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  • think again

    I think the ending sucked, if they renu Sliders they need to end the old cast at the beginning of the show. they could first start by separating Quinn from Mallory, find Collan, get Brown back help bring Wade to her normal self, It could been explained as Wades clone or her in another damnation, Have them slide back to the world were they left the real professor, of course Maggie will be with them, have them all slide home were Brown got the viruses relished, Have Maggie find her husbands duplicate, Quinn and Wade get together, the Professor and Diana go into research together, Mallory find new purpose with his new healthy life, Brown starts his singing career again, Colian invent a new and easier way of sliding, but his timer gets stolen there you have new Sliders, and a good ending for the old cast. That is a ending. I rated a 5 because the first 3 seasons of Sliders were good but the last 2 seasons were bad.
  • Missing an episode!

    I purchased the Box Set of Sliders and found that the episode "The Exodus Part 2" was missing. This is the episode that Professor Arturo was killed and left the show. This is very annoying!,

    This is a great show and should be revived with today's technology.
  • excellent series

    there's a petition to revive the show
  • Bring it back

    I think it be great if they bringed it back again for more seasons as it was a great tv series show and I watch it once and now I got it on DVD box sets from 1 to 3 seasons
  • We want more!

    We love sliders! Please put them back on daily! Even at 1am, we don't care! We record them. But one a week is not enough! Please! Please! Please! We need more sliders! We watched it when it was new in 1995! And we've watched it whenever we found reruns again. Can you do an anniversary show? Or a movie, or better yet, another series? A reunion show would be awesome ! Thanks for creating one of the best series!
  • I'm not that Clever...

    Oh God, REBOOT! Please

    I think they took the real Arturo.
  • We want more

    They should make more episodes and resolve the episode on how they took the wrong Arturo. Make more lots more.
  • More Sliders!?

    I love this show! I read on IMDB that there are going to be three more episodes of sliders to be released or available in may 2013 first to take place may 4 episode named "time 98" then subsequently may 11 episode named "warzone: pt. 1" and may 23 episode named "warzone:pt. 2". Could this be true?
  • Bring back SLIDERS !

    I was a fan since day one when it first aired on FOX. This show is a classic and deserves a final ending for the fans and maybe a new beginning. Find emails for all the stars and lets get to work.

  • Sliders, Gone but not forgotten...

    My husband and I just finished watching the entire series on Netflix, at least 85 episodes anyway. At least one episode is missing, the one where Prof. Arturo wins the presidential election in a world dominated by women. I was wondering if anybody knows what happened to that episode.

    I totally agree, this show could be brought back at anytime by people with the right "know-how," but if Jerry O'Connell, doesn't want to be a part of it anymore, I don't know if it could make it without him. The original cast made the show and when they started messing with that the show went down hill, but I do have to say, they left us wanting more by the end of season 5.

    Our "Return of Sliders" idea is that Diana builds a new timer with the Kromag technology found on the last world they landed on. Using this new timer they lock in on the coordinates that Remmy slid to and find out what happened to Rembrandt. Once the 4 are all together again they resume their sliding adventures. On a later episode they would slide onto a world with far more advanced technology where they would be able to separate the 2 Quinns and the "new" Quinn would either die during the experiment or decide he doesn't want to slide anymore. Then it would be Quinn (Jerry O'Connell), Remmy, Maggie and Diana. We also discussed the possibility that the Wade in the brain experiment episode would be an alternate Wade and they could slide onto a Kromag breeding camp world and discover that Wade is still alive and rescue her. Then later Diana could decide that she is done with sliding since they were finally able to separate Quinn and Mallory. Quinn himself could figure out a solution to Collin's predicament, but all of this would hinge on whether or not the actors and actresses would be willing to make a come back.

    Other episode ideas are "Going Native" where Columbus never discovered America and the world still believes the planet is flat, or where Native Americans would be the ruling power and everything in society would be based off of their beliefs. Or how about if the Japanese had taken over America after bombing Pearl Harbor. A history buff could have a field day with this show pinpointing turning points our history and switching how things turned out. They did an episode where male humans were very rare, how about an episode where female humans were very rare, what would that be like?
  • Jerry O'connell- Please bring sliders back.

    I would love for someone who has the know how to start a movement to bring sliders back. This is the best tv show I have watched. I have been looking for a place,and this seems to be it, that has alot of people to help.

