best out the entire run of the series.

    This is really a great cult classic show. The first three seasons were the best out the entire run of the series.

    All of the stories are complex and exciting. It continually surprised me time and again. From the very first episode I ever saw, I became addicted. I love this show; it really is the best. I have loved it ever since I was little. I still watch it when I can catch it on the Sci-fi channel, however, after so many seasons it began showing its age. The original cast of Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt, and Professor Arturo was the best cast of the entire series. No matter how good actors the new cast members were, nothing could ever replace the original four.

    It is a pleasure to watch and to even re-watch this unbelievable show on DVDs too. The script was amazing; I could not believe some of the things that happened on the show. Overall, it is sad to see such an interesting concept become destroyed and reworked for no good reason as the series aged.
  • A DVD review of the first and second season DVD box set.

    I'm a big fan of Sliders and was very happy when it was announced that the first and second seasons would finally be released on DVD in a 'Dual Dimension' collectors box set. I had been waiting a long time for this day and it wouldn't have happened without the determenation of the fans that sent numerous letters, emails and pettitions off to the executives of the show. I bought my Box set for around £28, which was a bit high considering most TV shows that have 22 episodes cost around £20-£25 or so, but I didn't care, I could finally get one of my fav sci-fi shows on DVD after all these years of waiting.

    [The History behind Sliders]

    Sliders started life on the Fox channel for the first three seasons and was then picked up by the Sci-Fi channel after Fox cancelled it. It's a weird history behind Sliders because it has been cancelled quite a few times. It was initially put on hiatus after 9 episodes out of the 22 were completed in the first season. This was because Fox wanted to change the nature of the show and have more action than it actually had. So because of late production on the next lot of episodes, after the hiatus period, these episodes were aired a year later and were known as season two. Fox then officially cancelled the show after the episodes were aired.

    Fans were devasted at the decision by Fox, so decided to start a campaign to bring the show back. Their efforts worked and Fox gave Sliders a full 25 episode season, exactly what the fans wanted. For that season Sliders done quite well in the ratings but Fox decided to cancel it again because they wanted to go ahead with another show in the time slot that Sliders usually had. Lucky enough though, the Sci-Fi channel saw the potential in Sliders and decided to pick it up for a Fourth and then a Fifth season. After good ratings (First place in Season 4 and second place behind Farscape in Season Five), fans thought that Sliders would surely get a Sixth Season, but no they didn't. Sci-Fi cancelled the show. That decision was mainly thought to be because of problems with the budget the Sixth season would have had but I'm not sure. There are also rumours that Sci-Fi tried to pin the blame for the cancellation on the actors, saying that none of them signed up for a Sixth Season, but they responded by saying that they were never asked and went on to do other projects.

    Not only has Sliders been cancelled several times but key members of cast and crew left the show too. Most notably was the removal of John Rhys-Davies (Professor Arturo), Sabrina Loyd (Wade Wells) and of course the main star Jerry O'Connell (Quinn Mallory). This was what let the show down in the fourth and Fifth seasons. There were loads of goings on with pay disputes and what not but nothing could be settled. The only actor who stayed for all five seasons was Cleavant Derricks (Rembrandt Brown), who became the lead character after Jerry left. Rembrandt was a good character but after seeing Jerry O'Connell as the lead for so long it felt very different. Various writers and producers left too, which was why a lot of the stories didn't turn out that well. There were so many cast/character changes as well that didn't help the matter. These included Kari Wuhrer joining the cast in Season three and Tembi Locke and Robert Floyd joining in Season Five. This was of course because many of the original actors had left the show for one reason or another.

    Sliders has been a hit all round the world and like another cancelled show 'Farscape', continues to play on the sciFi channel. So if you want to catch a few episodes then the best thing is to check if you got that channel. They used to air Sliders on BBC2 but the BBC decided not to purchase Seasons Four and Five after they aired on Sky One. That left many of us who were watching on BBC2 in a bit of a bother because we didn't have Sky.

    [The characters]

    Quinn Mallory [Jerry O'Connell] aka Q-Ball

    Quinn spends most of his time in the basement of the house, where he often conducts various experiments, one of course that led to sliding. He lives in San Fransisco and when he was 12, his dog Bopper went missing. His father died in a car crash at the same time. After his father's death Quinn got interested in 'Quantum Physics' and decided to go to the University of California to study the subject. There he attended lectures by Professor Arturo. He also works part time at the Doppler Computer Superstore as a repairman. His friend Wade also works there.

