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  • Stick with Seasons 1, 2 and the first half of Season 3. After that, you're on your own.

    Ah, "Sliders." Perhaps one of the best examples of the harm that network interference and "improvements" can do to a show, "Sliders" began as a clever, fun series with a cast who could play the tongue-in-cheek humor and sci-fi adventure that each episode brought them. As the years went on (and the networks changed), the cast broke up and the promise the show displayed at the outset must have been left behind on some other world.

    The first two seasons showed "Sliders" firing on all cylinders. The worlds they visited were interesting beyond their one-sentence premise ("Russians rule America," "No Constitution," "Penicillin was never invented") and provided some good stories. And at the center of it all was the cast - Jerry O'Connell as the whiz kid inventor of sliding; Sabrina Lloyd as the best friend/maybe girlfriend who was everyone's little sister; Clevant Derricks providing comic relief, but also some heart and emotion to the group; and John Rhys-Davies, bombastic, arrogant but brilliant, and the mentor/father of the quartet.

    Season 3 showed trouble ahead...the episodes started to lack the wit and imagination they had previously shown. Violence and skin were increased; thought and drama were slipping away. Frustrated with what he rightfully saw as the missed opportunities of the series, John Rhys-Davies quit (was fired? it's still unclear...), his character unceremoniously killed off by Roger Daltrey (in a baffling stunt casting moment) and replaced by Kari Wuhrer, an easy-on-the-eyes military chickie who, at times, seemed to have a bigger bra size than IQ. By then, the plots and parallel worlds were little more than thinly veiled take-offs on other sci-fi movies and the series was canceled from Fox.

    The Sci-Fi Channel hosted a 2 season revival, but without the Professor, Wade and (eventually) Quinn, the magic was gone. Fox should have been happy with what it had. Instead, it transformed a nice little sci-fi series into a mess. Check out the early shows and enjoy.