    Sliders deserves the original cast back,and make it where Jerry"quin mallory" had a nightmare about losing all of them.

    Jerry O'connell can do on sliders!!

    ps leave the kromags off.

  • sliders

    when I was little our neighborhood didnt have cable, sliders switched to syfi and I never saw how it ended, did they ever find Wade?
  • Ressurect Sliders

    The landscape of Sci-Fi allows for any possibilities and what is theoretically possible allows for many.

    I'd like to see a relaunch of a New Sliders...

    Pick up where they left off. Have Remmy return with the timer he and Wade had when they were captured. The Kromags driven off his home Earth with the anticromag virus he injected into himself before he leaped through the last vortex.

    He searches and finds Maggie and Diana and the alternate Mallory. Together they slide again. They slide into an Earth that is very distant from their home Earth and find an Earth 10,000 year more technically advanced with biologically advanced and enhenced humans. A physicist from this world joins the team and improves and upgrades their timer. Together they find Colin, retrieve Quinn, rescue and restore Wade and finally messes a bit with Maggies home world time-line in order to retrieve and restore the Professor before he dies.

    A new Sliders could continue by having them finally reaching their home, Maggie electing to go to Remmy's Earth and perhaps a few of the team old members elect to continue. The continuence could be the new member returns home and assembles a team of interdimensional explorers that embark on an endless journey through the endless multiverse....
  • Bring Sliders Back

    Like many other reviews out there. Just finished watching all 87 Episodes the last 3 weeks.

    They need to finish the show and bring back the original cast with at least 2 more seasons.

    BRING SLIDERS BACK! It would be awesome. Jerry O'connell and the rest of the cast needs to do this . It would be just right on.
  • Great first two seasons!

    I really liked this show until it got to season 3. It was adventrous and had a great story line that followed a group of four people as they traveled the world to find their home earth in the first two seasons. Season 3 slowly became a totally different story line as another species engaged in war with everyone, which had little if not nothing to do with the concept of the show. Two of the main characters were no longer in the show and it rapidly became unbearable to watch. That being said, I LOVED the first two seasons! One of the best!
  • Stick with Seasons 1, 2 and the first half of Season 3. After that, you're on your own.

    Ah, "Sliders." Perhaps one of the best examples of the harm that network interference and "improvements" can do to a show, "Sliders" began as a clever, fun series with a cast who could play the tongue-in-cheek humor and sci-fi adventure that each episode brought them. As the years went on (and the networks changed), the cast broke up and the promise the show displayed at the outset must have been left behind on some other world.

    The first two seasons showed "Sliders" firing on all cylinders. The worlds they visited were interesting beyond their one-sentence premise ("Russians rule America," "No Constitution," "Penicillin was never invented") and provided some good stories. And at the center of it all was the cast - Jerry O'Connell as the whiz kid inventor of sliding; Sabrina Lloyd as the best friend/maybe girlfriend who was everyone's little sister; Clevant Derricks providing comic relief, but also some heart and emotion to the group; and John Rhys-Davies, bombastic, arrogant but brilliant, and the mentor/father of the quartet.

    Season 3 showed trouble ahead...the episodes started to lack the wit and imagination they had previously shown. Violence and skin were increased; thought and drama were slipping away. Frustrated with what he rightfully saw as the missed opportunities of the series, John Rhys-Davies quit (was fired? it's still unclear...), his character unceremoniously killed off by Roger Daltrey (in a baffling stunt casting moment) and replaced by Kari Wuhrer, an easy-on-the-eyes military chickie who, at times, seemed to have a bigger bra size than IQ. By then, the plots and parallel worlds were little more than thinly veiled take-offs on other sci-fi movies and the series was canceled from Fox.