    Wade [Kathleen] Wells [Sabrina Lloyd]

    Wade is the best friend of Quinn Mallory and works at the Doppler Computer Superstore. She also has feelings for Quinn but she is considered to be more like a sister to him, so their romance doesn't really go anywhere to start with. Over the course of the season they do kiss but Wade becomes more closer to Rembrandt because they agree on more things than she did with Quinn.

    Rembrandt [Lee] Brown [Cleavant Derricks] aka 'The Crying Man', 'Remy'

    Rembrandt first started life as a singer with his music group 'The Spinning Tops' but once he left them his success went downhill. He was named 'The Crying man' after he cried real tears on stage and often provides a lot of the comic relief throughout the seasons.

    Professor Maximilian P. Arturo [John-Rhys Davies]

    Arturo has to be most sarcastic out of Sliders but he is very knowledgable and his bright ideas and plans help the Sliders out in most sticky situations. He's a teacher of Cosmology and Ontology at the University of California and is one of Quinn's lecturers.

    [How does the story for Sliders start out?]

    Quinn Mallory accidently opens up a portal to another dimension while he was trying to discover anti-gravity. After several tests he then invents a timer so that if he goes through the gateway he can return home. This is when the story really starts. Quinn decides to enter the portal and lands himself in a parallel-world that is slightly different to his own, where for example, on a traffic light, red is go and green is stop. This world was only a little bit different but as you will see later in the seasons some worlds are totally different.

    When he returns from his sucessful 'Slide' he finds out that he is being blamed for things he hasn't done while he has been away. That is when he finds out that a double from another world has also invented sliding and has come through the gateway into his world.The double has been Sliding for quite some time and just as his timer counts down to the last second he tries to warn Quinn about something with the Timer. The double Quinn isn't able to finish what he is saying as the portal opens and he is sucked through.

    Later Quinn invites his friends Wade and Arturo round to his house to show them what the device can do. The two are amazed when they see Quinn's basement full of gadgets and gizmos but what really amazes them is when Quinn opens up the portal. Wade wants to try it out but the professor looks at it from a more scientific view and questions whether or not it would be stable for all of them. After, they all decide to travel through the vortex but first Quinn decides to increase the power so that the portal will be large enough to carry all of them through safely, but once they enter the vortex something goes wrong and causes the portal to enlarge and travel out into the street where it gathers up Rembrandt in his cadillac.

    When the four 'Sliders' arrive on the next world they stumble upon disaster, so Quinn must advance the timer and open up a new vortex for them to escape. This saves their lives but has also caused the timer to erase the co-ordinates of their own world, which therefore begins their journey sliding through numerous worlds in an attempt to make it back to their own someday.

    [The Seasons]

    [Season One Intro] What if you could find brand new worlds right here on Earth, where anything's possible? Same planet, different dimension. I've found the gateway!

    [Season Two Intro] What if you could travel to parallel worlds? The same year, the same Earth, only different dimensions. A world where the Russians rule America, or where your dreams of being a superstar came true, or where San Francisco was a maximum security prison? My friends and I have found the gateway. Now the problem is, finding a way back home!

    Overall both seasons were excellent and it was a great ride sliding through the different worlds. Some really great episodes were produced and among my favourites would have to be the feature-length Pilot episode. This was because it not only set the story for sliding through different dimensions but because it almost felt like a sort of movie. There were so many other great worlds that the Sliders visited such as the one where men are are considered the weaker sex or where most of the world's population of men have been killed by a virus. Whatever world Sliders takes you to it's always great fun. The visual effects for the show were also very good and were considered the best for a TV show at the time Sliders was made. Obviously when I watch it back now the effects are not as good as say Farscape or something but one thing that is still realistic is the vortex, which the Sliders jump through when they travel from world to world.

    [The DVD]

    The 6-disc Dual Dimension DVD set is region one NTSC and is not available on Region 2 at the moment. The best thing is, if you've got a multi-region player, is to puchase it from a cheap canadian site like me or to get it from, Amazon or playusa or something. You have to watch out though because a lot of these sites ship there DVD's direct from Canada so you can get a customs charge a lot of the time. I was lucky this time, I avoided getting charged. But now that probably means when I order my next box set, a £9 something charge will be waiting for me. I really hate it when this sh*t happens. Why can't you just order it and get it delivered to your house like your suppose too?

