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  • The first two seasons of Sliders was exceptional. Three and four pretty good, but what was five all about?

    I was instantly hooked on Sliders from the very first time that I saw it. That was season 1. I went out of my way to try and watch all of the ones that I missed. I was successful. I have seen every episode of seasons 1 thru 3, and absolutely love it. I guess that I'm a little different that your average Sliders fan. Yeah, I loved Wade and Arturo. But when Maggie entered it brought a whole new need quality to the show. Wade was great, but like all the others she was all goody goody. I was sad when she was lost, but Maggie added something that was missing. The show really needed a more evil element. Her opinions always differed from the others, and that was essential to keep the show going. Good vs good was getting old after one season. I applaude the addition of Maggie. But what was season 5 all about? I saw like two episodes, and could bare it no more. It was not Sliders anymore. Quinn Malory without Jerry OConnel? Whatever! I have no desire to watch any of that season. It was a terrible end to a terific show.