    The Sci-Fi Channel hosted a 2 season revival, but without the Professor, Wade and (eventually) Quinn, the magic was gone. Fox should have been happy with what it had. Instead, it transformed a nice little sci-fi series into a mess. Check out the early shows and enjoy.
  • A story about a group of 4 Time traveller's except they went to different dimensions of the world where there are infinitive dimentions and in everyone of those dimensions is different versions of themselves living different lives. Mallory, Wade, Rembrant

    I used to loves this show and watch it every week until it went down hill. I used to love watching Jerry o'Connel and Sabrina Lloyd they were my faveourite.
    Season 1 was great and fun. The discovery of a remote that could open wormholes and take you to different dimensions but Mallory didn't put in the coordinates to come back and with him his best friend Wade, Professer Arthuro and Rembradt went for a rde of their lives. In each of the Slides they went to they saw lots of things even themselves in other dimensions.
    Season 2 was awesome had the same ingrediants wit and humour and a possible love relationship between Mallory and Wade. So many more adventures.
    Season 3 the first half was ok but then it went down and fast. Professer was killed off and so was the humour side of things no relief and in came boring Kari whatever haer name Wuhrer. She didn't bring anything to the show. Wade to left/killed off.
    Season 4 i watched hoping it was better. Not good. Season 5 Jerry left and i couldn't be bothered.
  • My take on the downfall of Sliders, a show with so much promise and potential, ruined by poor casting decisions and personal vendettas!

    SEASON 1: Sliders began and opened up the possibility of travel to alternate realities, in a fun, interesting and entertaining way. For example; choosing to play out different scenarios, such as Women ruling the world, or Australia as a super power. These were, to a certain extent realistic alternatives and good to watch.

    SEASON 2: The show continues, the issues faced throughout each passing episode become smaller and more and more personal to the characters, but nonetheless they are entertaining and provide more possibilities. The dynamic of the cast is great and it is this season, where they peak together and where I believe the show was at its height.

    SEASON 3: John (the professor) is fired halfway through the season, because the exec producer doesn't like him. As far as I am concerned this was the beginning of the end. Not only was he killed off, he had his brain sucked out, he was shot and then left to be blown up on a planet all alone. NICE! The professor added a character irreplaceable by (robot-woman) Maggie, who couldn't even have chemistry with a lab full of equipment. To top off the season, Sabrina (wade) leaves because the team decides Maggie is who they want (why I will NEVER know). Oh and don't forget the hassle Sabrina faced due to her relationship with a crew member. (Kari was a bully).
    Also I must point out the Sabrina's character Wade was subsequently punished by being left in limbo to be raped in some disgusting Cromag breeders camp! They didn't even kill her off just left her hanging! NICE!

    SEASON 4: Enters a new era of downhill and sometimes ridiculous storylines. Jerry's brother Colin joins, which adds mild entertainment to the show, but the wounds of the departure of Wade and the professor run deep. The fans just can't forget. The season comes to an end and both brothers leave. Jerry's not getting the salary he deserves and the producers don't want Charlie without Jerry. NICE - talk about a slap in the face for Charlie!

    SEASON 5: HA don't get me started shall I even bother?! This is by far the worst season ever. IT should never have been written let alone shot and aired. What were they thinking? The Unstuck man really told us what to expect, A phony Quinn and Colin, awful, AWFUL. There was no show without Jerry period! It was pointless and the show really should have been ended properly at the end of season four. To make things worse this season doesn't even have a real ending. It's a cliffhanger. If you have never seen it then I advise you to never watch season five EVER!
    One thing I will say about this season, it resolves the 'what happened to Wade sort-of mystery'. However, still they couldn't make it a nice ending, they had to have her disfigured, and she was more of a freak experiment than anything else. Just goes to show how much the producers still hated her. If you ask me it was them portraying their bitterness at how the show went downhill and then quite simply died after season three!

    So in conclusion, a great show to being with, offering lots of opportunities and possibilities, then bam it gets bitten by a snake and we all know what happens when you get bitten by a venomous snake!
  • A fantastic idea, with an initially strong cast. It went downhill during season 3, but it got better for the last two as the writing was no longer unbearable.

    (Possible spoilers in the following, I'll try not to let to much out for those who haven't seen it, but keep in mind the show ended over 7 years ago).

    I had only seen about 20-25 minutes of the pilot episode one late night on Sci-Fi when I was like 14 maybe. Other than that I knew very little about the show, but I got all of the seasons and started watching.