    [The Packaging]

    The packaging for this box set is very different and original to most sets that I buy. This is because there is an illusion that makes the discs looks as though they are floating. This has been done quite simply with a piece of foam which is stuck on the left with six slots for the DVD's to slide in and out of. When you pick it up it does feel kind of cheap because it's nothing like the normal package you would get, but I like the design and it looks nice on my shelf. The outta case is a shinny silver in colour with an image of sliders on the front. It also has the sliders logo in a purple colour. There is also a transparent plastic cover that slots into the case so you can see the discs 'float'. There is no writing on the back and comes with no booklet, which is a shame. Many people thought that the discs would get scratched up if you keep pulling the discs in and out but various sites have tested it several times and say that the foam does not cause the discs to get scratched.

    [Technical details]

    Sadly the two seasons are not in Widescreen, but instead a nice cleaned up fullscreen version is included, which I am happy with. It's probably one of the best fullscreen transfers actually, for a TV show. The colours are all in the right contrast and despite having some dust are very good quality. On the audio side of things everything is fine, considering that I first thought that there was going to be a Mono track rather than the Dolby Surround track that is actually included. It's not the best but it does the job at recreating the stunning Sliders sound effects and music. The set also contains English, French and Spanish subtitles but there are no other language tracks included.

    [Extra Features]

    This is a big let down because there's so much that could have been included, such as various outtakes, interviews, behind the scenes segments, extra commentaries but we get none of that and are stuck with only a total of three features. These are:-

    [Audio Commemtary with writers/co-creators Robert K. Weiss and Tracy Torme]

    Considering the pilot was about an hour and a half long we are given quite long commentary, which is one good thing about the extras. Overall I thought the commentary was great and very informative. We were let in a few behind the scenes mishaps and they talked about the actors, among other things. One highlight would have to be when they explained how John Rhys-Davies wanted to do this stunt where he had to roll under a truck. They told him that they wanted to use a stunt double but he kept insisting that he he wanted to do it. So they finally let him and guess what? He rolled under the truck split his head open.

    [The Making of Sliders]

    This was mainly featurette fluff with loads of clips from the show but it did have quite a few good interviews in there. Out of the actors though, only Cleavant Derricks and Jerry O'Connell are interviewed. It would have been nice to see what some of the others had to say but nothing from them was included. So overall it was an okay feature.

    [Photo Gallery]

    Some photos come on the screen with some music playing in the background.

    [Final Word]

    Overall it was a great two seasons and I really enjoyed seeing them again after all these years. As I do with most of my TV show DVD reviews I would like to recommend the show to anyone who is into Sci-Fi. It's a great show and these two seasons were the high peak of Sliders.

    Thanks for reading!

    The fanlisting is at this address if you want to join: I run the fanlisting which currently has over 150 members!
  • come on really why did they take this of air!!

    in my entire life, only two movies/tv series made me cry, one was the movie "instinct", the other was the sliders episode where they killed arturo....

    i would just love it if they would stay in the patterns set by the first season,,, the what if's.... i could watch it for 80 more seasons if they would have sticked to the patterns (and not change the cast). (does anyone else agree with me on that?)

    one more thing that in my opinion damaged the show, was the introduction of multi episode rivals (kromags,,, and the guy who killed arturo, i forgot his name)

    this was the first time i ever realised how damaging can changing the cast be...

    oh, and btw, although i could even manage the fact that they "killed" earth prime, i stopped watching completely after they killed quinn.
  • "Coutinous Execitment" Sliders a show about a Quinn who discovered a way of passing to different dimensions, Sliding. But something goes wrong and know he has to keep Sliding with his three friends until they find home.

    Sliders will always rate high with me. For one reason the whole concept of Sliding seems like an original thought not like time travel where everyone from Yogi Bear to Mr. Magoo can do that. Sliding is original and to me seems to be outside the normal think box.

    My personal favorite Character is Arturo. He has a certain likeable yet he seems to be level headed and usually is up on things.

    Another concept are the worlds that they travel to while most are creative sometimes just a simple role reverse or time moving backwards can make the whole show a none stop fun.

    I high recommend this show to anyone who like and prefers sci fi movies. It has an great cast and cool special features.
  • Great Start but not a finisher.

