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  • A story about a group of 4 Time traveller's except they went to different dimensions of the world where there are infinitive dimentions and in everyone of those dimensions is different versions of themselves living different lives. Mallory, Wade, Rembrant

    I used to loves this show and watch it every week until it went down hill. I used to love watching Jerry o'Connel and Sabrina Lloyd they were my faveourite.
    Season 1 was great and fun. The discovery of a remote that could open wormholes and take you to different dimensions but Mallory didn't put in the coordinates to come back and with him his best friend Wade, Professer Arthuro and Rembradt went for a rde of their lives. In each of the Slides they went to they saw lots of things even themselves in other dimensions.
    Season 2 was awesome had the same ingrediants wit and humour and a possible love relationship between Mallory and Wade. So many more adventures.
    Season 3 the first half was ok but then it went down and fast. Professer was killed off and so was the humour side of things no relief and in came boring Kari whatever haer name Wuhrer. She didn't bring anything to the show. Wade to left/killed off.
    Season 4 i watched hoping it was better. Not good. Season 5 Jerry left and i couldn't be bothered.