    It started out as being a very interesting idea. With a concept of each new show partaking in an entirely different world, it really kept me excited to see what the next episode was going to be about, and what kind of world they were going to be in. Quinn Malory (Jerry O'Connell) was a very interesting character to introduce the show and I liked him a lot. The rest of the cast was strong as well. Wade Wells seemed like pretty standard fair for the cute tag-along girl, but I liked her. I hated Rembrandt at first because they tried to make him the zany black guy who would always make some goofy comment on the situation, but he got better. The best of the show was of course, Maximilian Arturo (John Rhys-Davies, also played Sallah in Indiana Jones, and Gimli in The Lord of the Rings, in other words he's awesome), and he really made the show for me, and kept me watching. It was off to a good start.

    The first two seasons were, and no one would disagree with this, the best of the series. The writing was fresh, the budget was decent for a Sci-Fi series (at the time), and the characters got better as they were more developed. Their predicaments while sometimes rehashed, were still interesting and relatively plausible. I would watch several episodes a day because I wanted to see what was going to happen.

    Then the third season started. Now, most people would say that this was the beginning of the end, and that it got worse as the show went on, and I know what they're talking about. However, that really isn't true, this was the worst season of the entire series, and let me tell you why. Every single episode for that entire season, had some of the worst writing I have ever seen. There wasn't one original, creative, or interesting thought put into any episode. All they ever did was rehash some kind of science fiction movie or story, make a "world" out of it, and then throw in some detective story where the 4 of them had to figure out a way to help the damsel in distress for that particular episode (note, every time they slid into a world, it just happened to be about 20 feet away from some girl being mugged). This is what John Rhys-Davies had to say about the show at this point.

    [quote=John Rhys-Davies (Maximillian Arturo)]
    "I like SF. I love intelligent SF. We had the most wonderful series concept with Sliders, but we did everything that had been done before and we did it every damned episode. We did Species. We did Tremors. We did Twister. We did War of the Worlds. We did The Island of Dr. Moreau. It was out of control, just out of control. In the end, Sliders wasn't the worst experience I ever had. I was just disappointed. Again, I love SF. I'm a passionate believer in Sliders. The series could have been great. The public always understood that of Sliders. The public understood that you could go anywhere in the galaxy. The writers, though, would try to graft a Law and Order story, or something they had done or seen before, onto Sliders and just make the characters work around it."[/quote]

    And he was right. Even though many people thought he had left the show because he didn't like it anymore, that isn't true. He was actually fired. On top of the fact that he was openly mocking the writers for their lack of creativity, there was a new high-up at Fox during the third season of the show. Apparently John Rhys-Davies was at a party for the opening of Sliders where John had gotten a little drunk, and made some rude remarks to a particular executive at Fox. That same person became in charge of some of the scheduling and large decisions about certain shows a couple years later. Big spoiler ahead [spoiler] The combination of these facts led to John being killed in the show, and let go from his contract in the middle of season 3. [/spoiler] Now like I said, most people thought it only got worse. Season 4 started and two of the main characters were now gone, Wade and Professor Arturo. The show was also now being produced on Sci-Fi instead of Fox. They replaced one of the characters with a new hot girl, Maggie Beckett. She was alright, but I hated her at first because it was like we weren't supposed to like her she was so cruel to everyone. She ended up being ok though after Wade left the show (who by the way, left because she couldn't work with Kari Wuhrer). So now there are three sliders for the time being. But guess what, the show wasn't that bad anymore. The budget was cut, and only half the original cast remained, but they weren't in **** remakes of old sci-fi movies anymore. The writing got better for the most part (though not always), and the worlds they visited often became very interesting. They also ended up throwing in a new character eventually, Quinn Malory's brother from another world (the actor was actually Quinn's (Jerry O'Connell's) brother in real life as well). He wasn't the best actor, but I enjoyed his character for some reason. I guess he reminded me of Jerry and I like him a lot.

    Now here's why so many people believed the show only got worse and worse after season 3, it was because they were so attached to the original cast. Now, I was too, and they definitely were the best and most compelling. But the characters weren't really what "made" Sliders. It was the idea that they could visit any world and be in any situation. It was a show with limitless possibilities and incredibly interesting situations. That's why it was good, and that's why the third season was so awful. They had an infinite number of possible worlds and story lines, and they just stole ideas from old movies instead.

    Anyway, season 5 came along, and the only remaining member was Rembrandt. As I said before, I hated him at first, but he got much better as time went on. The more serious he got, the more likeable he became, and he ended up being the strongest remaining member of the cast. The first episode of this season was absolutely brutal to watch I must admit, it was the worst episode of the series, where they through together some queer story about Quinn and his brother Colin being either "unstuck", or trapped in another person. The replacement cast was the weakest, but again, it isn't really the cast that made the show, it was the ideas that were brought up and it was still better than season 3.