    Sliders started off well but just started going down hill fast after they started losing the original characters, then finally when Rembrant was the only one left. They ended the show with one of the worst endings I have ever seen. No conclusions just a jump into space not ever really knowing what is going to happen. But you know once the writers got lazy something bad was going to happen and that's when they introduced the character Mallory combining the two brothers it was a complete disaster. All I can say is at least you know what happened to the professor when he died(still horrible though). Everything else was just a quick useless answer. Bring back the original cast and this show would do miracles again. To bad they had to end it.
  • Sliders was amazing for the first few seasons but why the crap would they put Quinn is some wacky portal and bring him back as a new actor...

    It really hurts me that i can only give sliders an 8/10 it was just so good put when the cast stated to change and all the dimentions were just like this but with a new government it sucked.

    The first few seasons however were amasing. Bursting with creativity. It was full of amazing races and fantastic ideas for currupt governments and the cast worked great together. i would highly recomend the first 2 seasons on dvd to any sci fi fan
  • When Quinn Mallory accidentally invents sliding he and his three companions find they are unable to find their way home again.

    Quinn Mallory accidentally invented a machine that gave him the ability to travel between dimensions. With his friend Wade Wells and Professor Arturo they decide to take a spin round the universe...without thoroughly testing the machine first.

    Caught up in the vortex is Rembrant "Crying Man" Brown, who is understandably shocked to find himself driving into an iceberg.

    Stuck in the middle of a natural disaster with a tornado approaching fast, they have no choice but to ignore a warning from Quinn's double and open the wormhole early. The consequences of their actions are clear...they have not returned home and are now lost in another dimension.

    The sliders travel from world to world searching for their home world and encountering friends and enemies along the way.

    The show had a great premise and with an infinite number of worlds there was an infinite number of storylines to go with it.

    The first series was original, inventive and each episode offered something new to enjoy. The second series was equally enjoyable.

    However by the third series the show seemed to have started to lose its direction. With the departure of Arturo and the introduction of Maggie Beckett there were changes in store. The Professor's opinions and knowledge about history were noticeably absent and instead the focus moved to the enemies that the sliders had made during their travels, most notably Rickman, a killer from Maggie's home world and the Kromaggs, a race of beings who are determined to enslave the occupants of every world they slide to.

    But the show remained enjoyable to watch and there were some good episodes still to be had.

    The fourth series came around and there was a glaring absence in the cast. Wade Wells, played by Sabrina Lloyd, was no longer there. Written out with not even a final episode to do her justice there was an opening for another slider to join the three remaining travellers.

    The expansion of the Kromagg storyline gave the sliders a new reason to continue travelling. This time in search for Quinn's natural parents, doubles from another world, and the brother he never knew he had. An interesting idea but one which took the show even further away from its roots.

    By series five I had almost given up on the show but after hearing that it was probably the final series watched anyway in order to see just would happen.

    The series opened with two more absences, both Quinn and his brother Colin were gone with only a brief glimpse of two actors pretending to be them taking their place. Each of them was then written out with even flimsier storylines than that of Wade. The two replacement sliders, Mallory and Diana are soon travelling with Maggie and the last remaining original slider Rembrant.

    The series was not entirely bad, the episodes focusing on Rembrant are always strong, and the episode Requiem at least offered a conclusion to the story of what had happened to Wade all those months ago. But with so many of the old favourites gone and the storylines once again focused not on how the worlds are different, but on the enemies they have made, it was not surprising that a sixth series never arrived.

    A great show that went downhill when so many of the cast had left. It lasted well past it prime and like so many other shows gave the viewers no real conclusion.
  • While trying to invent an anti-gravity machine, college student Quinn Mallory accidentally invents something completely different: a way to travel to parallel earths, or as he put it in the narration... "same planet, different dimension" He and a group

    It was a promising show at the beginning, one whose premise could have led to nearly infinite storylines if handled correctly and for a while, it seemed they were doing just that. The four main characters, Quinn; his physics professor Maximilian Arturo; Quinn's tomboyish friend Wade Kathleen Welles; and a middle-aged musician named Rembrandt Brown who was convinced he was on his way to a come-back, all worked well together. They journeyed from dimension to dimension in an effort to get back to their own after an accident in the premiere shorted out the device that Quinn had developed.
    The series explored what America would be like if England had won the Revolutionary War, or if Russia or Spain ruled the country, or if the Egyptian civilization of thousands of years ago had never died out. They had episodes which examined the possibilities of the U.S. where women held the social "upper hand", or the justice system was reduced to a game show, hosted by, of all people, the man who played Ralph/Malph in Happy Days.
    Perhaps the best part of those early episodes was the social commentary behind the plots. Many of them made you stop and think. There was a lot being said in them and they had a relevancy that was lost in the later episodes. Then the professor was written out in a very controversial move which I think lost the show a great deal of support and then Wade's character was also lost. When I found out she wasn't coming back I stopped watching the show. By that point it had lost so much of what had made it special to begin with.
  • Amazingly awesome idea, but only fairly good execution.

