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  • My take on the downfall of Sliders, a show with so much promise and potential, ruined by poor casting decisions and personal vendettas!

    SEASON 1: Sliders began and opened up the possibility of travel to alternate realities, in a fun, interesting and entertaining way. For example; choosing to play out different scenarios, such as Women ruling the world, or Australia as a super power. These were, to a certain extent realistic alternatives and good to watch.

    SEASON 2: The show continues, the issues faced throughout each passing episode become smaller and more and more personal to the characters, but nonetheless they are entertaining and provide more possibilities. The dynamic of the cast is great and it is this season, where they peak together and where I believe the show was at its height.

    SEASON 3: John (the professor) is fired halfway through the season, because the exec producer doesn't like him. As far as I am concerned this was the beginning of the end. Not only was he killed off, he had his brain sucked out, he was shot and then left to be blown up on a planet all alone. NICE! The professor added a character irreplaceable by (robot-woman) Maggie, who couldn't even have chemistry with a lab full of equipment. To top off the season, Sabrina (wade) leaves because the team decides Maggie is who they want (why I will NEVER know). Oh and don't forget the hassle Sabrina faced due to her relationship with a crew member. (Kari was a bully).
    Also I must point out the Sabrina's character Wade was subsequently punished by being left in limbo to be raped in some disgusting Cromag breeders camp! They didn't even kill her off just left her hanging! NICE!

    SEASON 4: Enters a new era of downhill and sometimes ridiculous storylines. Jerry's brother Colin joins, which adds mild entertainment to the show, but the wounds of the departure of Wade and the professor run deep. The fans just can't forget. The season comes to an end and both brothers leave. Jerry's not getting the salary he deserves and the producers don't want Charlie without Jerry. NICE - talk about a slap in the face for Charlie!

    SEASON 5: HA don't get me started shall I even bother?! This is by far the worst season ever. IT should never have been written let alone shot and aired. What were they thinking? The Unstuck man really told us what to expect, A phony Quinn and Colin, awful, AWFUL. There was no show without Jerry period! It was pointless and the show really should have been ended properly at the end of season four. To make things worse this season doesn't even have a real ending. It's a cliffhanger. If you have never seen it then I advise you to never watch season five EVER!
    One thing I will say about this season, it resolves the 'what happened to Wade sort-of mystery'. However, still they couldn't make it a nice ending, they had to have her disfigured, and she was more of a freak experiment than anything else. Just goes to show how much the producers still hated her. If you ask me it was them portraying their bitterness at how the show went downhill and then quite simply died after season three!

    So in conclusion, a great show to being with, offering lots of opportunities and possibilities, then bam it gets bitten by a snake and we all know what happens when you get bitten by a venomous snake!
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