    The show ended on a cliffhanger, which was really lame. They hadn't decided whether they were going to renew the show for another season or not (although they were fairly certain they weren't) and at the last minute they threw in a cliffhanger just in case. Of course the word came down that it would not be renewed and that was that.

    -Sliders was a sweet show with a good cast at first
    -The writing became god awful in season 3
    -Sci-Fi picked up the show for season 4, and although the original cast was cut in half at this point, and the budget went down, the show got better
    -Season 5 was pretty rough but still better than 3, with an almost entirely new cast
    -This was a long review, but it was after watching the show for about 3 months straight
    -I was ecstatic when I found this site, as it explained a lot of the behind the scenes info on the show, which is what I was really interested in when they started letting characters go and all the rocky situations with the development of the show was evident. [url=]Sliders - The Dimension of Continuity[/url]

    Check it out if you're interested.
  • I love this show! One of the best shows to this day! Their were a few charter changes during the last few seasons but I but I got over it, still I'm happy the show stuck around and that the Scifi Channel picked it up! I sill love the first four!!!

    I love this show! One of the best shows to this day! Their were a few charter changes during the last few seasons but I but I got over it, still I'm happy the show stuck around and that the Scifi Channel picked it up! I sill love the first four!!! I own the first and second on DVD and plan on buying the rest! The first time I saw this show was when it aired and I feel in love with it, In my free time I would think of new plots and act out story lines when I was young! This show could of thought of so many fresh and new ideas for it to continue…
  • This show to this day is one of the best tv shows ever made.

    It makes me sad that they dont make them this good anymore. This is a must buy on dvd. Its a must have for any scifi fans. Seasons 1 and 2 are the best out of the whole show. Well worth a watch. The creators did something magical with this show which has not been re-created since. Season five is the weakest of the seasons. My main reason is because there was not a proper ending as far as i am concerned. Shame on the scifi channel for canceling such a gem of a show. Heres to Tracy Tormé for creating one of the all time greats.
  • Sliders was a show about a rag tag band of 4 with one named Quinn Mallory who invented a way of "sliding" to parallel dimensions. Same planet, same year, but everything else is different. His invention malfunctions and they can't find their way home.