    The premiere of Sliders was enthralling, entertaining, and fun. From there, the series itself began to slide. The introduction of the Kroaggs was perhaps a mistake that cost the series some of its cast members and its place where it may have been in history - as a great sci-fi series in the likeness of The X-Files. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and the show lasted a mere 5 seasons (only three on its parent network of FOX - which I believe treated the show unfairly with scheduling, etc). Maybe one day, the show can be re-made and the Kroaggs can be left out...
  • The greatest Sci Fi Tv series of alltime.

    This show is the bench mark for all science fiction tv shows and since it has ended no show has come close to it.

    It is available to buy on DVD and Im sure it will be a best seller.

    Just about every one I know has seen this show and enjoyed it.
  • Sliders, a show about 4 traveling friends... who just happen to be traveling dimensions! This Show was well written, and had a compelling story.

    I miss this show, up until a month or so ago SCI-FI was showing an episode every weekday. The story was great, and although the last couple seasons kind of tanked, I thought it was still compelling television. I wish SCI-FI would do a movie, just to show what happens to ALL the characters from the show.
  • This was a really great show like the first few seasons but I stopped liking it when they took wade off!

    I liked this show and even started watching the reruns to it again! But i just cant stand the seasons after they took off the professor but i thought Maggie was a good replacement! And then they took Wade off and didnt get the good of a replacement! Then to top that all off they had Quinn go through some portal but then turns into some other man! That was soo stupid lo!
  • seasons one and two - classic

    it may seem fairly low budget in comparison to other sci-fi shows at the time, but what sliders lacked in budget more than made up for in great stories and characters.

    instead of focusing on the sc-fi aspect of the show, creators tracy torme and robert k. weiss concentrated on the alternate history aspect of each world, such as a world where the a-bomb wasn't invented, or where penicillin hadn't been discovered.

    the four main characters, quinn mallory (jerry o'connell), wade welles (sabrina lloyd), rembrandt brown (cleavant derricks) and professor arturo (john rhys-davis) all had fantastic personas and brought so much to the series, finding themselves in crazy situations and hypothesizing how different a new dimension is to their own.

    the potential for dozens of great story ideas was fantastic, and just about every episode in the 10 episodes of season 1 and 13 episodes of season 2 were classics.

    fox didn't realise the potential of the series and continually undermined torme and weiss, leading to their departure early in season 3.

    The series then continued to be driven into the ground by new executive producer david peckinpah, who sacked john rhys-davis after several in-fights between the cast and crew. he knew the series was going under and jumped ship in time, as did sabrina lloyd at the end of the season.

    season three did have some good episodes. 'double cross' and 'the guardian' are perhaps the last echoes of the torme and weiss magic that made the first two seasons great. other notable mentions include the funny 'dead man sliding', the sentimental 'the prince of slides' and the festive 'season's greedings' (the last good sliders episode tm).

    season four fared a little better, with a greater season-long story focus and less movie rip-offs and monster-of-the-week episodes, however the premise was centered around a villain, the kromaggs, who were used a bit too much. also, with arturo and wade gone, the character dynamic that worked so well in the first two seasons just didn't work with their replacements, maggie and colin.

    season five was where things went terribly wrong. the storyline set out in season four was never resolved, and a new arc was established in the opening episode of this season, leaving the writers with so much backstory to catch up with. they never actually manage to do any of it. jerry o'connel quit, as did his on and off screen brother charlie (who played colin). we were introduced to the bland diana davies and the irritating mallory. the new storyline was just too silly and the writers dug themselves an almighty big hole that lost the series forever. so by the end, only cleavant derricks remained from the original four, and the final episode of the season ended on a cliffhanger that will never be resolved.

    seasons one and two are out now on dvd, and i recommend you purchase them now!

    season three is also out, and i'd say it's worth buying to catch the last few good episodes, and to let you see how bad the show gets in the last few episodes of the season! you may be interested in season four, but it leans more on the sci-fi aspect of the show than the alternate histories side.
  • Sliders, well to begin off I own Seasons 1, 2, 3 on dvd. I was dissapointed to see the Professor leave in Season 3, dont get me wrong the show needed a change but some things are best left alone

    My favorite episodes of Sliders were from Seasons 1-2 and part Season 3. I lost interest in Sliders due to the fact couldn't view it for one thing and the episodes became a bit repititive to think that the writers had great ideas but could of had plot twists. GREAT!!!
  • Great beginning not so great ending.

    I loved this show from the start. But after the professor was taken off the show. It was all down hill from there. They kept bringing in new characters and taking others out. In the end is was like they were sliding with an entire circus. The show had such great promise. They should have just cancelled it after the professor left the show instead of running it into the ground.
  • A great show about alternate realities.

    Sliders was one of my favorite shows when it first started. The idea of alternate realities was really cool and a great basis for a show. They also had a strong cast who seemed to have had a great chemistry together and who the audience could love and relate to. Unfortunately the show started to go downhill when endless mistake after another was made. Their first mistake was getting rid of the character of the professor. Their next mistake was bringing in Kari Wuher (YUCK! CAN'T ACT!). Then they brought in the storyline of the Kromags which was ok but they never got off that one thing. It got old fast. And finally the cast, first they lose 3 of the 4 strongest characters (the people who made the show) and they bring in other actors and characters that are weak and just didn't make the cut. The only good thing at the end was that the character of Rembrant was still there. They should bring back the show with the original cast and the crew from the 1st and 2nd seasons because they made it great.
  • Needs to have an ending

    ... which will sadly never happen :(
    Such a shame. Yes the last 2 seasons were not in the league as the first 3, I kept watching. The original cast could come back. Some clever (or not so clever) writing could easily bring back the RIGHT Professor, Wade could come back someway & Quinn could be seperated from his alternate.
    Like the Pretender (another favourite of mine) this show is screaming for an ending. Fans to this day want to know how if they all got home, & if so how. What other worlds are out there? I'd be happy with the creator (who was sadly put aside for the last 3 seasons) to write a story finishing it off, but sadly after all this time I think it's realistic to say this will never happen.
  • Sliders: A perfect example unfulfilled potential.

    Sliders had one of the greatest concept in the science fiction, in my opinion - alternate realities where some catalyst, be it small or huge, sends that world off into a vastly different present/future. But it never lived up to its potential, due to bad executive decisions.
    I still consider seasons one and two of Sliders to be the best of science fiction. The characters showed depth, as well as the predictability of humanity. Often, the humor was subtler than that of the crude variety displayed by the later seasons. Alternate realities and their effects in these two seasons actually seemed plausible. Granted, anything is possible in an infinite number of universes, but these worlds showed the viewers what might've been our own, if but one small event occurred differently.
    The third and fourth seasons were a travesty to the greatness of the show, and its fans. The acting became subpar, even by sci-fi standards. The characters were often reduced to the lowest denominator (in particular, Quinn's personality change was dismaying). The plots and corresponding worlds no longer made any sense. This downward plunge can mostly be attributed to the change in management, which also led to a change in cast.
    By the fifth season, the show had changed so much as to be nearly unrecognizable, and it was hard to maintain interest in it. I found it impossible to accept the newly introduced characters, whose performance wasn't stellar anyway. Add to that a number of lackluster stories, Sliders was dead. The cliffhanger ending still managed to invoke a rather inflamed reaction, however.
    I would love to see Sliders brought back. Its concept was strong; the fact that it continued to air past season three alone is a testament to that. If it were ever brought back, I hope that it will finally be allowed rightfully to shine. Had the potential not been squandered, Sliders might've been the best science fiction show of all time.
  • Season 1 and Season 2- Outstanding Season 3 -It was O.K.farewell prof. Season 4- Fair... what happened to Wade?! Season 5-wtf??