    Seasons 1-3 of Sliders aired on FOX. The pilot was a brilliant 2 hour TV Movie, where a college genius named Quinn Mallory invents a device allowing him to cross or "slide" into a parallel dimension where it's the same planet and the same year, but everything else is different. Long story short, when Quinn starts exhibiting odd behavior his professor Maxamillion P. Arturo and his co-worker Wade Welles come to his house to check on him. He decides to take them on a slide. Problem is he tried to open a bigger portal to accommodate more people and ended up over loading the remote or "Timer", and ends up sucking up a random passerby (Rembrandt Brown) into the portal as well. The overload causes the coordinates back home to be disabled and instead it just sends them to random parallel worlds. Now, they have to keep sliding to find their way home. Seasons 1 and 2 were amazingly brilliant, with many parallel worlds focusing on alternate history scenarios and encounters with doubles of themselves. FOX attempted to can it, but decided to bring it back for a 3rd season. However, the brass at FOX decided that the show needed more action and pressured the producers to change the concept from alternate histories to worlds based off of disaster movies. The episodes became less like television episodes and more like one hour sci-fi channel "B" movies with disaster concepts. Episodes ripped off movies like Tremors and Twister. Also, they decided to kill off the professor which is where the show jumped the shark midway through season 3. They then brought in a sexy new actress named Maggie who was supposed to help the ratings but didn't. After season 3 FOX still ended up cancelling Sliders. Luckily, the SciFi channel (now known as SyFy) picked the show back up for seasons 4 and 5. Well, if you thought FOX was destroying Sliders, then you haven't seen anything yet. SciFi channel literally butchered the series. The SciFi channel Sliders seasons sucked because they got rid of Wade, and brought in Quinns brother Colin from another dimension. Then they claimed that Quinn isn't even from the Earth that he has been trying to get back to for the last 3 seasons... basically making the entire concept of trying to get back home utterly pointless. Making the first 3 seasons seem like it was all for nothing. Well, then season 5 rolls around just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. Quinn gets merged with a double that doesn't even look like him, and creates a new Quinn that they simply refer to as "Mallory". They got a new guy playing Mallory and he sucks. Then, Colin gets stuck on the astral plane during a slide which basically means that he got stuck in limbo and lost forever. So, now the only original slider is Rembrandt, who began the show as the token wise cracking black guy but in Season 5 becomes the lead actor in the series. That is the one saving grace of Season 5 is that we see Rembrandt really mature and finally reach his potential. It's just sad that all the other main characters had to be written off before the writers gave him more of a chance. So, season 5 doesn't make much of any sense because Rembrandt is still trying to get home, but he has 3 people with him that don't even belong on his Earth lol (Mallory, Maggie, and a new black chick that got picked up along the way). Then, the final episode really makes you mad because the next slide was supposed to kill them, but Rembrandt risked it to get back home with a virus that would kill off this alien race that has been infesting dimensions including his Earth. He slides alone with the virus, and we never know his fate because Sci-Fi channel blew all of Sliders budget on other projects because they didn't think a season without Quinn would do well... but it somehow actually did, but by then it was too late. (Interesting note: The 2 hour pilot, and Sliders as a whole seemed to borrow a lot of ideas and some of it's premise from 'Back to the Future'. Sliders was essentially like the cousin of 'Back to the Future'. Part of that may be that they were both backed by Universal. Think for a moment, in 'Back to the Future' Marty was a sarcastic intelligent school kid who along with his scientist buddy Doc Brown travels back through time, and when the machine malfunctions he has to figure out a way back home before it's too late. In Sliders, Quinn was a sarcastic intelligent school kid who along with his professor Arturo travels through parallel dimensions, and when the machine malfunctions he has to figure out a way back home. Sound familiar??? Now, there are lots a differences obviously, but there are some distinct eerie similarities. Marty is Quinn. Doc Brown is Professor Arturo. Jennifer is Wade. Marvin Berry (the lead of that soul group that performed at Marty's parents 'enchantment under the sea' dance) is Rembrandt Brown. In Back to the Future 2, Marty runs into himself... In Sliders, Quinn often runs into doubles of himself. In Back to the Future 2, Marty's dad is dead in the future timeline... and alive in the present. In Sliders, Quinn's dad is dead in his dimension and alive in other dimensions. Jennifer Parker Marty's g/f and Wade are both the girl next door types. Sliders, borrowed a lot of characters and plot lines from Back to the Future, with the difference being instead of time travel.. parallel dimensions. Sliders basically cookie cuttered characters from 'Back to the Future' and changed the concept from time travel to dimensional travel... and as the series wore on it really took off and established its own identity and began to look very different from Back to the Future.)
  • Back to the nineties..

    For me, this is a show that really brings me back to my early teen years. When the show first aired I was ten years old. It so reminds me of the nineties, such a wonderfull time.

    Momentarily I own seasons one, two and three on dvd. I really enjoy watching this show on a rainy or wintery Sunday afternoon, with a blanket, a hot cup of milk and the fire place on.

    A couple of years ago they used to air this show on Sunday afternoons in Belgium, along with Lois and Clark: the new adventures of Superman. Man, that was a big trip back to the nineties!

    I's always nice to watch shows from your childhood, because you always romanticize them and often remember them to be better than they actually were. Sometimes it might be better to just keep the memories and don't watch the show again :). But in case of Sliders, I would defenitely recommend watching it again ;).
  • just finished season 1

    I remember loving this show when I was younger and it original aired. I have seen a few shows on sci-fiction channel, but I recently sat down and watched the entire first season. I now know why I liked it. Interesting plot situations, I like the cast, and well I guess that is it. I really enjoyed the first two episodes (Pilot) and the last episode in season one (Lottery). I do not remember the show getting worse as the seasons went on nor the actor changes (like I have been reading in other reviews) but I guess I will figure it out as I watch the rest of the seasons. Anyways, the idea of the show is awesome I also loved quantum leap.
  • Started as a great science fiction series

    The first two seasons was terrific. Season three started strange and ended on a weird note. ***Spoiler Alert*** When they had Arturo killed off, the show went downhill and I lost interest in it. I stopped watching it after the third season. I was disappointed that the series went from great science fiction to politically correct sub-themes and poor writing.

    The chemistry of the original four characters would be difficult to recreate. In my opinion, the writers failed by introducing Maggie Beckett as a main character to replace Professor Arturo. Her personality is abrasive and I tire of the sexual innuendoes between her and Quinn Mallory. My philosophy is: If it isn't broken, then don't fix it.
  • The first two seasons of Sliders was exceptional. Three and four pretty good, but what was five all about?

    I was instantly hooked on Sliders from the very first time that I saw it. That was season 1. I went out of my way to try and watch all of the ones that I missed. I was successful. I have seen every episode of seasons 1 thru 3, and absolutely love it. I guess that I'm a little different that your average Sliders fan. Yeah, I loved Wade and Arturo. But when Maggie entered it brought a whole new need quality to the show. Wade was great, but like all the others she was all goody goody. I was sad when she was lost, but Maggie added something that was missing. The show really needed a more evil element. Her opinions always differed from the others, and that was essential to keep the show going. Good vs good was getting old after one season. I applaude the addition of Maggie. But what was season 5 all about? I saw like two episodes, and could bare it no more. It was not Sliders anymore. Quinn Malory without Jerry OConnel? Whatever! I have no desire to watch any of that season. It was a terrible end to a terific show.
  • I have a possible solution to 'fix' all that ails the show and also satisfy diehard fans.

    This is what we can do to possibly fix 'Sliders'.

    How about bringing back the original characters by saying everyone missed a slide at some point while their doubles slid and lived as them until they all met their individual dooms. Yeah, it's a bit cheesy and maybe even far-fetched, but given the nature of the show it IS possible. This could also allow room to say that's why the characters drifted apart. One could say they weren't sliding with their original selves for months and slowly their personality flaws became more prevalent. The producers would have to pick plausible points to say where Quinn, Wade, and Remmy missed slides and their doubles took over. I'm sure just about everyone knows where the professor's double started hitching a ride with the Sliders (the blue Golden Gate Bridge/Jets, not Dolphins world).

    How they would script this show and set the plot, well I haven't figured that out yet...BUT the meat of the concept is there. Tell me this wouldn't work!!
  • multi-dimensional travel.

    Slider is definitely a classic science fiction show. Combining (and succeeding i might add) elements of science fiction and action/adventure, Sliders makes for a great viewing. The episodes are very informative. I started watching this show when it was first shown here in Australia and as a natural science fiction fan found this show right in my ball court. Jerry O'Connell, the main star, is a very talented actor. Excellent co-stars makes this show extremely fantastic. The shows can be viewed man times with out the action becoming predictable. Many classic theories are played in the multi-verse which is great for alternate history fans like myself.
  • Sci-Fi for the masses

    Sliders was an interesting little Science Fiction show from Universal TV that aired on Fox Network for 4 seasons.

    This show was about a brilliant inventor (Jerry O'Connell) who stumbled upon a way to travel between alternate dimensions along with his friend Wade (Sabrina Lloyd), his professor (John Rhys-Davies) & a forth companion, a has-been singer named Rembrandt (Clevant Derricks).

    The show mostly revolves around the group trying to survive in whatever weird situation the world they land in presented be it a Soviet-dominated U.S., a world with vicious dinosaurs or even before the planet is to be destroyed by a blast of cosmic radiation, they manage to survive, just to try to get back to their original "homeworld".

    This series was a favorite of mine until the last season when it proverbially "jumped the shark" when the only original cast member, Clevant Derricks remained & the others replaced by other actors.

    I'm surprised that this show lasted as long as it did on Fox Network (or any other) that had a fickleness towards Sci-Fi.
  • What a great show sliders was an amazing adventure that starts on our world or some parralel world close to our own. Quin Wade The professor and rembrand experience different worlds with endles possibilities. It is stil my favourite sci fi show eve

    What a great show sliders was an amazing adventure that starts on our world or some parralel world close to our own.
    Quin Wade The professor and rembrand experience different worlds with endles possibilities. It is stil my favourite sci fi show ever made. It is still a shame they cancelled the show prematurely. because it had great promise it also had some interesting developments of what could have happened on our world if the soviets took over america.
    Or if there was no pennicilline. And of course all explored by a great cast of unforgetable chararacters. sliders please come back to the screen