    The first two seasons were fabulous. There were so many interesting storylines. And the original 4 cast members were the best. After the prof died in season 3(I heard it was largely due to not getting along with the exec producer... the way a really dumb death if you ask me) I was a little disappointed. Then after waiting so long to see the cliffhanger from the end of season 3 (when remmy and wade go back alone thru one vortex and then quin and maggie follow after, but end up in future world.I was so hoping to see what future world would look like at the beginning of season 4. They didnt even touch on this!What a huge disappointment!!!And then wade wasn't even in the show even huge-er disappointment!!!!i miss her the most. also what an insult to the viewers by such crappy writing to wrap up season 3 ending and intro to season 4. then the whole thing about quin being from a parallel world and being adopted. what the heck was up with that?! the whole cromagg continuing story?!! how boring!
    there were just too many episodes revolving around this.
    what happened to tracy torme and robert weiss.i heard they left cuz they couldnt stand their superiors.they got new staff to write and executive produce this show halfway thru season 3. i hate pig headed studio execs who think their new way for the show to go will make it better. WRONG! it only lasted for one more season. i only watched a couple of the first episodes of season 5. i couldnt take it anymore!!!WTF?! quin and colin were gone and then they molded quin into a new character?!!! the stupid studio execs shoulda realized that it was over for this series! why didnt they resolve it at the end of the season and end the series on a good note instead of a never to be resolved cliffhanger?! i cant believe i watched this show for 5 years and then seeing that episode as a series finale!!! this series had such great potential and the stubborn dumbasse powers that be, just couldnt figure it out! this was worse than the seinfeld series finale! very-very poor!
  • This was a great show and it’s a shame that Sci-fi axed it because they didn’t foresee the show being able to more forward without Jerry O’Connell.

    This was a great show and it’s a shame that Sci-fi axed it because they didn’t foresee the show being able to more forward without Jerry O’Connell. Sure, they’ve had their share or horrifically bad B-movie episode plots, but there were also so great gems of episodes. Plus, members of the Farscape cast (Ben and Claudia) seem to have just been transferred to Star Gate and one of the actresses from The Invisible Man found her way into the Andromeda cast. So why couldn’t the network have done same for the Sliders’ cast?
  • Okay, I continue to watch a show that I have rated 6.6 .... well just because I did not rate it high does not mean that I don't continue to rent the DVD's and watch it.

    Okay, I continue to watch a show that I have rated 6.6 .... well just because I did not rate it high does not mean that I don't continue to rent the DVD's and watch it.

    I need to asked myself why? The premise is far fetched. And yet, it is interesting to think and examine what our world would be like if only...... What would I be like if only......

    Once I get passed my issues with the premise, I am back to the storytelling and values that it makes me examine. A show that makes me think is indeed worth watching. It makes me realize how much my life has been determined by a "chance" happening. How much maybe our whole society has been shaped by "chance" events.

    In addition, they acting just makes you smile. That is always a good thing.
  • Slide Back On To TV.

    I loved this show I have season 1,2,3 on DVD and think this show had something not many shows had in the early 90s, the similarities between Sliders and Stargate are very similar both totally different shows but the Stargate itself is very similar to the vortex in Sliders. It got up season 5 and then was cancelled, why the reason is that the main cast members all dropped off one by one leaving us with Rembrandt the Jazz singer, he plays a great part in show but cant carry it, even in the later series you kind or warm to the new characters but its not the same without Professor Maximillian they then got shot of Wade Wells which she was a big part of the show and the romance building up between Quinn Mallory and Wade just ended. Bringing the Cast to Quinn Mallory played by Jerry O'Connell and Colin Mallory played by Charlie O'Connell also the person taking Wades place Maggie Beckett played by Kari Wuhrer and the famous Jazz singer the crying man himself Rembrandt played by Cleavant Derricks, this show by now you feel is dragging along and hoping the producers will fix this problem only to lose Quinn the lead character and putting Rembrandt in his place the show was asking to be canceled buts its a shame from its back episodes it had so much potential and I think its still there, they need to start again putting Quinn back on his home planet earth and keep it as earth aka the real world. And have the professor home and Wade maybe Maggie and Rembrandt. Maybe start with flash backs with how Wade has been saved, and the professor is alive and put them in a place were they will never use the Vortex again, right im going on a bit now but you know what I mean. The show was great I just think the creators should sit down have a chat the effects technology is so much better than the 90s you could bring this show back with a bang. Just think about it.
  • decent Sci-fi

    think it was really underated.. especially the later ones.. but overall a good show ... I immss it and catch it on Sci_fi whenever I ca. Jerry O'Connell and John Rys Davies were in particular talented actors... would like to see a good two part MiniSeries on Sci-Fi like they did with Farscape
  • This show could have been the greatest sci-fi show ever, till ruined by the network and their producers.

    Mind you, I'm not the type of person to make statements like "best sci-fi show ever" lightly. But it's a shame to think about what could have been.

    The premise - traveling to alternate versions of Earth - was fantastic. Rather than just space and time travel, which had been done to death, this series went for something fresh and exciting. (Yes, the concept of parallel universes had been around in sci-fi for a long time prior to this, but never in a weekly TV series format.)

    The characters were great - Quinn Mallory, the geek who doesn't know he's a stud; Wade Wells, his wallflower friend with a crush on him, who doesn't realize she's a babe; Maximillian Arturo, the pompous professor who doesn't realize he's all that; and Rembrandt Brown, the show-business icon who doesn't realize he's washed up. And the cast played them perfectly.

    Season 1 was phenomenal, integrating humor and good characterization with exciting action, reasonable science, and a genuine interest in its own premise. (Only Sci-Fi Channel ever shows the episodes in their proper order, though. Fox totally botched the running order, and the DVDs actually repeat this mistake!)

    The ratings were bad, though, because the "Melrose Place" lead-in audience wasn't smart enough to get this show. So the network demanded that the writers remove all humor from the show--one of its best elements. So Season 2, while it had some shining moments, was often pompous and silly.

    The ratings dropped further. So the network insisted that the writers plagarize popular movies for their storylines. And the characters started acting wildly inconsistently.

    The ratings dropped further. So the producers killed off the Professor--the most intelligent and most popular character--and replaced him with a dumb bimbo.

    The ratings dropped further, and Fox cancelled the show after having systematically killed it.

    Over on the Sci-Fi Channel, things didn't get much better. Gone were the movie ripoffs, but Quinn was saddled with some bizarre new "Superman" storyline and a brother who couldn't act. The show began to play like a bad Saturday-morning cartoon.

    Wade got killed off, then eventually Quinn and his brother too.

    So in Season 5, we have Rembrandt and a bunch of characters we don't even know trying to accomplish who-knows-what (since Remmy's home had been destroyed, and the other three left home by choice). The show was a sad, pathetic parody of what it had been by the time it went off the air. Killing it was an act of mercy.

    Maybe someday Tracy Torme (the show's creator) can get a hold of this and restore the show to the classic it was always meant to be in the first place.

  • Parallel worlds and wormholes. Neat!

    The show originates with Quinn Mallory, boy genius and college student who discovers a way to travel back and forth between parallel Earths. While experimenting with it, he takes some people along with him through the wormhole and land on an Earth that is covered with ice and snow. To escape being killed, Quinn has to open the window early. In effect, they can not get back home. This series follows the adventures of Quinn and his companions as they travel to a different Earth and banter with the locals and sometimes encounter alternate versions of themselves. Sliders shows us the writer's conceptions of what their Earth would be like if they or others had made different choices from the tiny to the extreme.
  • Fox ruins another show

    When this series started it was really great. It reminded me very much of Quantum leap, different situations every week where you know just as much as the charators and learn more and more and then save the day and then your some where else next week. Great. But, ratings arn't what they should be. the show goes away then comes back for a second season. then goes away. The next time it comes back the fall begins. the professor gets a disease or something and dies. well his intellegence was annoying anyway. So, FOX replaces him with a busty young girl to run around half naked. from there, Slowly, the plots become less interesting and more silly. toward the end we have 2 brothers, the pop singer, and the two busty women wearing very little, chasing the villain who is sucking the life out of people with a needle. far from the adventurous loose primeses totally open for creativity the series started with. oh well ..... this could have been a great show.
  • A boy-genius and his comrades travel to different parallel universes, trying to find their way back home.

    This was one of my favorite shows for a long time. Admittedly, it wasn't the most logical premise, the best writing, or even the best acting. And admittedly, things just got worse and worse. Still, I waatched it and I loved it. Untill season five anyway, the 'fraternal twin' Quinn was too far even for me. Just kill the character, if you have too, don't treat the audience like idiots.

    But when the show was at it peak (somewhere around season 2) it was really something great. Not entirely believable, but entertaining, thought provoking, and most importanly-- fun. Parallel dimensions: a world with women in charge, where america lost the revolution, where time runs at a different speed and you can meet the younger version of yourself? Purely fascinating. A boy genius and his mentor trying to find a way to get home and two regular people just along for the ride created a great dynamic. The acting wasn't perfect (or maybe it was the scripts), but the original actors all had a charisma that made that okay. You could watch the show, relax, smile, and just ENJOY.

    Unfortunstely, by season 5 only one of them was still with the show-- which ruined it's chemistry. Everytime the show lost one of the original characters, it lost a little bit of what made the show so interesting. By the time they dropped the main character, it was a pale imitation of the great show it had been.
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